Airtel introduces non expiry bundles and slashes the data Pay As You Go rate


Airtel Networks Zambia Plc has introduced non expiry bundles and slashed the data Pay As You Go rate.

Airtel’s Managing Director, Mr Apoorva Mehrotra made the announcement today saying the PAYG rate had been slashed from K1.05 per 1MB to K0.10 per MB.

Mehrotra said Airtel continue to be the most innovative mobile service provider, bringing to its customers affordable products and services and now with the pay as you go rate slashed, subscribers on the Airtel Network will be able to browse on PAYG once the bundle has depleted or when they have not subscribed to any bundle at 10ngwee per each MB used.

In announcing the new non expiry bundles, Mehrotra said there would be 3 categories of non-expiry bundles which also include a 1GB non-expiry bundle costing K90.

“We will have 3 types of expiry bundles which our customers can choose from depending on their usage of course because even non expiry bundles can be depleted. We are happy to announce that customers can now also buy non –expiry bundles of 2.5GB and 5.5GB bundle at K200 and K400 respectively,” he said.

Mehrotra added that the introduction of non-expiry bundles plus the slashing of the date PAYG rate, could not have come at a better time than this after the launch of the 100% 4G Konse Campaign as well as most recently, Airtel TV which has over 30 channels to view from and over 800 videos on demand.”

He said with the slashing of the PAYG rate and the introduction of the non-expiry bundles, more customers will now be able to browse as well as watch Airtel TV which is accessible by downloading the Airtel TV app from Google Play Store or Apple store.


  1. That is innovation, when Zamtel are talking nonse about people’s biometric data collection.

    Please make your simcards non-expiry for subscribers who also live in other countries. Or at least make them intelligent so that as soon as we arrive back in Zambia they autoactivate. Please? Some of us have to be away from Zambia for more than 3 months for work purposes.

  2. Ok let’s be serious, k90 for 1gb? What can you use 1gb for that will last u forever? Even just leaving it unattended it will still rapidly vanish due to background phone activities. PAYG K0.1 per mb is k100 per 1gb isn’t that madness?

  3. We thank airtel for listening to pf youth representatives who campaigned and bargained for this. Well done young men and women. Kz

  4. These Networks together with the thieving banks are stealing from docile Zambians even transferring money from one account in Zambia to your account in the UK the banks will rip you off as if its even instant.

  5. Kz, LOL!!!
    This is because of PF youths?
    We are well aware that the UPND member of parliament Proffesor Lungwanga raised the issue in parliament, stating it was agsint competion policy.
    This matter was then taken to the consumer protection commision and Zicta, who subsequently made these resolutions.
    Once more, sometimes it is better to keep quiet and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

  6. only 1gig! no expiring date should be for everything 3gig to 10gig….. Local government and communication department have to force this mobile crooks to change their prices.

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