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Why is it so difficult to Keep Lusaka Clean?


I write with dismay the way the city of Lusaka is now. Our President has directed all Lusaka citizens to keep Lusaka clean It appears when he says this people think of only at City centre, Soweto market, city market, Freedom way, chachacha and Cairo road and drainage system along Lumumba road.

Meanwhile the road behind the Show grounds near Bank of Zambia Sports Complex and behind Parliament Motel is an eye sore.Lusaka and Sewerage company is a let down. We can not leave everything to the mayor of Lusaka. We need to take care of our surroundings including our homes.

The drainage behind Parliament Motel has been broken down for a decade now and Lusaka water and sewerage company has failed to un block and pump that sewer water from the drainage. Are we serious as Zambians? Wake up Lusaka water and Sewerage company . Please do not look to maximise profits but give professional services to this city.

By J. Chilufya


  1. Poverty and filth go together.
    That is a consequence of a broken economy due to mismanagement by the PF.
    Compare the cleanliness if Chingola town today and 20 years ago

  2. Is it so difficult to Keep Lusaka Clean cos you have stolen public funds that should be used to fund essential services instead you are building for yourselves mansions, drive the latest cars, marry several desperate women etc. Something has to give.

  3. Looking up to the authorities for solutions as usual. It is up to us Zambians, myself included, to involve ourselves actively and contribute to improving living standards in our country. Why can’t our engineers, environmental and health specialists come together to form private garbage clearing or waste management companies? These would definately do a better job in cleaning the surroundings than the council who had a service deadlock as far as I can remember.

  4. For something as smalll as garbage should we blame the government? How hard is it to pick you waste and put it in a proper place?
    Why is Rwanda one of the cleanest countries in the World, trailing only behind Japan, South Korea and even ahead of some Nordic countries?

  5. Just look at that picture of the drainage furrow above. Is that an acceptable standard job? Certainly Not but the council accepted it. When the loose soil on the sides falls into the drainage it will block water movement. However Noone cares until cholera strikes and Lungu makes a token appearance in majombo and ofoloshi

  6. Joe – I remember telling people here not vote for Sampa because he was in the ruling party, I told them to vote for anyone else evenan independent candidate as Sampa is too weak against cadres like Lusaka Province Minister Bowman and Lusaka Province PF chairman Paul Moonga, these chaps were the ones who backed him in that seat the later Moonga was his campaign manager what can he say. Bowman just brushes him aside like a fly yet on paper a Mayor is very powerful official.

  7. I told you……90 % of people on the streets have been to primary school, introduce an environmental awareness subject at primary school , teaching cleaning the surroundings, looking after trees and cleanliness.

    By the time the current primary school hits the streets , you will see cleaness and conservation

  8. Poverty embedded in the mindset! Hygiene starts and is tied with individual wellness investment. Villages where people mind surroundings of homes with little resources are actually cleaner and in cities where all public services are supposed to be paid for, you have somewhat “savvy” villagers incapable of paying for the services that they demand!

  9. Blame it on lazy Lungu and his PF failures. They still can’t figure out how to make the country clean, let alone making Lusaka clean. Go to Rwanda and learn from Kagame, you fooooools. This is the problem of being led by ba kamushi. Lazy Lungu came out of Chawama. How can you expect him to have high standards of cleanliness? Vote these failures out next year. What a shame.

  10. The cleanliness of a country is a direct reflection of pride in our own country. How can we say that we are proud to be Zambians when we can’t even bother putting our plastic wrapper in a bin? When our own leaders spit on the very idea of public service, and instead steal our hard earned taxes? People love to talk in our country, but actions speak louder every single day. It is shameful.

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