Politicians taking advantage of people’s ignorance to propagate tribalism for political mileage-Andyford

The Peoples Alliance for Change President Andyford Banda
The Peoples Alliance for Change President Andyford Banda

The People’s Alliance for Change has accused politicians of taking advantage of people’s ignorance to propagate tribalism for political mileage.

Party President Andyford Banda says some politicians have run out of messages and are now targeting rural areas where they are using tribalism as a tool to de-campaign their opponents and win the voters support.

Mr Banda says the sentiments attributed to Patriotic Front Mobilisation Committee Member Bizwell Mutale in a video that has gone viral on Social media where he is quoted saying Zambia is not ready for a Tonga President is retrogressive and should be condemned in the strongest terms.

He said such sentiments have potential to cause chaos in the country and if not well managed, this kind of politics will cause more divisions among Zambians especially the future generation.

Mr Banda said it is sad that politicians have continued to divide the nation on tribal grounds ignoring the efforts that were made by First Republican President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda to unite the nation under the “One Zambia, One Nation Motto”.

He has proposed that tribalism should be criminalised in Zambia to discourage politicians from preaching hatred among Zambians.

Mr Banda said when PAC forms Government in 2021, criminalising tribalism will be one of the things that will be prioritised in the quest to unite the nation that has been divided by those in power with the help of few opposition members.


  1. Just say it right folks!!
    Just look at all the strategic governmental positions, & now that vile looking Woman spewing hate like a sewer, in Chilubi. The woman is supposed to be enlightened, as she is a genuine Professor, not ma professor ya these days ya ma exam leaks.
    However despite being a professor, being in P.F appears to erode grey matter + morals, & like a virus renders one totally useless.
    You heard it here.

    • This Banda chap also is being a coward by not naming and shaming the ediots propagating this tribal agenda. All the three of them are from one party

  2. Nov 15, 2019 – The Independent Broadcasting Authority has with immediate effect suspended the broadcasting license for Lutanda Radio Station in Northern Province for 30 days after the station aired a story with the potential to promote hate speech.

    Remember this zambians
    If nothing happened to those who were promoting hate speech, law enforcement agencies did nothing, yet IBA found the station wanting, do you think they do any about these nyelas?
    Who knows maybe its their policy. The nazis had the Mein Kampf.

  3. We have only PF to blame for HATE SPEECH against Tonga’s. Note the remarks over the years from Kambwili, Mumbi Phiri, ECL, Luo, and other officials.

    Also, the starvation of people in Western and Southern Provinces and exclusion from public appointments.

    It is all a pattern of marginalization on tribal grounds by PF.

  4. Today it’s tribalism what happens tomorrow when a member of a different religion will be seeking higher office, or even just a parliamentary seat? What happens if it’s someone who’s got no religious affiliation decides to stand? What if it’s a witch doctor seeking political office? Are we then going to move from tribe/tribalism as a campaign message/platform to something else?
    You see this is the problem our country is currently facing “connecting anything and everything your opponent is or is not to politics”. So while we are all saying campaigning on tribal lines is wrong, we need to understand that tomorrow the message may change the people won’t and as such messages of hate due to cultural differences shall continue on the Zambian political scene.
    If we can start to…

  5. One man has failed the country on this tribal issue.That man is Mr. Lungu. He has watched this unfolding and manifesting itself in many ways including retirements and termination of contracts in the public service.Good luck to him

  6. Tribalism is the biggest problem we have in this country. Jonas Shakafuswa said it 3 years ago that dialogue should be about tribalism not hh and ECL. After KKs one party state and “one Zambia one nation”, regionalism set in with the bembas following FTJ, the Easterners remaining with UNIP and the rest of the country loosely behind MMD. Mazoka formed upnd and southerners/Westerners/NW finding their footage behind him. Levy consolidated the bantu botatwe faction in MMD but lost the bemba following (C/Belt+Luapula+Northern) which switched to Sata. Levy got the Eastern following with RB behind him and the Western/NW while Southern remained firmly behind upnd. Eastern switched back from MMD to PF when ECL assumed power while Western/NW back to upnd. So everyone is guilty of tribalism…

  7. I hope UPND has learnt a lesson that if you plant maize you surely harvest maize.The UPND through Hon Sejani were very categorical when they said only a TONGA CAN LEAD UPND.Regretably HH did not see anything wrong with this and the people who are loud mouths now kept their silence.Hon Sakwiba Sikota who was to be successor to late Mazoka was sidelined because he is Lozi.UPND should not therefore cry in harvesting what they sowed when they put HH as their leader instead of Sakwiba Sikota.

    • And why are they crying,they think they are clever what you say is what you become so please stop crying because you asked for it.Look at UPND the MP count them by name,mmmmmm I feel like vomiting let us be honest and sincere and stop beating about the bush.

  8. @Dominic
    You will swallow your words sooner than later!! Two wrongs don’t make a right….keep that in mind.

  9. What sejani said 14 years ago is nowhere near what you tribalists are preaching about today. Sakwiba or Lozis you are talking about are not evening campaigning on tribal lines like you are doing. They have long moved on but why are you finding that unfortunate statement of 15 years as a ground for dividing this country. Dont cheat because we know that even Mazoka was hated by the Northern block just because he attempted to assume political power which was a threat to you people who feel entitled to Govern this country. In 2001 elections Mazoka was receiving as low as 79 votes in Northern block constituencies against a register of 13000, ala please don’t kid us with your sejani nonsense. Check voting and you will remember if you forgotten.

  10. Is the sejani story even for real?, they say a lie can turn into truth if it is told repeatedly.
    How come this story is only propagated by pf cadres ,how many of you have heard the audio or seen the video? I think this just hearsay, lies told repeatedly , this story ain’t different from stories of the yeti( abominable man or big foot) camp fire stories that have turned into truth because they told over and over to make people believe.

  11. Lets be mature for once and condemn tribalism, to be childish and say because UPND did say only a tonga can be President so they should not cry foul is just being wire less in the medulla. Tribalism is tribalism anybody propagating it is a foul as simple as that, and I mean every body. So anybody being tribal is haupless, and an ediot

  12. The tribal bigotry that propelled HH to power was unfortunate, I still recall Sejani saying “Tulamu Jaya Saki”. But even if they hounded Sakwiba out of the UPND, Barotseland is their strongest base now. So this idiocy of Bembas blaming Sejani for their stinking tribalism against a whole Tonga people is nauseating. Look at what Nkandu Luo, that Zinjanthropus, said about Tongas last week? Anyway, you have to kill any self respecting Tonga man before he can commit copulation with that naBwalyan Bisa/Bemba ape!

  13. Genesis 11:6-9 Read this and understand why worldly people of different languages find it hard to work together. We now have the pure language made possible by Jehovah’s organization.

  14. Comment: I love my country Zambia. we are one people, let’s love one another.let not politics divide us please Hear this:JESUS IS COMING SOON. whether you like it or not. the day of his coming has already been set and when He comes, He is going to intercept everything . Then we are going to answer how we spent our lives here on earth. Those who will be be found pure to Heaven and those condemned to the lake of fire. hell is real.Repent now.

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