Zambia Economy to Improve this Year-Habaazoka

President of the Economic Association of Zambia(EAZ), Dr. Lubinda Habazoka
President of the Economic Association of Zambia(EAZ), Dr. Lubinda Habazoka

Economics Association of Zambia President Lubinda Habaazoka has predicated that Zambia’s economic situation is expected to improve in 2020.

Dr. Habaazoka said this is especially so due to favorable rainfall patterns and the expected normalization of water levels needed for electricity generation in Zambia.

He said the new hydroelectric power plants that are expected to be added to the grid this year will definitely reduce pressure in the energy sector.

Dr. Habaazoka said it is expected that the kwacha might still be under pressure threatening levels of inflation.

He said metal prices are expected to increase triggering increased interest in the mining sector by investors.

“It is advised that citizens take a keen interest in engaging in artisanal mining to ensure that wealth remains in Zambia and benefits the Zambia people. It is important to note that participants have adjusted their economic behavior given the current economic situation both domestically and globally. This means the wait and see approach will be abandoned in favor of the business must begin approach,” Dr Habaazoka stated.

“With a gold value chain coming up well, we expect full implementation by ZCCM IH and Bank of Zambia to boast lender morale. It is expected that KCM will finally be moved to more independent managers.”

He added, “Looking at increased interest for Zambia especially from non-traditional trading partners, it is expected a proper debt amortization plan will organically fall in ensuring that Zambia continues meeting its obligations as the fall due.”

Dr Habaazoka also expects that Zambia will face ideological pressures that will need a strong national sense of belonging to overcome.

“Overall, with a boom in the electrical car industry, improvements in the USA economy, expected increased raw material consumption appetite and Brexit, major global economic players will have their eyes on Africa and Zambia has a comparative advantage with only Rwanda posing competition. Very important to note that whilst other market participants might have a pessimistic approach, Asian and Middle East players remain bullish for Zambia.”


  1. Thank you my friend for your objective analysis. Unlike the doom economist hh. We need to have family lunch soon with your family and welcoming wife. Kz

  2. Not sure what this guy has been smoking? He certainly has no idea what he is talking about! Let’s talk again at the end of 2020.

  3. Dream on big man. The economy is not going to fix itself especially when you have a visionless leader, wake up that president of yours. He is too comfortable and unconcerned about everything right.

  4. Is this how you predict an economy….this man is useless….the weather has nothing to do with economy….its numbers Mr economist…..which school did this man go to….Zambia has been having good rains since 2011….its just last year but the economy has been on a decline ever since PF bandits took over….very dull and silly Habazooka

  5. Mumba you don’t know what you are talking about better to concentrate on issues you understand well. You have never sat,taught and interact with the person you are evil speaking, tame your behaviour.

  6. Russian goverment bursary educated mampara.
    This chap credentials are economically irrelevant to present day economical challenges.

  7. The world has just been hit by a virus which has affected a very important player in the global economy and you predict that Zambia’s economy will improve. Even uneducated villager can think better than you

  8. Judging from what this man Habaazoka has been writing I am now convinced that we can safely treat his brain as a vestigial structure, a sort of evolutionary leftover, like a vermiform appendix. He is a disgrace to his wife and children.

  9. Educated villager, no manners at all. Last evening he walked into the lounge at Radisson Blu talking very loudly on the phone. He was taking about China’s economy and making sure that he caught the attention of everyone around. We had to break our conversation briefly because he was very loud and irritating. Habaazoka please grow up.

  10. He has put his neck on the line with these wild predictions bordering on wishful thinking.

    Habazoka is predicting a 0.something improvement in economic figures , so atleast he can point to an improvement.
    Otherwise wise , why would the economy improve while the kwacha struggles ???

  11. This is plain stupidity of an analysis, where did this ***** learn his economics, kwaNaBwalya? With an insurmountable debt burden the country is faced with and crippling debt repayment burden, just where the hell is investment to spur economic recovery going to come from? Zambia as an enterprise is not sustainable in the medium to long term, it’s junk!

  12. Our economists kuwayawayafye.The enginneers moved quickly and replaced their useless president, but these f00ls have treated us with this Habazonya madness for 5 years now,and your wonder why the economy is underperforming?

  13. The fundamentals point in the opposite direction. He is massaging the ego of his paymaster. Dreaming is free. Manje kalotendwe!!! Even in his jaundiced opaque crystal ball his projections will never happen.

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