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Zambians no longer believe PF has the best interests of the country at heart

Columns Zambians no longer believe PF has the best interests...

By: Anthony Bwalya – UPND Member

I must confess: Late last night, like over 20,000 ordinary Zambians; many of whom non politically aligned, including PF members and sympathizers I presume, opted to use our very expensive internet bundles to listen in to an open conversation hosted by a named prophet.

Now, I cannot remember a day in recent history, when Zambians have provided an individual with such kind of a virtual audience, let alone the kind of attention the named individual received. It was staggering to watch.

Many of us watched out of curiosity. Some out of a genuine search for answers. Others simply tuned in out of sheer disbelief at the very suggestion, however remote and potentially bonkers, that the country we thought we had been building, and the collective values we say we profess and have attempted to even codify in our Republican constitution; may altogether be a farce and a facade for something else only a handful of very powerful individuals might have knowledge of.

It is like we are living in a fantom bubble where nothing really is real.

Now, I often like to exercise a great deal of cautious skepticism when it comes to matters of religious extremism, ritualism, and fanaticism. I prefer to watch from a distance as a way of keeping some grip on my own sanity, so be rest assured; I would be the last person to pin the future outlook of our collective fortunes on what the man holding some crystal ball says.

Yet make no mistake: the fact that a sizeable majority of people are prepared to entertain alternative rationality to the problems Zambia and her people are facing, simply means the government has lost the trust of the people who elected them. Zambians no longer believe that the PF government and those serving in it have the best interests of the country at heart, especially that the party in power and many of those close to the circles of power have been accumulating an enormous amount of wealth at such an exponential rate, when our national productivity is at an all time low and everyone is suffering. How are these individuals managing to generate so much wealth so fast when the underlying economy is dead? How are they making their money? Where is it coming from?

When we say they are stealing, they say they are not. But when the economy is at its weakest, people are prepared to turn to alternative interpretations of how a small group of people has managed to get so incredibly wealthy in the middle of such economic destitution and turmoil.

To the opposition, especially the main opposition; the lesson is simple – Zambians value honest hard work. But above all, we love our God too much that any one individual or group of individuals, or indeed a political establishment that anchors its grip on power on forces of darkness, falsehoods, lies, and deceit will be gotten rid of the moment the people experience an epiphany.

This is where we are right now.

It seems the people we thought we knew, the government we thought we had, the leaders we thought we elected, MAY not exactly be who they say they are or indeed whom we thought they were.

It feels like one big con.

Now, whatsoever you believe, I urge you, countrymen and women, to earnestly pray for our country.

The country is under attack and the enemies are among us.

No one single individual or opposition political establishment must seek to benefit from the salvation Zambia is about to receive, except the people themselves who have suffered incredible torment at the hands of those who should have protected them.

God is about to scatter our enemies and he will install for us the kind of leadership we deserve because he has raised enough honest, hardworking men and women to provide the right kind of leadership and look after the interests of his sons and daughters here on earth.

However long it takes, Zambia shall indeed be free.


  1. Bwalya don’t say Zambians, you are just cheating yourself. Wait for 2021 you will be shocked after the result. You will end in exile. Continue yapping we know that’s where you sustain your leaving. I can’t read what you have written just an head line can tell me what you are talking about.

  2. This silly hyena must be unemployed. How can a person manufacture so much ma2uvi on a daily basis. Instead of working on the ground to sell their manifesto they are good at campaigning on Facebook and social media. Anyway they have won the election on social media. However, they can never beat me and my party in substantive elections. Theirs is just dreaming. Kz

  3. It’s only the upndead, the dead’s point of view.
    It’s only the upndead that is dead, infact so politically dead.
    Zambians no longer believe that the h² has the best interest of the Zambian people seeing the manner in which he selfishly sold the nation’s assets and amassed millions of dollars stashed in panama as discovered by the ICIJ.
    Seeing the manner in which tribal h² is actively consorting with the homosexuals under the hospices of ALN.

  4. I am amazed at how some people have lost this precious sense of truth. Truth comes from God and He is the author of it. All who love darkness can never survive in the glorious presence of God. When we say Zambia is a Christian nation, we are saying that Zambians as a collective body ascribe to truth, love and justice that comes from God. When we hate one another, steal, stigmatize and cherish evil, we must know that God won’t be with us whether we like it or not. Read the story of King Saul and see what happened to him when he lost truth. He basically acted insane. That’s what I see in our leaders. It’s a shame!

  5. Continue yapping Anthony Habwalya while we wait to retain mighty PF into office in 2021 and while Chlubi residents wait to vote for PF’s Hon.Mulenga Fube on 13/02/2020!!We dont even ready your nonsense as the headline is enough.Recall your UPND has been losing elections since 1998-THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!Thus under-estimate PF at your own peril…..PF will 100% retain power in 2021 and retire your HH forever-mark my words!!PF will retain Chilubi seat too!!

  6. Of all the suffering and injustice meted out to the citizenry by the governing leadership expect a response of “And so what?” to concerns about the general deterioration in living standards when expressed by the public to the leadership! The country is experiencing the drifting wood policies from choosing “NO VISION” leadership! I pity the Christian Nation imposed statehood.


  8. Since they started befriending seer fimofimo these morons in that opposition parte have grown horns. They think they have already won the 2021 elections. Those satanic activities they have embarked on won’t work in 2021. Using the so called seer to vomit those words on your behalf is a very weak strategy.

  9. Food inflation moved from 15.4% to 15.8% as announced yesterday and it is still moving up. Reserves are totally depleted and Mwanakatwe and PF were using reserves to clear debt. Fuel and electricity tarrifs have gone up. The exchange rate is no longer in our hands. Borehole tax is waiting for anybody building. The price of mealie meal still going up in the only country in the world to be hit by climate change, and some bloggers here are still playing games. Lamentable failure

  10. They can never beat me and my party in a substantive election how many by elections have you lost so far including in your bedroom you lost and chilubi is going to be a bonus stop living in dream land wake up Sir.

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