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Free Trade presents a chance for success for Africa


Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Joseph Malanji says the Africa Continental Free Trade (AfCFTA) presents a higher chance of success when Africa resolves peace and security issues affecting certain parts of the continent.

Hon. Malanji welcomed this year’s theme, Silencing the Guns :Creating Conducive Conditions for Africa’s Development and said Africa seeks to achieve durable social and economic development.

Mr. Malanji who is in Addis Ababa to represent President Edgar Lungu at the 33rd African Union Heads of States and Government Summit is accompanied by Minister of Justice, Hon. Given Lubinda and Minister of Commerce and Trade, Hon. Christopher Yaluma

The Heads of states Summit has been preceded by the 36th ordinary session of the executive council that has officially opened today.

The Minister said no meaningful development could be achieved in Africa in the absence of peace and security.

The Minister further said Zambia has put in mechanism such as the amnesty programme for voluntary surrender of fire arms and demining of areas that have landmines that were planted during conflicts in some neighbouring states, in order to contribute to the Agenda of silencing the guns on the continent.

The Minister further said the Continental Free Trade Area will only thrive if Africa tackles the problem of instability that has ravaged some countries.

The Minister further said Zambia supports the AU Agenda of creating a single market as envisaged in the 7th National development plan that promotes an open and liberalized economy.

And First Lady Esther Lungu will be represented at the Organization for First Ladies for Development-OAFLAD- by Ministry of Health Assistant Director – Cancer Prevention Dr. Sharon Kapambwe.

This is according to press statement issued by Mrs. Inutu Mupango Mwanza, First Secretary-Press & Tourism at the Zambia Embassy, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


  1. What success, you have resources the west would kill for yet you dream of success. You could be given a trillion dollars but you will have nothing to show for it. I’m personally fed up with all these themes and promises. We don’t have anything that we have developed as a country. If we could just point at one thing and say we have excelled in this, it would give hope to people. OH I FORGOT WE DO EXCEL IN CORRUPTION!

  2. Only when Africa amends their dodgy Constitutions, currently in operation in 90% of the Continents Nations will Africans see meaningful development, hence that silly P.F Bill should NOT be entertained.
    In the current form African constitutions give too much power to Thugs masquerading as leaders, & these Thugs hijack the Nation’s institutions, become the sole appointing authority, thereby breeding patronage, Corruption,Violence, & these leaders using the national treasury as their personal + children’s atm machines.
    As a result majority (90%) -especially Sub Saharan States will continue to underdevelop, & remain bonafide Sh!.th0le Republics.
    Example imagine a sickly, poverty & diseased cadre like L!fw3keL0 being given a Government post. Will such a fly challenge his master’s…

  3. Cont;
    like L! fw3keL0 being given a Government post, will such a compromised f0.oL challenge any wrongdoing by the master who’s appointed him, saved him from grinding hunger, & afforded him the chance to extend his sad Cadre life, by being able to afford vital lifesaving medicines?? THE ANSWER IS A BIG NO!!
    Mr M@lanji, the problem with Africa stagnating IS THE CONSTITUTION really, as if you believe Is0bel D0Sant0s helping herself to all that cash from the treasury, & a certain Mukula princess who was languishing in the U.S not long ago has now miraculously become a U$ Dollar Millionaire, & this is not the reason behind Africas ills & us remaining so behind, then you need a serious brain examination by a Consultant Psychiatrist, because you Brain has turned to a stomach & visa versa…

  4. The ka country Zambia slowly finishing away like a ka candle sure whilst we are watching. A country and its ministers are discussing and responding to Seer 1. Meanwhile the inflation figure is rising, It is tough

  5. Cont;
    because your Brain has turned into a stomach & visa versa.
    Mr M@lanji the GOSPEL TRUTH is a lot of Government officials in Angola were aware of Is0bel D0Sant0s embezzling the treasury, and a substantial number of officials even abetted, BUT NOT ONE PERSON STOOD UP, & CHALLENGED THE WRONG DOING, – I’M POSITIVE AMONGST THEM “CHRISTIAN CHURCH GOERS” because they all “WANTED TO EAT” were scared of losing jobs as the Constitution had made Daddy D0Sant0s a “mini God”.
    This is happening today in your Rancid S@tan Worshipping P.F Regime, which badly needs urgent REGIME CHANGE!!

  6. There’s no War in Africa! I don’t know what these people are talking about. AU is useless!! They just go there to make allowances. That’s why Lungu can’t even go there

  7. Zambia being centrally located is posed to benefit from the trade. Thank God for President Lungu’s vision of developing the country.

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