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Kafwaya lashes out at former Ministers Harry Kalaba and Chishimba Kambwili


Transport and Communications Minister Mutotwe Kafwaya has lashed out at former Ministers Harry Kalaba and Chishimba Kambwili for strongly criticising the PF government on various issues which they failed to resolve whilst in government.

Mr Kafwaya says the best time for the duo to criticise was when they were in government and not now.

He said the duo has nothing to offer the Zambian people because they failed to deliver when they served as Ministers.

Mr Kafwaya wondered how the people who failed to deliver with resources at their disposal whilst serving under President Edgar Lungu will perform differently when given the mandate to govern the nation.

He said the Zambian people will in 2021 not vote for hurt, mediocrity and character assassination preached by the two former Cabinet Ministers.

Mr Kafwaya was speaking when he featured on Pan African Radio Feedback Program last evening.


  1. CK and HK are not political factors. I mean, what is their ideology?? “get Lungu”??? These id!ots have nothing to offer Zambians except their appetite for power.

    • The only reason PF leaders want Kalaba and Kambwili back is because they fear the two will reduce PF’s votes among the Bembas, to the advantage of UPND, not that they are political factors.

  2. Why has LT taken out the likes and dislikes for comments ??? I am not sure if you can call this improvement of the site in act I don’t fancy the new layout you have taken steps back from what differentiated you from other news sites

  3. This Kafwaya guy i think his a G7 failure…Harry Kalaba resigned because of the problems and failures in the government that is why he is busy condemning.

    Even CK when he resigned they thought he was not a factor only for them to lose to his newly infamous party in the bye-elections (PF must be ashamed).

    You lash out at Kalaba and Kambwili but today if they announce re-joining the party, you will be the same ones rejoicing & jumping up and down (just like you did with GBM) .

  4. Even you Kafwaya could behave like CK and HK ask that Guy Guy SCOTT.
    Ask GVBM.
    Ask SAMPA.
    Ask Nevers.
    Ask all sidelined and dropped Mps and Ministers.
    We have seen it all.
    So all niggaz in serving in Government today with presidential ambitions can only critize when they’re out’a Government position.
    That’s why we don’t take them serious.
    Can HK be president? No.
    Can CK be president? No
    Can h² be president? Hell No!
    As they sing the melody, let them split opposition votes as they get politically clobbered.

  5. Same old, same old. Do you think you can criticize a party whether ruling or opposition when you belong to the same? You can only do that after you leave. It’s the nature of african politics.

  6. Kafwayafwaya is a factious demagogue. Anyone who has ever tried to rock the boat the way Give Bwalya or Kambwili tried to do was booted out. In fact Kambwili is one heck of a genuine politician if not the best in Zambia today. He is the only one I know who has ever apologized to Southerners for his tribal attacks on them. For a politician to apologise is a great level of humility. He has my vote.

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