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Human Rights Commission calls on PF to provide leadership against tribalism


Human Rights Commission Chairperson Mudford Mwandenga has called for any end to continued hate speech based on one’s ethnic or tribal orientation because it is a violation of human rights.

Mr Mwandenga said the smear politically motivated campaigns targeted at individuals on account of their tribe or place of origin is discriminatory and unconstutional.

He said the right to equality and protection against any form of discrimination, including based on one’s tribe, is quaranteed under Article 23 of the Constitution of Zambia, Chapter 1 of the Laws of Zambia and must be respected by everyone.

He particularly called on the PF Leadership to provide effective leadership against tribalism by publicly censuring or reprimanding their leaders and members engaging in hate and tribal remarks.

Mr Mwandenga said tribal remarks constitute hate speech and is also prohibited under the Public Order Act because in addition to being a violation of human rights, it is a recipe for breach of national peace, unity and stability.

He called on everyone not to sacrifice respect for human rights, national peace, unity and stability for selfish and unsustainable political gain.

Mr Mwandenga has further advised that if no practical measures are taken to curtail tribal hatred which is becoming systemic, it may reach the threshold of a crime against humanity.

He said perpetrators of tribal hate speech must be reminded that tribe, like race, is a birth right and therefore, so fundamental a human right that its violation may ignite deep rooted negative consequences for the country.

“In some countries tribal hatred caused widespread discrimination, conflict, civil war and genocide. It is for this reason that tribal hatred and discrimination should not be tolerated or seen as a matter of mere politicking”, he added.

Mr Mwandenga called for the upholding of the “One Zambia, One Nation”, in words and practice for continued national unity, peace, respect and protection of everyone’s rights and freedoms.


  1. You can no longer see or identify yourself solely as a member of a tribe, but as a citizen of a nation of one people working toward a common purpose. -idowu koyenikan,

  2. “The difference between a politician and a statesman is that a politician thinks about the next election while the statesman think about the next generation.”
    – James Freeman Clarke

  3. We know them. They used seer 1’s juju powers to win in 2016. Yes we know them. They have been exposed. Now they are promoting tribalism. Next year those powers won’t work

  4. Shame on you Human Rights Commission.You have failed to comprehensively failed to deal with the human rights abuses submitted before you.Sitting in offices and being tribal accomplices

  5. Politics: “Poli” a Latin word meaning “many” and “tics” meaning “bloodsucking creatures

  6. The difference between a politician and a statesman is that a politician thinks about the next election while the statesman think about the next generation

  7. Then tongas also try to CEASE tribalism.This is NOT the first time to be told about tribal tag.
    Have you seen how you have been affected now,,? What you saw is what you reap.I worked in southern province for three years and I know how tribal some tongas are.

  8. In Uganda, six children were reportedly mutilated and murdered in the run-up to February’s election—in which President Yoweri Museveni secured a fifth consecutive term—as part of a ritual to bring good luck. On the other side of Africa in Ivory Coast, police set up a special unit to investigate the murder of more than 20 children in early 2015, most of whose bodies showed signs of mutilation

  9. Only in Africa
    Gabon election raises fears of ritual killings
    LIBREVILLE (Reuters) – When the body of 13-year-old was found drained of blood and with gaping wounds in his genitals, chest and neck many in Gabon thought it was politicians who had ordered his killing. Campaigners say some politicians use the black magic rituals to boost their chances of winning lucrative government posts.

  10. “It’s before elections and ministerial reshuffles that the vilest crimes are committed and the capital empties of certain kinds of politicians who go to the interior to carry out witchcraft,”

  11. There is a pyramid organization with politicians at its head ’ then the recruiters who are middle men and then the savages who find the innocent victims

  12. King Mswati III has urged Swaziland’s politicians not to engage in ritual killings to boost their chances in elections.
    The BBC’s Tom Holloway in the capital, Mbabane, says that the number of ritual murders increases at election time.

    There is a strong belief that magic charms are more powerful if they contain human body parts.

  13. The country where children fear election time
    When elections come round in Sierra Leone parents are warned to take extra care of their children, as it’s feared that candidates or their supporters may abduct them and use their organs in black magic rituals. Olivia Acland reports on troubling signs that the rumours may be true.

  14. Fake president at work
    When you’re going for war and your general starts believing in omens, just know that you have lost because that is a sign of cowardice. That general is not fit to lead your army.
    Similarly, when a Head of State who claims to be a God-fearing, humble man starts to believe in omens when encountered with economic challenges, then there is a big problem.
    How did the Head of State make the connection between the riots on the Copperbelt and fake pastors? What does he know about these fake prophets to start with? We need to know where our Commander-in-Chief is drawing his conclusions from.
    If there is something that President Lungu is trying to tell the nation about these fake pastors, let him educate us plainly, in simple terms, so that we can all understand because…

  15. Lungu can end all tribal hate speech ach and political cader violence with one phone call………

    But because this happens with his blessings , he will only pay lip service.

    Lungu is the worst president Zambians have ever had.

  16. Pease talk to Tongas and their UPND, the genesis of tribalism is HH and Ackson Senjani, Maureen Mwanawasa, late Daniel Munkombwe and VJ Mwanga

  17. If everyone loved and respected their neighbor, the whole world will be full of love and respect. We can all take a lead, just where we are. Let’s take personal responsibility. The key question is; What are we doing at the individual level to curb the Vice?

  18. The guy is not supposed to wear this T shirt because he was breached all human rights under the sun .He has chased HH and CK from Chilubi Island so that they cannot see the level of vote buying and bribing going on .

  19. Tongas are the main perpetrators of tribalism but when other tribes hit back at them, Tongas cry fow the loudest wanting public sympathy Can somene do a survey please.

    Ask for instance those who have worked there, those from the North etc can’t even be allocated a plot when allocation is being done. There are told you go and get at your place. They suffer all the discrimination and hate . Wheres Tongas who work in Muchinga Northern Luapula are happy and given all their privileges.

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