Nancy Pelosi rips up copy of Trump’s State of the Union speech following divisive address


As President Donald Trump finished his State of the Union Address on Tuesday night, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was seen ripping up a copy of the President’s speech.

Asked immediately after Trump’s speech why she tore up the transcript, Pelosi told reporters: “Because it was the courteous thing to do,” adding that it was “the courteous thing to do considering the alternative.” It isn’t clear what she meant by an “alternative.”


  1. When malawian constitutional court judges annulled the election results zambian constitutional court judges , WHAT!!!!!
    When nancy pelosi tore the presidents speech, that one who is still putting on a gown and wig, WHAT!!!!!!!

  2. Nancy you will die with your age you still habour such bitterness..Any way thanks to Making America great again. Let me hear someone ati nyenyenye….Trump doesnt relate with African since he is sending our African people away..the Question should what are our african leaders doing to make people leave their country and cry for citizenship….why kuipatikisha…we need to sort out the elephant in the room and stop blaming people who dont want us

  3. Nancy is spoiling it for other women who want to be president. She needs to control herself, how are Americans who fear a woman president going to take this. She and the party messed up Iowa caucus definitely they’re not going to win with that gay dude leading

  4. A leader is a leader and deserves respect regardless of anything else.
    Curtesy to authorities is nobility of heart. It’s only a great leader that respects leadership.

  5. @rev Bwalya, Iam sure you could have been leading the applause for Idi Amin after he is done with your sister or Emperor Bokassa after he has massacred school children.

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