Choma medical college closed


The General Nursing Council of Zambia has deregistered the Choma Medical College with immediate effect for failing to comply with the set nursing education and training standards.

Director for Regulation and Compliance Thom Yung’ana states that the college has been operating without clinical instructors and no required minimum number of lecturers.

Mr Yung’ana says the college has also been operating without minimum prescribed and recommended number of text books as well as computers in its library.

This is in addition to the skills laboratory failing to meet the minimum required standard to support ideal student learning environment due to lack of essential equipment.

Meanwhile, Mr Yung’ana says the college was giving false returns and reports to the council with intent to mislead it in believing that the college still had the capacity to train nurses when in fact not.

In addition, the College had been recruiting some student nurses who do not meet the required minimum qualifications to train as nurses at a fee, which he says is tantamount to collecting money by false pretense.

Mr Yung’ana has assured the affected student nurses at the college that the council will transfer them to other nursing colleges.