IBA warns broadcast stations against relying on social media stories

Director General of independent Broadcasting Authority,Josephine Mapoma with Director of Zamcops,Julie Lungu during the signing ceremony between Zambia Music copyrights Protection Authority and independent Broadcasting Authority(IBA)

The Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) has warned broadcast stations in the country against relying on social media stories to aid bullying and hate among the people.

IBA Director General Josephine Mapoma said that some social media stories can compromise the unity and security of the nation. Ms. Mapoma said that the Authority has observed with concern the growing tendency and excitement by some broadcast stations to rely on unverified social media stories, adding that IBA expects Broadcasting Stations to be professional and avoid deliberate moves aimed at ignoring conditions for which their licences were issued.

The IBA Director-General said that the authority has also noted the high levels of laissez-faire attitude among some broadcasters, leading to more Phone-in programs that are heavily dependent on issues from social media.

Ms. Mapoma has reminded broadcasting stations that they have a duty to abide by the IBA Act and other broadcasting regulations.

Meanwhile, Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Dora Siliya has implored the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) to harmonize the issuance of radio station licenses.

Ms. Siliya who is also Chief Government Spokesperson wondered why some community radio stations have managed to go nationwide while others have not, saying IBA should ensure it differentiates ownership and principles of each category of radio licenses so that people are not left with a lot of questions.

Speaking after touring Radio Chimwemwe in Ndola, Ms. Siliya further said Community radio stations should provide content that will respond to the needs of the people in areas where they operate.


  1. This is timely advice. Fake news seems to be the order of the day in this country. A lot of false news has been spread about me including that I was fired from government and yet no single document has been released by the office of the president stating so. Some fake news has even made me look like I am violent and yet no single video or evidence of me being violent exists. My advice is that take every social media news with a pinch of salt. Kz

  2. Seer 1 appears to have caused major damage to the PF.
    1.The Religious Affairs Minister(Full Cabinet Minister) held a press briefing on Seer 1.
    2.Several Senior PF Ministers and party officials issued.
    3.Now the IBA is also issuing the warning.
    Just like in the movies, the weakest spot on the vicious beast has been exposed by Seer 1.

  3. Social media is a very good source of unfiltered information and provides a good perspective of spectrum of views on wide ranging topical issues. People and media organisation alike should be free to tap into this huge source of information.

  4. Why has govt itself reacted to wht Seer1 said on social media? Why didn’t they just ignore it? Hw many times has state-owned media quoted ECL’s musings on social media?

  5. They are having sleepless nights, I wish seer1 can go straight to the wiping them out part before exposing their names. Give me some popcorn this thing is getting interesting, the quilty ones are busy having media press conferences and denying even before the list is released.

  6. The capture of all major state institutions by the PF is almost absolute. Even the so called ‘independent’ IBA is under instruction of PF.

    But the people’s will for a better livelihood can not be eclipsed. PF can muzzle the truth and use propaganda all they want. People are real suffering under this bad leadership and they shall speak in 2021.

    Let 2020 pass fast.

  7. They are shaken. There big lie of hiding behind Christian nation and covering the people with Do As I said while busy looting has been blown wide open. They thought they were clever. After getting into Power using his charms and didn’t want to follow the instructions, they thought the best way to get away with it was to deport him. They didn’t see it coming. You can see panic! Now they are busy trying to shoot the messenger. Too late now, the horse has borted

  8. This is the problem we have in Zambia,IBA should be proactive than just sitting and waiting for an eventuality to happen.Look what happened in DRC during the elections,social media platform was blocked just for the sake of peace and it worked well, why cant we do the same. Be serious you gays,you are paid for the job you are doing so please wake up and do your job.What we going through as a nation especially in the usage of the social media platform is a wake up call to IBA.There is a lot of cabbage around which needs to be cleaned.

  9. The problem people has noticed is ZNBC news is boring and is tailored to suit Pf only.E.g there so many parties around FDD,MMD,UPND,NDC,But every time there is News on ZNBC you only hear about whats happening in PF and who have defected from UPND to join PF. really is that news worth listening to?Do defectors only leave UPND to PF everytime?so people in this era are more intrested to hear other source of information thats why they can even get tuned to what sear 1 is unleashing.Unless the National Broadcaster come with broad spectrum of new items that covers even the opposition and other divergent views then people will love start listening and watch ZNBC again.

  10. This woman DG Josephine Mapoma has no shame selling herself just to keep the job, at times stand your ground now that PF is involved with this Seer 1 nonsense you come out issuing warnings. If Seer 1 said that opposition officials were involved homosexual activities would you come out with such warnings. stay out of this let PF Media team sort out their own dirty laundry.

  11. Growing tendency and excitement by some broadcast stations to rely on unverified social media stories. …….and laissez-faire attitude leading to more phone in programmes that are heavily dependant on issues from social media VERY TRUE OBSERVATIONS IBA

  12. Growing tendency and excitement by some broadcast stations to rely on unverified social media stories. …….and laissez-faire attitude leading to more phone in programmes that are heavily dependant on issues from social media VERY TRUE OBSERVATIONS IBA

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