More with less: PF’s call to embrace poverty

President Edgar Lungu talking to children during the tour of Kenani Transit refugee camp in Nchelenge

By Nkonkomalimba Kafunda

From about the time of the last budget address the term, saying or slogan ‘more with less”has been the rallying cry of PF government functionaries as they call upon the people to support whatever program or policy they are propagating, to a populace they consider to be in
ignorant bliss of the true extent of the violent havoc wrecked upon our country under their watch.

In essence, what government is doing is asking people to embrace poverty, poverty caused by corruption, incompetence inertia and the general absence of good, accountable governance that has led to gross if not acute mismanagement of affairs of state.The trump card shown by the PF whenever asked about what has been achieved during their tenure is unprecedented infrastructure development, conveniently neglecting to mention the equally unprecedented level of both external and domestic debt that has come with it.

So briefly lets talk about the infrastructure development because the matter will keep coming up, especially as 2021 fast approaches.
There are schools without teachers, chalks, blackboards and in some cases desks.Health centres are now consulting rooms as they have no medicines,where patients can only get prescriptions.Roads have been built where traffic levels do not justify the investment.

A close look at the cost of these projects shows that prices have been inflated and works were, mostly, sub standard.Perhaps our greatest concern should be that we owe both the parties that lent us money to carry out these works and the contractors who actually carried out the works.

The opposition, academics, thinkers, journalists and other professionals have repeatedly pointed out the ills that afflict us.

  1. Debt servicing
  2. Low investor confidence
  3. Reduced exports
  4. Reduced productivity
  5. Capital flight

In the same vein Zambian intelligensia have graciously offered solutions

  1. Reschedule and restructure our debt
  2. Build investor confidence through robust fiscal strategy
  3. Curb corruption and illicit financial flows
  4. Refine mining policy to incentivise increased output
  5. Engender growth in agriculture and agricultural exports
  6. Provide capital for Zambian owned, companies
  7. Ensure joint ventures between foreign investors and Zambians as well as promote reinvestment to reduce capital flight

In a nutshell it is criminal for the PF to, on one hand, preach austerity for the people and on the other enjoy larger than life
lifestyles, with money obtained through corruption skulduggery and other such shenanigans.


  1. PF is allergic to truth and will loathe this article authenticating poverty in Zambia under PF regime with the disguise of poor infrastructures which has nothing to do with the majority poor Zambians. The Bible is right 8 vs 32. PF is hurt by truth in the article.

  2. PF has nothing to do with people been poor. Actually this Government has been so helpful instead lets appreciate it for its work well done. PF is not hurt in fact their happy because they love helping. Please lets support this Government.

  3. Thank you Dr Kafunda, article spot on. Just look at the economic brief by the Minister of Finance Dr Bwalya Ng’andu. Now dont get me wrong, I am not blaming Dr Ng’andu for what has happened, he is honestly Frank and really trying to solve problems created by others. According to the minister, our economy is in dire straights ultimately needing IMF to help, if it is possible to help such a hopeless and helpless status. And what was PF thinking to bring us to this situation? Well, do they think at all? In fact instead of regretting the PF leadership even has the cheek to boast that there is no country which does not borrow! Really, but does a normal country borrow itself to economic death? Every normal leader knows the importance of sustainable borrowing, but not our leaders. Starting…

  4. …. Starting from Sata, and later through Hamble for the most part of PF (mis)rule we have been brought down back into abject poverty and nkongole as at 1990. Maybe if Sata had not died prematurely he would have realised the problem and changed course. But his successors just talk about Sata’s vision as if Sata wished us a vision into hell, maybe but I dont think so.
    How can people boast of infrastructure which has brought the economy down? Infrastructure which cannot generate wealth and sustainable jobs for the people? Where is the more money in our pockets if we are expected to pay such huge debts for the rest of our lives, and pay far more taxes than anyone else in the world???? And infrastructure will remain the PF campaign song in 2021 as they dance dununa reverse which reversed…

  5. …..And infrastructure will remain the PF campaign song in 2021 as they dance dununa reverse which reversed us to 1990? My pity if they think it will sell!!

    The saviour for Zambia is coming in 2021 and it is NOT the PF -like Trible HH.

  6. Oh please give us a break with this anti government propaganda. This is just hogwash. To the contrary we are busy here reducing poverty levels.

  7. Zambian intelligensia …..(!), Has failed to discuss effects of global economic changes which impacted our economy

    It’s all very well making light headed analysis and giving standard boring and school book solutions. Real life is more complex.

  8. Konkomalimaba Kafunda has said it all that PF regime has inflicted so much poverty to Zambians and tell them to see and take comfort – (skulduggery) in shopping Malls and be happy. In the Bible John 8 vs 32 – 33 Jesus talking of self deluded Jews, in this case PF regime.

  9. Every neoliberal should hide their face in shame, allowing poverty in Zambia.

    There is no reason for anyone in Zambia to be poor, and it are the failed neoliberal policies of the last quarter of a century that have increased inequality and set back the social programs of UNIP.

    The market has not stepped in. Wealth has not trickled down. The problem is politicians who will not diverge from whatever the orders are from the IMF/World Bank.

  10. PF caders are hired thugs and paid killers for PF goverment.
    There’s a video making rounds to prove my statement, a video of a PF cader (KAPONYA) showing off K200, 000 (Two Hundred Thousand Kwacha cash in bundles) and boasting that there’s more on the way…
    What kind of job does a kaponya do for PF for him to earn more than Two Hundred Thousand Kwacha ??

  11. PF should be weeded out and brought down! So that the spirit and unity of this great land called Zambia will once again be revived.

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