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Winning an election by any means is the order of the day: Taking the electorate hostage


The Chilubi By-election

By Nkonkomalimba Kafunda

At a very elementary level, students of government and politics are taught that broadly defined governance is three pronged,it has three basic functions:

1. Political

The political function has to do with a conducive environment in which citizens rights and liberties are protected and respected.Where the state ensures there is protection of private property and an overall prevalence of law and order.Where citizens enjoy their rights and precipitously undertake their responsibilities, civic and otherwise.

The economic sphere involves the state creating an enabling environment for citizens to live decent lives, with gainful employment and general access to avenues of prosperity which in turn lead to a happy, healthy populace as well as a productive and well grounded society.

The social aspect is in respect of taking care of those who can not take care of themselves, the aged, the disabled, widows, orphans and all generally vulnerable groups in society through interventions such as social cash transfer, the provision of quality but affordable social services such as health care and education. Construction of roads, hospitals schools and other social infrastructure is the ambit of government and should be done so countrywide and without discrimination. This infrastructure is built at huge cost but usually with little economic benefit and that is why the private sector does not undertake such projects, while they are essential there simply is no profit.

It falls on government therefore to spread the tax Kwachas equitably so that every Zambian regardless of their location has access to affordable, preferably free, health, education and other social services. It follows therefore that to use the implementation of measures to achieve these lofty, noble but totally achievable goals by a government should never be used as a campaign tool during elections, creating an impression to voters that if they elect an opposition candidate as their representative in the legislature, the benefits of having a government will not accrue to them.

This evening I was watching the ZNBC main news and the Chilubi campaigns featured prominently albeit partisanly so. PF speakers at a rally were telling the people to vote for Mulenga Fube, their candidate, so that ongoing projects could continue as an opposition lawmaker will not have the capacity to mobilise the required resources to bring these projects to their desired conclusion.

In a nutshell the PF are telling the people of Chilubi that government will abrogate its responsibilities towards them if they vote for the opposition.How effete can this ruling party get? On top of abysmally failing to provide an environment for citizens to thrive economically and pursue dreams of happiness successfully, this government now wants segregated development.

This reminds me of defenders of Apartheid who said the system was separate but equal. No wonder there is such disparity in development in the majority of UPND strongholds. How callous will this regime sink?

Finally, while we understand the oppositions cry of electoral malpractices ranging from vote buying to violence perpetuated by the PF, boycotting elections will only rob the people of Chilubi and by extension the Zambian people their right to vote for a candidate of their individual preference, especially now that we need the numbers in parliament to keep bills like the nauseating bill 10 at bay. To UPND Chairman for Elections Gary Nkombo and NDC Spokesperson Saboi Imboela, and through them to like minded Zambians, boycotting of elections only works where the ruling party has a moral compass. It is abundantly clear that this is not the case here. Wining an election by any means is the order of the day, Legitimacy is not in their lexicon.


  1. This is nothing compared to 2010 and 2011 when MMD literally painted the all country BLUE, these guys are just trying, but the same route that MMD took in 2011 is kindly knocking on their green doors.

  2. The challenge we have is that the Con Court and ECZ are captured by the PF. This is open electoral malpractice.

    How we admire the caliber of the judiciary in Malawi.

  3. Zambia has moved forward in infrastructure development but moved at least 10 years backward in systems of governance.

    This is because lungu and his PF think because of the infrastructure development they have overseen , albeit with borrowed money, Zambians owe them their votes …..

    No , Zambians do not owe you their votes. Prove that you can move the country forward socially , economically and politically while leaving Zambians free to make their minds up who to vote for.

  4. When corrupt african leaders are planning to rig the elections , again and again, they bring confusion in their countries, like staging of ritual killings in Zambia and rumours of vampires in Malawi etc… Their Citizens start suspecting and killing innocent fellow country men, then the police and soldiers start pretending to bring order by intimidating their fellow citizens with more violence ,and causing fear and confusion amongst their people…
    manipulator’s toolbox- bribing, repression, election hacking, ballot-box stuffing
    fake news, -use of social media to spread false information and the fabrication of lies to discredit media outlets.
    corruption- handing out bags of money at rallies

    Such rulers often manipulate elections because they fear what would happen to them if they…

  5. MMD was a much better party than PF. MMD would allow their opponents to campaign freely. If this PF has really brought about the much preached unprecedented development they do not even need to campaign. People are able to see for themselves what they have done for them. Leave your opponents alone to campaign freely. Last kicks of a dying horse. This country, like spaka has alluded to could have advanced in terms of infrastructure development but leaving the country heavily indebted and in the end it is the ordinary people to feel the pinch

  6. Governance is poor as opposition have the public order act right in their face hindering their ability to mobilse. On the economic front every statistic is revolting. Have the people who caused the death of Mapenzi Chibulo, Lawrence Banda and the NDC guy from the roan bye elections been cornered.

  7. PF would not survive if it wasnt for existence of Trible HH in our politics. The genesis of Trible HH in 2006 has really cost this country dearly.
    Good news is that both PF and trible UPND will not survive beyond 2021. A new political force annointedby God himself is coming to our rescue.

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