Inspector General of Police Kanganja dismisses reports of “gassing” in Lusaka

Zambia Police Service Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja
Zambia Police Service Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has dismissed information circulating on social media in which it is being insinuated that most parts of Lusaka have been affected by the gassing.

Mr Kanganja said in as much as the Zambia Police in Lusaka have received reports of gassing from members of the public, the claims are yet to be verified.

He said when complaints of alleged gassing were received by police in Lusaka, officers went on the ground to verify the reports and are still inquiring on the same reports.

“In view of similar occurrences being recorded in some parts of the country, my advise to members of the public across the country is for them to be security conscious and work in collaboration with the police in safeguarding their respective communities”, he said.

Mr Kanganja said Police are working round the clock to see to it that all perpetrators of this crime are brought to book.

He said from the time this crime emanated, some suspects have been apprehended of which some are currently appearing in the courts of law while investigations have continued with a view of apprehending all those involved in this heinous crime.

Mr Kanganja has urged all members of the community who could have security concerns in their communities to seek audience with Officers in Charge of Police Stations so that the concerns are quickly addressed.

“I also wish to inform the general public that results of chemicals being used in gassing households are out, however, my Command has decided not to announce the chemical for security reasons. Announcing the chemical may mean giving information to other criminals”, the Police chief has said.

Mr Kanganja said he fully understand the fear in members of the public concerning the current occurrences and appealed to them to remain calm as the police are doing everything possible to avert the situation.

He further appealed to members of the public to avoid taking the law into their own hands but report or surrender any suspected persons to law enforcement officers.

Mr Kanganja reiterated that the Zambia Police Service is doing everything possible to establish the motive behind this crime and ensure that all perpetrators who include those orchestrating the crime are brought to book.

He said the Zambia Police will be giving updates to the public just like we have always been doing on the occurrences as well as security tips.


  1. Pompwe Lungu is seer’1 ‘s witchcraft user he must not be voted in the next elections , Only id!ots will vote for him.

  2. ZP is not a license for people in authority to hide tactics they would never openly admit to using.”

  3. Politics are not for the young ones but the grown ups.So the young ones will continue crying let them cry until they cry no more,let them finish their tears.

  4. African politicians have a long history ogf ritual sacrifices performed for political power. iberia ‘s Senate and a former county attorney were among those standing trial for the 2009 murder.. prosecutors were tipped off by a witch doctor who provided a list of 18 people allegedly connected to the killing,

  5. African politicians have a long history gf ritual sacrifices performed for political power. Liberia ‘s Senate and a former county attorney were among those standing trial for the 2009 murder.. prosecutors were tipped off by a witch doctor who provided a list of 18 people allegedly connected to the killing,

  6. ”Unfortunately it happens during elections time because people are competing for political power, they don’t know God and they believe that these supernatural powers will come to them once human blood is shed,”

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    Wtf … first he dismisses the alleged reports and then goes on to admit the presence of the crime. What the h£ck. And then he says they won’t reveal the name of the gas for fear of encouraging copycats. Mate public interest demands you reveal the gas, that statement and reasoning is just sheer nonsense and incompetence. I doubt they even know what gas it is. What is this anyway? Did I miss any news?

  8. IG should just resign for incompetence!! He knows the source of the gas and the criminals behind it!!

    That’s how he sa failed to arrest all PF thugs behind killing of Lawrence banda

  9. Cameroonian army rounded up women and small children and executed them, claiming they were sympathisers of the terrorists.
    ethnic killings, outdated cultural practices, and a future stifled by corruption. That is the reality the rituals camouflage.

  10. Not too long ago rioters blamed the ritual killings on Rwandans living in Lusaka, claiming that body parts had been found in the fridges of Rwandan nationals,.

    Poverty and high unemployment in Lusaka may have been the real cause of the violence, the unrest shone a light on a macabre practise often associated with primitive and historic religions and belief systems.

  11. Kaunda had compounds search as a strategy to bring down crime. Appears these days there is no strategy, it is just talking meanwhile crime is rising

  12. Even police dont know what type of gas is being used. Easier just to say we are not going to reveal to members of the public for security reasons to save face.

  13. Three years down the line the police under the same IG have failed to arrest the arsonists of markets. The PF and it’s leaders were falling all over each other in accusing Upnd. Even today one serial lier in the name of Sunday Chanda has accused the Upnd for being responsible for the gassing. On the contrary Sunday, it is your party which is desperate to hold on to power.

  14. No matter how much UPND spreads misinformation they cannot be voted in because they are just an organisation that cannot resonate with the majority of Zambians. You see, their leader does not even celebrate Independence Day in Zambia and he leads a gross negative party!

  15. we have all the faith and confidence in our men in uniform. we have very sensitive intelligence in relaton to the possible culprits behind the gas scandal that has been affecting certain parts of the country. I am warning all those involved who funny enough come frm a well known political opposition party whch is notorious for public nuuisance. We will deal with you very vigorously. this is a treasonable offence. kz

    • @ kaizar Zulu. FYI you are being watched. We know what you’re doing, we know what you’ve done and also know what you’re planning to do in terms of intimidation, harassment, torture or false imprisonment of innocent Zambians. Everything you’ve done in your name or in Lungu’s name is well documented.

  16. In South Africa the urban legends is that robbers uses a gas which makes everyone sleep and they can move around the house freely and steal all they can lay their hands on. Only pf caders are capable of bringing such dangerous substance into Zambia from South Africa

  17. Kanganja tell us what happened in Chunga today if there are no gassings. We demand the full presence of the Police, the Army and ZAF in our compounds. You worked very well together during the cholera outbreak.

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