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HH calls on President Lungu to address the nation on the current situation

Headlines HH calls on President Lungu to address the nation on the current...

We are asking Mr Edgar Lungu to please face the citizens on national radio and television and address the nation on the current situation in the country. Citizens are now killing each other on rumours.

To our citizens, please let’s stop this mob psychology of killing each other based on falsehoods. And please let’s stop the ongoing damage to public property, especially police stations. If you are suspicious, just effect a citizens arrest and handover the suspect to police to do their job.

The incidents of gassing diverts our attention as a nation from:

1. Corruption
2. Mukula
3. Bill 10
4. Poor economy
5. Unemployment
6. Load shedding
7. FIC report
8. 48 houses
9. Unpaid retirees
10. High cost of living
11. Fire tenders

There is nothing that we in the opposition can gain from it and we sincerely hope the police are closing in on the culprits.

Meanwhile the UPND Leader has laughed off claims by some PF Officials claiming he is panicking of some revelations by some officials claiming to be aware of people behind the gassing of homes.

Mr Hichilema has wondered how a normal person with a leadership responsibility like President Edgar Lungu can be partying at this time when citizens are being butchered daily.

The UPND Leader said one death is one death too many and should raise alarm in any right minded person including those in Authority.

“That is too much blood being spilled. They expected us to be jogging or enjoying a beer while citizens are living in fear, while citizens are being killed, while school children are being gassed in GOVERNMENT schools”, he said.

Mr Hichilema said the UPND have a responsibility to the citizens to ensure that PF sits up to protect them.

Mr Hichilema said he is touched to see men and women spending sleepness nights providing security to their beloved families because they like everyone else should be protected by the state.

“Call us what you want as long as our people are not secure, we shall forever remain restless because we love them. Stop the killings! Stop the gassing of citizens. Find the culprits and bring them to book”, he added.

North Western Province PF Chairperson Jackson Kungo yesterday accused Mr Hichilema of being jittery like a guilty person in the matter of gassing.

Mr Kungo said it was shameful that UPND has perpetually ignored the voice of reason from among its sober members all because they want to profit from any catastrophe whether natural or incited.

“Why is HH panicking? His MPs allegedly reported GBM to the Police yesterday over his remarks and 24hrs later, HH has acquitted GBM by stating that his former Vice President is blowing hot air. In essence HH is telling Zambians that his MPs went and reported Hot air. Why is HH panicking, Zambians must ask?”, he added.

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  1. Though I don’t usually agree with HH, but yes Edgar’s silence is not helping the nation. Innocent people are dying and property damaged and all he can do is offer a 250,000 bounty? I mean people, the police are reporting that they have not recorded any ritual killing, then why cant he come out to calm some of the speculations going around in public..?

  2. This is a very sad state of Affairs. The opposition cannot do this because all their movements are monitored, all their phone calls are monitored… if anyone has solid information let them report to Police
    Those old enough have lived through state sponsored terrorism and the blaming of it on UPP….nothing new in the blaming of innocent people while the state can easily snuff out this because they know the source.State sponsored blame is meant to detain UPND MP’s so that BIll 10 can pass…its ruling at all costs including human life and blaming others

  3. We don’t have a leader to address us in Zambia, our president only knows how to dance with cadres…if you think you will meet him in a presidential debate in 2021 you will be disappointed HH

  4. The man is absolutely lazy and a coward he would rather go for by election campaigning for 4 days …you wonder why his Chawama hen is sobbing in front cameras as she dont share the bed with the commander-in-chief. Or they dont sleep together.

  5. Akainde is a crook. We know he’s behind the chaos in the country. Mukuni’s charms are making him mad. You killed enough miners in the 90s. This is a new low.
    Akainde promised us Armagedon to make the country ungovernable.
    Milupi is the war crimes report still at 95%?

  6. Lungu sent his wife instead to show us crocodile tears which lasted for 4 seconds . Bana fyasasa can act better that if given a chance.

  7. @Mr Kudos says: SHlT Hole Opposition Parties (SHOPS)

    The crocodile tears said it all. Keep the shame and unnecessary pride aside, analyze the situation give up imwe ba pompwe!!

  8. in view, we need a big brother to step in the political arena of the country to sanitise politics and demonstrate how the political game is played.

  9. Mr HH you rightly condemn the spreading of false rumours then you say school children are being gassed? Have you even verified that case with a laboratory from UTH or any other independent and reputable institution? You are equally part and parcel of this bad habit of spreading fear and panic! No one has been proven to have been gassed but people have been killed on suspession alone because of people both in the ruling party as well as the opposition like you Mr HH who are only looking at gaining political mileage by telling people what they want to hear and playing on their fears!

    May God deal with you for being indirectly responsible for the deaths of innocent suspects kills by criminal instant justice mobs because of your lies and scare tactics!

  10. When we fell to sleep ,they sleep when we feel insecure ,they are secured, When we have nothing to eat , they have plenty to throw away.


    Am appealing to you my fellow citizen, Do everything in your capacity to protect your loved ones and stay alert at all times and all places.
    We are at a time when everyone thinks only about themselves hence don’t wait for anyone to protect you its suicide.


  11. You won’t hear from ECL anytime soon.

    Think about it. If someone with first hand information like the First Lady sees no hope in state house and comes crying to the public, what is the chance that we the public will hear anything reassuring from ECL?

    When you see the bus conductor jumps out to run for safety when there is a driver in the seat, what should the passengers think of their plight?

  12. I doubt if PF has capacity to bring this gassing and ritual business to a stop. The Ministry of Religious Affairs is now conspicuously quiet. It means it knows something. Seer 1, PF’s self confessed spiritual leader, has gone quiet from the time these things started. Is PF not sacrificing us to Seer 1 to clear their spiritual indebtness to him? Christians for Lungu are also quiet. Not too sure if they also report to spiritual father for PF. This country is spiritually cursed. We are in deep trouble.

  13. This is a wave of terrorism. The sponsors are now impatient as financial support and the propping up of their agents has not worked.
    Crocodile tears are being shed.

  14. I don’t know wht the problem is here? Andrew Ntewewe, GBM etc hv said they know who’s doing it. Wht’s there to investigate?

  15. The current situation in the country needs the Mr. Edgar Lungu to address the nation without question. Any sane and patriotic Zambian must get overly concerned because innocent lives have been lost. Just one loss of life is enough to make president of any country take appropriate action.
    The issue of gassing and ritual killings does not call for president to offer a bounty of K250,000 and ends there. REALLY?
    This is a well calculated act of terrorism. The international community must be wondering whether there’s leadership in Zambia or not.
    Mr. President WAKE UP and begin to address issues affecting the nation without any further procrastination…….the economy, the ritual killings, the poisonous gassing of innocent people, the 48 houses, fire tenders, ahhhhh! the list is endless…

  16. HH! the thing is you think its everyone who has nothing to do, the President has a lot of important things to do. you want him to address the Nation for what? full of water in your brains ayi?. Is he not a human being like everyone amano ebuntu. Why should he do that is the one killing? ma rubbish.

  17. The gassing of people is a desperate act of terrorism mooted by hh and company to create anxiety and fear among citizens so that they can hate PF government. I totally agree with Ntewewe’s statement on phoenix news at 13.00 today. There is no sane sitting govt which can do what is going on. This can only be done by desperate fulls in upnd.

  18. Hakainde Hichilema should have respect for the president. Your hatred will not take you anywhere. All Zambians can see the hatred in your eyes. Shame on you.

  19. HH is a pretender he actually finds delight in the suffering of Zambians to gain cheap political mileage. He is the same man who had declared armageddon on Zambians if he loses elections in 2016. How surely a person aspiring to lead the nation can declare war on it in his desperate bid to become ptresident. It is very possible the man has a hand in this ggassing vice. His hands are already bloody because of people he has killed in his desperate efforts to be enthroned republican president. As we go towards elections we must brace for more of his ruthless acts because the man and his financiers are becoming more and more desperate. My humble advice to this TONGA man is that an election is won through a ballot paper and not through intimidation of citizens through gassing and ritual…

  20. @Beats,you mean what is happening in the country does not deserve the attention of the president? What other important things has the president got than to see peace in the country? I think in the end ,it is you who has feaces in your brains.

  21. Watch yourself, mulumbwana, you can fool some people sometimes; but you can’t fool all the people all the time.

  22. @Saimbwende … as usual projecting the issue away from the govt. of the day – with such baseless useless unhelpful accusations on the opposition. Who is in charge? Who has State resources? Who is supposed to take action? The opposition is merely sending a reminder to those sleeping on the job.

  23. I don’t belive there is any gassing , only mass hysteria fuelled by a country that belives too much in witchcraft and god , starting from state house…..

    Zambias is a religious and miracle based economy , while developed progressive nations have talent based economies. Lungu believes god will develop Zambia.

    Disastrous Economic mismangment finding fertile grounds in minds of unemployed masses who are conditioned to belive in witchcraft and godly miracles is resulting in mass acts of savagery……

  24. This nigga is highly untutored. Just listen to how u5 he sounds.
    The [email protected]@nism in him is making him adamant in his forcehood and the deceitfulness of the highest grade.
    He sounds like the devil on the mountain challenging Jesus to take a jump.
    H² leadership immaturity is extremely telling. The more the nigga yaps, the more I feel that he is incapable of leading.
    Iwe anderson Kambela mazoka, why did you create this ritual packed upndead. The grouping is so spooky imwe.
    Iye sure.

  25. Ati ” one death is one death too many”‘ – cliches like this from someone who kept his silence during the namwala tribal cleansing after 2016 elections, don’t do it for me – mere hypocrisy . You even go further too say ” they expect us to be JOGGING….. PARTYING while our people are living in fear. Clearly the jogging part refers to ECL’s promotion of healthy lifestyle. Kwena, you have a PATHOLOGICAL hatred for ECL. Calm down man!

  26. He cant address the nation because he doesnt know where to start from. He has no vision on how to address the nation. Assist him please!

  27. I guess South Africa has more challenges like Xenophobia, Load shedding etc but has never addressed the nation on TV or Radio.

  28. We are a working government. We do not waste time addressing people before the full facts are ascertained. We are not like you who holds 100 press conferences at your home because you think you are the president.hallucinations of grandeur

  29. As usual, Bo HH is always very elusive in his public statements. However, it is interesting to note that some geographical regions in Zambia are selectively not affected by the current chemical gassing episodes. Readers can judge. Just an innocent analytical observation.

  30. Lungu is so full of *****ic pride and is very very du.ll

    By now he knows his political future is in the balance due to the current economic situation with no end in site, no military or police clamp down will fix.

    If lungu or his advisors had any shred of intelligence, they should call for a political cease fire and meeting with all opposition, this might save lungus ass if can dribble his way out, if you don’t know you don’t know

    Calling a meeting with opposition to heal and fix the nation will be plus points for lungu while if the opposition refuse , they will lose,

    If you know you know.

  31. Don’t vote for that clown again, he’s afraid to stand before camera’s and expose himself. Next time be careful not to mistaken mental retardation for humility.


  33. HH has come back to sences he was thinking that gass issue will just be in PF strong hold now it has spread to his area let ball rolling

  34. we really do need to be addressed, there’s unrest in the nation. People are on edge we no longer just fear the people gassing now, we even fear our own community member with people butchering some innocent people which is all due to unrest. I also do however feel like this is not the time to Talk it from a political stand point Mr HH as some people are now just seeing you as taking this as an opportunity to point out the bad things about the PF, I do agree with you tho we need to be addressed by the President

  35. You should address ECL as President of Zambia. You should have respect for the elders. You ka HH you are very young to President Lungu.

  36. HH don’t pretend you think you are cleaver don’t ,………..what did you mean by MATIZYA FORMULA and AMAGEDON tell the nation mangwam

  37. The challenge I have with HH is that he does not address President Edgar Lungu as president. Every time he mentions the president he calls him Mr Lungu. Why? Many sincere Zambians know that you lost the elections by 150 000 votes in 2016. We expected you to direct your energy on reducing that gap but alas you have been on the campaign ever since that votes were stolen from you. You did PVT as a political party. Kindly show the nation with documentary evidence where e.g. UPND got 10 votes and ECZ announced it as 2 votes. Please acknowledge your friend as president then I can give you an hear.

  38. Sir you petitioned the elections of 2016. Your lawyers possibly under your instructions kept on raising preliminary issues instead of asking people like Madam Maureen Mwanawasa to come with the evidence of what she claimed happened in Kanyama. When the courts told you to stop wasting time and that they will begin their work of judgement your lawyers abandon you. You appeared in court without lawyers and asked the court to give you time to look for lawyers. The courts went ahead and upheld the election of ECL. Shockling when the issue of counting 14 days came up, the same lawyers who abandoned you on the election petition resurfaced to represent you in courts. With this only a person who refuses to think would agree with your claim that you won 2016 elections. Why I have brought up these…

  39. Why I have brought up these issues is because HH refusal to accept 2016 election results is the cause political tensions in the country.

  40. Exactly Bro AK that is why we going through such because of this selfish individual who thinks Zambia belongs to him.He cant lower himself all he want is to exalt himself and thinks he is already in plot one.He should understand that it doesn’t work like that bo HH. Cool it this is not his time,he refused to work with the late Sata MHSRNP so what else does he want.Bo HH is not a true leader he will never be.

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