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Davies Mwila builds a Primary School and hands it to Government

General News Davies Mwila builds a Primary School and hands it to Government

Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Hon Davies Mwila has handed over Davies Mwila Mupati Primary School to the government, the school he built in Chipili District using his own resources.

Hon Mwila has also donated school uniforms, books and shoes to be given to the pupils who have been enrolled at the school.

Hon Mwila, who is also former Chipili Member of Parliament, said during the campaigns in 2016, he promised to build schools in the constituency.

“Most of you will recall that during the campaigns, I promised to construct schools, health centers and other infrastructure development in the constituency, here it is. I have delivered despite not winning the elections. This is my home, I cannot abandon my own people and that is why I proceeded to construct the school. I come from this place, and there is no need for me to neglect my own people,” he said.

“We want to make sure that pupils don’t walk long distances in accessing quality education and that is why I strategically chose this place to build this school.”

He encouraged the people of Chipili to continue supporting the PF Government under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu.

“It is important that we continue to support the PF Government as this government of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu means well for the people of Zambia. How many health centers are being constructed here, how many schools and other infrastructure developments are being worked on? We in the PF have an agenda, and that is to transform not just Chipili but Zambia as a whole,” said the PF Chief Executive Officer.

“I am no longer your Member of Parliament and my support maybe limited. This is why we are saying can we make sure that we put in office the MP that is working with us so that we foster development in this area.”

The former Chipili Lawmaker further pledged to construct teacher’s house within six months at the school.

He furthermore encouraged the parents in the district to ensure that they embrace education and help in the expansion of the school by providing any support that maybe needed.

And after a request from Mwenda Primary School management for 100 desks, Hon Mwila assured them that he will procure the desks which will cost him about K38, 000.

Hon Mwila was accompanied by Member of the Central Committee Kebby Mbewe.

The infrastructure was received by Chipili District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) George Lwangula who pledged to look after the school as it will help a lot of pupils in accessing quality education services


  1. First things first, the donation is of course wellcome, we do welcome contibutions irrespective. However, theere should be no double standards when it comes to accepting donations, take them even when it is from opposition!
    Jewis Chabu, the independent MP remains more popular though!

  2. I hv heard of a school built by Prof Muna Ndulo in the village of his birth to help others access education. I understand that govt has not accepted it, unless I am misinformed. I know Muna Ndulo. He will never run for political office. He’s just a rural boy made good by education and wants others to walk the same route he took. Very good Davies Mwila.

  3. In PF everyone is a millionaire. What’s suprises me about Zambian politicians is that when they are in power their tummies flourish and let them be evicted rhwyh become paupers. Stop stealing. It’s a curse

  4. Can someone tell us Mwila’s source of income? These are the same overpriced GRZ contracts these guys are single sourcing to themselves stealing all the money and fattening themselves

  5. Own resources laughable. We know it’s our resources he is using disguised as a donation. We need to stop this personal building of schools especially by people in power. Let them donate to a ministry or community responsible for schools so that everyone can chip in like it’s done in western world. This personal donation is not helping as it is mainly done for political reasons and not to fix our educational system.

  6. Well done Mr. Mwila. We cerebrate with the people of Chipili for this selfless developmental gesture.

  7. Busy campaigning to be re elected in his former constituency in 2021. The same people who rejected you once will reject you once again.

  8. What a surprise, the school named after Davies Mwila to signify that PF government could not afford to build a school in Mwila’s village. Your promises to build a school would have been fulfilled when you were an mp. Pledges and promises made were not for you as Mwila but PF government to build a school in Mwila’s village. Look close at your manifesto. Now Zambians are more interested in where you got the money, worse you are no longer an MP.
    Some things done is a rope to hang yourselves.

  9. I am lost for words. These will be the easiest elections I have managed. The hard work of pf is making my work very easy. Kz

  10. Zambians are gullible. Why aren’t more people asking about the source of this guys funds? Corruption and theft right u dr your noses and no one calling it out? Shame on you Zambians!

  11. We have become so delusional I see this played out over and over

    Zambian Politician Formula for poor people
    Politician promises heaven and earth for vote
    Poor person votes for politician
    Politicians steals $100 from poor people public funds
    Politician gives poor person $1 as a personal gift
    Poor person is grateful
    Poor person’s feels good voting for politician

  12. @SM: that mall was named by Fackson Shamenda when he was minister of labour and social security. As you know Napsa falls under that ministry. As is usual with bootlicking leaders like lusambo he wanted to be appreciated by ECL. That mall does not belong to PF or government. The money belongs to to pensioners and should have named as such!!

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