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State House reacts to Tribalism allegation against President Lungu

Headlines State House reacts to Tribalism allegation against President Lungu

State House says it is baffled by sentiments in the Mast Newspaper attributed to politician Luxon Kazabu that President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has been practising tribalism.

Presidential Spokesperson Isaac Chipampe says the comments are debased, inciting and uncouth, coming from an administrator, former government leader, and elderly politician.

Mr Chipampe says it is callous for Mr Kazabu to caricature the President as targeting civil servants from Southern, Western, and North Western Provinces for dismissals in an effort to evoke anger in the minds of people from the mentioned provinces.

He said the President has always condemned tribalism whenever it has reared its ugly head like he did in Chilubi district.

Mr Chipampe said currently, the President is concerned that tribal sentiments have flooded the discourse in the country and that is why he publicly condemned tribal comments during his meetings in Chilubi district.

He said the President understands the full import of tribalism when it is allowed to fester having been mediating in some African hot spots.

“President I-ungu hates tribalism. President Lungu does not look at tribe to appoint or dismiss a member of his administration. He looks at the merits behind the appointment. He looks at the justification for dismissing an officer”, he added.

Mr Chipampe said president Lungu does not even show that he is from Eastern Province because he easily relates with all Zambians and this is why it is disconcerting that his critics can brand him tribal like Mr Kazabu is doing.

“One expects wise counsel from people like Mr Kazabu who have been around in both private and public office rather than firing cheap shots and fueling the same tribalism he claims to be condemning”, he said.

“The President has said his leadership’is for all Zambians and that will not change as far as he remains in State House”, Mr Chipampe added.


  1. Zambia be very careful on stoking the fires of tribalism because Kenya and Rwanda saw terrible blood birth from political tribalism.

  2. Amos Chanda was better off at barking, he was fired for corruption, not because of speaking nonsense.
    This Chipampe looks like he has autism, mentally retarded. He is always 3 days late of news. Costing PF elections.
    And does your Issac Chipuba has a Twitter account?

  3. This is first strong statement Mr Chipampe has issued, using strong language against elder statesman. But to show our beloved president hates tribalism is to act on those using his name as per the law he has sworn to protect! Tribalism is an offense under our constitution, why not fire or have them arrested? Same way those that either “defame” him or “assemble illegally “ are quickly apprehended. It’s those inconsistencies that make all of us wonder. Not words Mr Chipampe, but equally strong action that will back up what you are strongly accusing condemning elder people

  4. This government sure, they think we are children. I read the Mast article and he was just articulating what is happening which happens to be true. it is true PF has been calling others tribal and satanists, come to find out they are the ones running to seer1 for some powers, then we see them making tribal remarks at the dismay of everyone.

  5. Edgar Lungu’s recored on tribalism speaks for itself. Look at the composition of his cabinet, parastatal heads, Permanet secretaries, senior govt officials, 85% percent come from one region of the country.

  6. “Six out of ten thieves are Bemba” – Edgar Lungu
    ” A tonga will rule one day but not this one” -Edgar Lungu

  7. Just print the composition of tribes on government payroll. Isaac my brother, see that list. Then come back to us. Even your very job can’t it be done by a Lozi or a Tonga. Let’s be serious guys with our country. These things you’re doing will back fire on yourselves badly one day.

  8. “The President has said his leadership’is for all Zambians and that will not change as far as he remains in State House”, Mr Chipampe added.

    Well spoken Mr Chipampe, we just hope he will remain in state house no later than August 2021 , and join Trible HH in retirement. Enjoy life after 2021!!

  9. As we get closer to elections we will experience an increase in such sensational lies. The post reincarnated does not seem to have learned a lesson. Mmembe it seems you still are looking for trouble. We do not want to completely obliterate your gay newspaper but it seems you are begging it. Kz

  10. How can honestly defend the so open tribalism especially in the civil service.Let Mr Chimbwali release the list of those he retired in national and public interest.We have already been hurt by the tribal trash,Best is you keep and just enjoy the results.The tribal (crack) squad is such a shameful entity but it exists

  11. The President has had ample opportunity to show leadership against tribalism and each time he comes up miserably short. He can put an end to all this nonsense but he chooses not to. After all – if we stop seeing one another through tribal lenses, we may just build consensus on what type of leaders we need and we can’t have that now can we?
    Would it be too difficult for the president to speak and act decisively against tribalism especially when it is being practised by his own inner circle? For instance, in the Chilubi example you cite, his “condemnation” was so weak and vague, addressing only the Lunda- Luvale conflict and casting aspersions on the opposition (for God knows what) when the most topical issue was that of his Cabinet minister and his senior party official caught on…

  12. Why all these anti Tonga sentiments ? Are Tongas not Zambian citizens allowed to rule just like other tribes have done?

  13. Mr Chipampe, please don’t move with your eyes closed, open them, when you next provide feedback give us that feed back from the analysis you made with open eyes and not the current closed ones please.

  14. I hope Fred M’membe knows wht to do. He has been accused of being gay by a known person. Either he acts on this or I also begin to believe he is gay.

  15. The footprints of tribalism are all over the place.The next time you have a high level meeting play the Chilubi & Luo video.After that ask yourself some serious question.All the atrocities and human rights abuses which are hall marks of tribalism you mean you cant see

  16. All of you who are ranting about ECL’s composition of his ministers wait until HH gets into power and it ll be the same arrangement as he will be determined to pick his fellow tongas for key positions. You are all tribalists so shut up and get to work!!!!!!

  17. What an insult to us. Adding salt on the Injuries. Public sector and security wing jobs are for the two tribal groups East & Bemba. The rest are being retired. Every m.. f..cker opens their mouth to insult & disrespect others especially the Tongas who currently have a representative challenging for the top job the above 2 groups think is theirs alone. The hatred , pride,pomposity, frowns& outright disrespect from these 2 groups other Zambians is now on the streets, in buses, in schools and work places. They get the cream others the crumbs.

  18. Don’t expect anything from these wizards and witches! It all begins with us citizens to send these war mongers into the bottomless pit to join their master lucifer

  19. Zambians shall do it again, don’t think security wings will protect you and infact they will be the ones reminding you to respect the will of the people. So get ready for Hague and learn what’s happening in Sudan right now

  20. Lungu is a violent, corrupt tribalist thug…..

    Lungu knows everything that goes on in the country and can end most things with one phone call…..

    As we get closer to 2021 , I expect PF to take drastic measures to try and derail or postpone elections.

    If some parties are not to be banned or their leaders jailed , outright state of emergency will be decleared. I am usually right.

  21. In Zambia the only people who are not tribalists are those in the Copperbelt. Just check their MPs. In the other provinces a person from another province can’t stand. Gary Nkombo can’t stand in Luapula. Nkandu Luo can’t stand in Mwinilunga or Monze

  22. I am Namwanga by tribe. My comment/ advice to Mr Chipampe is; if govt don’t want Tongas, give them their Barotseland off they will go. And you further don’t bring division on Muchinga Province.

  23. There is tribalism in the selection of diplomatic staff in most embassy.

    You are spoken to in chi-Bemba in most embassies the moment you walk in without consideration of your ethic background.

    Also look at the civil service. This is an open truth.

  24. It is public knowledge that Edgar has fueled Tribalism since his rise power and Chipampe was better off keeping quiet! During many bye-elections, ECL has openly and without restraint bad-mouthed tribes including Bembas whom he has called 6/10 thieves! Sometimes it’s better to exercise maximum humility and admit our sins! If we say we have no sins, there is no hope for us! Honesty is the beginning of wisdom!

  25. President Lungu is not tribal at all. He is very alcohol-al in his drink choices, as he like some Jameson over different brandy types. He is the president Zambia deserves but not needs. Zambians are callus people that don’t study issues, or read but are highly emotional. Lungu’s balances cool nature is needed with hard headed people. One he gets rid of all of president Sata’s henchmen, the PF and Zambia will thrive and breath. These henchmen come from all corners of Zambia. Disastrous entitled politicians. Starting with Prof. Nkandu Lou and Jean the Baptist. RBs Dora the explorer too is worthless. Crook Chitotela and Kampyongo.
    Let me not start with the opposition, the most worthless Zambia has ever had. The PF and UPND made the miserable MMD look like saints. Zambians don’t politic work…

  26. @ Mwine Mushi above, “ The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”

    Stop making up your own. Lungu is the least tribal of the crooks out in Zambia. Lest we forget UPND’s chasing of my brother BO Sikota. Zambians need to understand grammar before the react. That unfounded bizwell Mutale was not tribal in what he said, but only malicious. He lacks wisdom and understanding. You do not speak like that when most people don’t use common sense, it fuels tension. Zambians embrace free speech, just understand context first.

  27. We see!!! you people you don`t appreciate, look at what this Government is doing for this country, (in mazambuka) can`t you appreciate that? we all equal though tongas are selfish. But that`s not the case here. Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu has no tribalism in him. He talks to anyone, he accommodates anything, anyone even rats.

  28. Mr kazabu was once Kabushi Member of Parliament later was awarded minister of Agriculture mulungushi house.when Sata died .M.H.S.R.P .Kazabu and Wilber Siimusa went to c/belt and campaign for HH. They made a full team with ,Kazabu,Bash NoNo etc lead to the tribal considerations while saving on PF .In 2016 UPND staged a powerful psychological victory based on tribal supremacy.It was a powerful political movement that plainly divided the nation even in CIVIL SERVICE & PARASTATALS they did not welcome leadership of ECL.Next ? Bitterness, hatred and jealousy of most UPND followers even in GRZ institutions.ECL had no option but NOT work directly with HH’s bloody disciples.So don’t blame ECL but blame your past.

    • Mr P uli chipuba can’t you see where these guys are taking us there so many videos of PF is open tribalism I have even posted a link to one of the latest ones Edgar Lungu I directly endorsed tribalism when he said one day a to go will rule Zambia but not this one when it comes to defamation of the president police are so quick why not on tribalism f00ls like you have eyes but can’t see

  29. There are scholars who specialize in studying nation building. Why can’t u ask one to address a series of public lectures? There are clearly people who are facing discrimination or who feel that they don’t belong. Hw long can u live wth that and remain a peaceful nation?

  30. Hon Kazabu should have directed his anger at UPND. Kazabu knows very well that HH is head of UPND PURELY ON TRIBAL lines.The correct heir to late Mazoka was Hon Sakwiba Sikota but for being Lozi,he could not be allowed.

  31. I do not think that Edgar Lungu ever asked himself wht he didn’t know about Zambia whn he became president and then sought to find out over the years.

  32. This is what PF goverment wants, for the rest of us to be demorolized and too angry at each other to recognize that they’re our real enemy

  33. Lets face facts and not bury our heads in the sand. Almost every ministerial post in Zambia today is held by a Bemba, same goes for most senior government positions
    does this mean that there are no competent people in all the remaining 71 tribes? This is tribalism right in the open!!

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