Residents of Kalumbila District warned against taking law into their own hands

Deputy Inspector General of Police for Administration, Eugene Sibote
Deputy Inspector General of Police for Administration, Eugene Sibote

Deputy Inspector General of Police In-Charge of Administration Eugene Sibote has warned members of the community in Kisasa area of Kalumbila District in North -Western Province not to take the law into their own hands.

Yesterday, some members of the community in Kisasa blocked the Solwezi -Mwinilunga Road with logs and in the process damaged the screen of a bus belonging to Power Tools when word went round that individuals believed to be behind the spate of gassing people at night were in the area.

Mr Sibote who is in Solwezi District rushed to the scene of the incident in Kisasa with a team of police officers to calm the situation and managed to apprehend 35 people for riotous behaviour.

“We shall not allow lawlessness to prevail anywhere including here in Kalumbila. People should not be misled by the images appearing on social media circulated by a few individuals who are bent to instill fear in the innocent citizens. Police will deal with all those involved decisively”, Mr Sibote warned.

He assured the community of adequate police presence in the area and that all suspected individuals should be reported to the police unlike people committing crimes by taking the law into their own hands.

Police in Solwezi last week recorded 26 cases of houses which were sprayed with unknown chemical in Manyama and Lumwana East areas.

This is according to a statement issued to the media by Zambia Police spokesperson Esther Katongo.


  1. Bo Simbotwe – please be relevant to the communities. You are servants of the people. The Burning of the Police Station/Post is an indication that you have become irrelevant and that people are simply tired of you.

  2. Finally the populations are instituting their own justice after noticing how you only deal with matters politicians instruct you to deal with. Reposition yourselves and take control of your policing matters. Put politicians in their corner and let’s restore sanity in our country. Also put prophets back in the dustbin of history where they belong. Let’s leave forecasting to the weatherman and other qualified personnel.

  3. People have lost a lot of faith in the police all because they don’t seem to care about the people but the politicians. Pf has literally killed our police force, they are no longer Zambia police but pf police and pf thugs have more power than they do.

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