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Ngabwe District Commissioner says District prepared for Coronavirus

Rural News Ngabwe District Commissioner says District prepared for Coronavirus

Ngabwe District Commissioner, Melody Phiri, says the administration in the area is prepared for any possible outbreak of Coronavirus and other disease outbreaks.

Ngabwe District Commissioner, Melody Phiri, says Ngabwe has identified land that will be used to set up an isolation centre for any possible outbreak of the Coronavirus, Ebola virus and other deadly diseases that can affect the people of Ngabwe district.

Ms Phiri said the District Epidemic Preparedness Committee was currently in the process of putting together resources as part of the district’s preparedness for any disease outbreaks.

She noted that during an epidemic preparedness meeting held in Ngabwe recently, stakeholders agreed that there was need to put in extra efforts towards ensuring that any disease epidemics that might threaten the lives of the people in Ngabwe, are carefully taken care of.

She also noted that part of the Epidemic Preparedness strategy, was to carry out intensive surveillance in communities through multi sectorial approaches.

“Even if we do not have any reported cases of Coronavirus or Ebola as well as any other disease epidemics, the district wants to be ready for such eventualities” she said.

Speaking during the same meeting, District Medical Director Frederick Katongi said Ngabwe cannot rule out the possibility of Coronavirus which is a thousand miles away because the world is now a global village were people are always moving from one place to the other.

Dr Katongi added that securing an isolation centre will help in dealing with any outbreaks that might come in the future.

He said Ngabwe was a water logged area and should therefore also be ready for any waterborne disease epidemics like Cholera.

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  1. While the nation was gripped by the violent incidents involving criminal mob gangs we should not forget the ever present threat of Corona Virus, right now South Korea and Italy have become the latest countries to be affected. Let’s be prepared even though the way our people treated health workers is such a shame and I hope our health workers will find it in their hearts to forgive the same people who wanted to attack them over false suspicions and together fight the Covid virus should it infect people in Zambia.

  2. We expect to hear such a statement from the Health Minister to assure us that the entire nation is prepared for a possible outbreak, not from a District Commissioner of some unkown district (to me). At a time we need him most, the man is preoccupied with corruption charges as I saw on the other thread.

  3. @Chale, uyo Minister of Health is having sleepless nights from the ACC, and I called for the DEC to pounce of Medical Stores to check on those “chemicals” in the gassing issues.
    Fi PF was like “… hooooo yes yes we didn’t think of Medical warehouses”. PF think Medical Stores and its storage facilities belongs to PF Party, and don’t want to check if ever they had those expired “gasses” making those useless ministers cry.

  4. Laugh out loud. Ngabwe prepared for coronavirus breakout? I don’t know wht’s wrong with some people. This is a place which is not even connected to the national electricity grid.

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