Government calls on Zambians to use social media responsibly

Transport and Communications Minister Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya

The government has called on Zambians to use social media responsibly following the current reports of gassing and instant mob justice. Transport and Communications Minister Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya says this is the period when citizens should use the Cyberspace wisely so as not to create chaos in the country.

The Minister said this when he addressed bus drivers at Kulima Tower Bus Station in Lusaka on Sunday afternoon.

“We should be mindful of the things we post on social media. Let’s weigh them, will they help in building peace or they will result in creating confusion,” he guided.

Hon Kafwaya also advised drivers to park their buses near their homes.

He said that way, it will help them during this period of gassing as well as instant mob justice.

“The government of His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu is doing everything possible to ensure that all the people behind gassing are brought to book. The ministries of Home Affairs and Defense are equal to the task to ensure that the perpetrators of this negative vice are delt with accordingly,” said Hon Kafwaya.

Meanwhile, Northern Province Minister Chungu Bwalya has cautioned members of the public in the Province against engaging themselves in mob killings.

Addressing Luwingu residents following the riots that rocked the district, Mr. Bwalya said it is sad that a life was lost in the area at the hands of mobs.

He said government will not condone such acts stating that Zambia is a Christian nation.

Mr. Bwalya said the country will not welcome such acts as it has the potential to destroy the peace and unity the country has continued to enjoy.

He advised the public with information on people spreading false information on gassing to report them to police for law and order to be maintained.

The Minister has since assured people that government is working around the clock to bring the perpetrators of these violent acts to book.

And Chief Chipalo of the Bemba speaking people of Luwingu District expressed concern over the riotous behavior among Luwingu residents.

The traditional leader noted that destroying government property is retrogressive to national development stating that government spends huge sums of money on such equipment in order to improve service delivery.

He advised the community to work with authorities in maintaining law and order.

Luwingu residents on Wednesday rioted over suspicions of gas attacks which resulted in the death of one person.


  1. Timely advice. This also extends to people who blog on various online websites. Do not think that you are invisible just because you are typing behind a screen. We do have the ability to track you and institute legal proceedings against those found spreading malicious lies that could destabilise the peace we take for granted.

    Zambia here I come. Travelling mercies. Flying first class is very helpful. I can even access wifi on this plane. We need to think of this when Zambia airways takes to the skies. Kz

    • @kaizar Zulu. don’t intimidate citizens. This is 2021. All your illegal activities are well documented and you’re being monitored right now. You have and continue to engage in terrorist activities against Zambians. You’re definitely involved in gassing of innocent Zambians to destabilize the country so incompetent lungu can declare state of emergence. Your days are numbered.

  2. A good and important call in this time. However, I fear that this is not the last time we shall witness such confusion. Just like driving – people have licences but not all of them drive responsibly. Many people now own smart phones and have access to social media but not all of them have the intelligence quotient nor the capacity to judge the repercussions of what they share on social media.

  3. Nine chale I agree with you wholeheartedly. Hope you have had a good weekend and that your weekend will be full of success. Kz

  4. Sorry nine chale, I meant your week. That is a sign of how tired I am after the Moscow trip. I am en route back to Zambia. Kz

  5. Do your part. Provide good leadership and the abuse of social media will reduce because if you are doing a grteat job, many Zambians will help crack on social media abusers. I will not be happy if someone is insulting our Politicians who are genuinely doing a great job.

    While it is unacceptable to spread falsehood on social media, thje Government must understand that nature abhors a void. The Prersident and / or Zambia Police or Ministry of Home Affairs, kept quite for way too long so information on the security situation was left to the citizens. The update by Police on 20th came too late with very little information, basically confirmating much ofd what poeple already knew. In a crisis like we have been having, the President should have assured the Nation that govwernment had their…

    • @kaizar Zulu. in 2012 during Rufunsa by-election, mr menyani Zulu, a pf cadre was killed. kaizar Zulu and his friends were responsible for his death. Just reminding you of this incident you useless and worthless pf cadre.

  6. … backS. Instead Whats app and Facebook is where news on the terror acts could be found, and of course you expect it to varry from true to fake news. Also Zambia Police was largely unaavailable, so blood thirsty mobs took over law enforcement, conducting stop and searches, the only way they can, with machetes, sticks and bottles ands rocks. It was atrocous yet the Politicians we pay to run our affiars were very silent.

  7. @Kaizar, I’m good brother and thanks for the well wishes. I must say I had an emotional roller coaster the past week following the disturbances in our country but I feel much better now that I see things returning to normal. I must also say I have come to appreciate your comments and your presence on this platform because I can see that you have the interests of our country at heart. We Zambians should stick together for the good of our country. Keep up with the patriotism and have a safe journey back home!

  8. And Kaizar Zulu in turn , all Zambians call on PF government to use our taxes more responsibly.They’ve been reckless in spending and borrowing plus inducing a stagnant economy .

  9. “Whoever has experienced the power and the unrestrained ability to humiliate another human being automatically loses his own sensations. Tyranny is a habit, it has its own organic life, it develops finally into a disease. The habit can kill and coarsen the very best man or woman to the level of a beast. Blood and power intoxicate … the return of the human dignity, repentance and regeneration becomes almost impossible.”
    – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

  10. He said President Lungu and his assistants should know that they are not “our bosses but our servants and we pay them with our money”.

    “They were not put into those offices to bully us into silence but to work for us. We are their masters and as such we have a right to call them to order when we observe that they are underperforming or misleading the nation,” Kalala said. “We refuse to be intimidated into silence. We say no to dictatorship. We do not want our people to be traumatized and killed for nothing. We do not want anarchy and lawlessness to prevail in our country.

  11. I just adore how KZ is decampaigning PF. Believe me, when we see you travelling at our expense, we are getting fed up with PF. And I am PF. You, sir, should STFU! And keep a low profile if you still have a job. The callousness with which you behaved is forever recorded and will never be forgotten.

  12. We as the RPP, are not as naive to be with the UPND in an alliance as the PF hallucinates.
    Looking forward, any attempt by any criminal masquareding as a member of the zambian executive to “harm” HH in any way, will be doing that at their own peril.

    Joetex Nsofwa
    Lusaka Province Secretary.

  13. Since MCSs death, the highest common factor being used by certain groupings is hate. You cannot hate people for their democratic right of choosing a particular candidate over another. Zambians’ choices must be respected in our democracy. If one chooses PF, we all must respect that, if the other chooses upnd, we must equally respect that. If those choosing a particular group outnumber the other, in a democracy, they win the vote and the right to preside over state affairs.

  14. We may never know if Bashar may have turned out differently had he been raised differently, but what is certain is that he has now entered the annals of historic cruelty. His next move may be unknown, but his past is something we can learn from.
    “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”~ Sir Winston Churchill

  15. You blocked internet in Southern province for 48 hrs when it is you PF who supplied the gas cylinders to your cadres that they are using to disturb people. You thought you were going to get away with it by accusing the opposition.

  16. Hahahaha. This is a govt of jokers indeed, the truth of what is prevailing is failure by govt to use the police service responsibly and professionally that is why people are targeting such facilities. If you are failing to quell a small fracas such as gassing ba PF how will you quench an uprising by unsatisfied people with your regime should such a scenario God forbid come into play? Pf’s reckless leadership and their tendency to bully others will one day backfire in their faces when people who refuse to be pushed back will rise.

  17. For the sake of peace the social media plat form must be blocked for the sake of peace,DRC did this during the time of elections and why can’t we do it for the sake of preserving peace and one will take the govt to task.

  18. If your Government is filled to the brim of ROTTEN CORRUPT & VISIONLESS PIRATES, we shall be “responsible” in exposing you.
    • 48 Wheelbarrows.
    • 51 mysterious mansions, belonging to the Princess Mukula 1.
    • Mukulagate.
    • Illegally fencing off the Forest in Nyimba.
    • Esw@t!ni gate.
    • Ambulance gate.
    • K!totela saga, tollgates etc
    • 2turdy Mwale, being paid Millions of Taxpayers cash for doing F00K all.
    • Social Cash transfer saga.
    • Wildlife Plunder, & selling all the Wildogs to ma Orientals.
    • Ripping off K.C.M, to benefit P.F vuvuzela’s & stormtroopers.
    Lastly, #P.F, KUYABEBELE!


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