Thursday, February 29, 2024

Kambwili demands the release of Bishop Joseph Khazila


National Democratic Congress President Chishimba Kambwili has demanded for the unconditional release of Bishop Joseph Khazila of Life Gospel Cathedral in Chingola describing his arrest as politically motivated.

Mr Kambwili says the continued detention of the the clergyman is unlawful as he was supposed to appear in court within 48 hours after his arrest.

He says it is shocking that a man who was arrested on Thursday last week could today still be in detention without any charge.

Mr Kambwili is also disappointed that the Church and the Civil Society have been loudly quiet on the injustice on Bishop Khazila for merely asking people to pray and protect themselves in view of the alleged ritual killings in Chingola.

He is further disturbed that Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo who has spent a number of days in Chingola has allowed police to perpetuate such kind of injustice on the clergyman.

Mr Kambwili said Bishop Khazila has not done anything wrong to deserve such kind of treatment from the Police.

He said having established that the alleged killers are turning into Cats, Police must release the man of God unconditionally.

Bishop Kazhila was arrested for speaking out that the PF administration was not doing enough to end the ritual and hunger killings happening in Chingola.

The Bishop was arrested right at a named Radio station and while live on air.


  1. What did the bishop go to do at the radio station? Instead of evangelising the word of God, he went to the radio to politic

  2. If I were to make an educated guess I would say opposition is behind these activities to create fear mongering before a general election. This is why I don’t support multi party politics in a tribal environment.

  3. Conman Seer 1 is right Zambians pastors are utter cowards…imagine this happening 20 years ago all clergymen would go to visit him at once but today there are only selfish morons

  4. There are rules and regulations in every society. Let the police do their job in peace. We know that police sends shivers down your spine and big belly but please do not bring confusion unless you are an accomplice too. Kz

  5. Why is it that only politicians are the only ones talking on mr Kazhila’s matter..? Where are the others Religious groups and Civil society organizations..?
    It’s looks like Chishimba Kambwili has really troubled so much over detention of mr Kazhila.why…?
    Furthermore,to remind Mr kambwili SEER 1 is saying that give him jujutsu you and other ministers got for 2016 elections.

  6. We know that there rules and regulations in our country ba Kaiser, but keeping the clergy in cells for 48 over hours according to our laws again is out of order Sir. BM

  7. I like demands that end with “or”.
    CKinsultor should have said free Khazila or I will…
    No CKinsultor Khazila is being strengthened. Like the above sentiment, he has to preach to the inmates. It’s a call to Christian duty that you don’t understand.
    CKinsultor is dull infact extremely dullest.
    From there he will be a seasoned preach of the gospel.
    All manner of leadership is not free to incite society. CKinsultor participated in the dismantling of the Post Newspaper, lest you forget, some people were accusing some civil societies for being mute. When the rule of law is meted on one individual, let’s remain civil all the time.

  8. The law is very clear. You do not detain someone for more than 48 hours without slapping a charge on that person. It is either you charge him/her after 48 hours or you release the person. Furthermore before you arrest someone you state to them what OFFENCE they have committed. You being arrested because you have done so and so, an action that is contrary or contravene the provision of section so and so of the laws of Zambia. You don’t arrest anyone without charging them and according them a chance to call their Lawyer if they have one. This is how things work in all Democratic countries in the world, with a full Democratic, Professional, independent and fully functional Police Unit. However in Dictatorship Countries like The Dictatorship Republic of Zambia (DRZ) it is the opposite. What a…

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