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More arrested in connection with mob violence and gassing

General News More arrested in connection with mob violence and gassing

Police have arrested 14 suspects in Kabwe and Kaoma Districts for murder following mob killings of victims who were suspected to be behind chemical spraying.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo says eight suspects have been arrested in Kaoma District of Western Province in connection with the murder of 54-year-old Clifford Nosiku who was killed by a mob on Friday after being suspected of being behind gassing incidents.

She says the suspects include Sitwala Namate nephew of the deceased who at the time the mob descended on the victim with sticks and stone, without knowing that it was his uncle involved.

Other suspects have been identified as Kazhila Mutondo Clearance, Kaingu Sikasiye, Mushiba Mushoke, John Mukamba, Felix Mwinga, Moris Mubiana Mukelebai, and Paul Misheki Katongo.

And Mrs. Katongo says police have arrested six suspects in Kabwe of Central Province in a murder as a result of mob killings which happened at Katondo Primary school in which the victim was suspected to be behind chemical spraying.

She says investigations in all cases have continued.

Meanwhile, police In Ndola on the Copperbelt Province have arrested eight females for Proposing Violence which occurred on Friday around 11:00 hours in Masala Township in which two Health Counsellors for USAID Discover Health were on duty following their client who had stopped taking HIV drugs.

Mrs. Katongo says the two were accused by a group of people supported by their client of being behind chemical spraying in the area were harassed and some shouted that they would be killed.

She says Police were informed and rushed to the scene and found the two Health Councillors at Masala clinic surrounded by a mob of women after which they were rescued and apprehended the culprits.

And Mrs. Katongo says Defence Officers on Patrol in Ndola have arrested two male persons in Chipulukusu area along Minsundu road who were found with suspected chemical substances.

She says the suspects who claimed that the chemical was left by a passenger sometime back have been detained in police custody and investigations have continued.

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  1. I told you that we are slowly closing in
    .these poor chaps once they realise the gravity of their crimes, will not hesitate to reveal their chief sponsor. Remember this is a treasonous crime and we still have the death penalty. Kz

    • @kaizar Zulu. We know you and lungu are connected to gassing and terrorizing of poor Zambians. Don’t take Zambians for granted. At this point in time, you believe you’re a king and can get away with any illegal acts on the poor . After pf loses elections in 2021, we will look for you, we will find you, and you will be paraded in court if you’re lucky.
      kaizar Zulu, you bashed into a school bus carrying sch children between the age of 2 and 12 yrs old. you waved your guns at the school children who were so terrified. you then viciously assaulted the bus driver, then unleashed your pf criminals and threatened the owner of the school. your days are numbered.

    • KZ. Which party has been known as a bully that has been hindering and brutalizing other parties from having fair and free participation in by-elections? Answer PF.

  2. My expectation in all this was that by now MPs, Councilors, Chiefs, headmen, headmasters, political leaders, clergy and all other opinion leaders would be sensitizing people in all communities that once somebody shouts that this is person is a gasser, it should be taken as a lie and they should not attack that person as a mob. Alas nothing is happening on the ground, no practical interventions so far. The usual just talking shop continues

  3. KZ, the arrested are not suspects of gassing but innocent community members who have become angry and have taken the law into own hands because of failure by your PF police to arrest gassers.

  4. I am tired of these lousy statements by law enforcement…. the statements lack any substance… Every suspect is innocent until proven guilty…What have they been charged with? Simply putting up broad statements is honestly a waste of peoples time. This mob mentality of harming other people has never happened before in Zambia… This is a symptom of a larger problem in the country…. People are terrified by this terrorism and they are sure that the police wont do anything about it!, The president has zipped his mouth over the issue and has failed to provide leadership…A simple press conference by the Commander in chief right at the time the first issue was reported could have averted this disaster…How many people have perished as a result of this unbelievable incompetence by this…

  5. .How many people have perished as a result of this unbelievable incompetence by this government? Without having a go at these law enforcement officers, Just observe the level of fitness of each of these so called police heads..I am very sure that the junior officers are up for the job but they have no motivation from the top..Simply arresting people does not indicate you are doing your job. Until they are proven guilty, they are innocent.

  6. “….And Mrs. Katongo says Defence Officers on Patrol in Ndola have arrested two male persons in Chipulukusu area along Minsundu road who were found with suspected chemical substances….”

    And we all remember when kapoyongo and lungu unleashed fires in order to sell 42/42, the same police told us UPND suspects had been arrested carrying vasaline which they suspected was being used to cause fires ……

    Which chemicals can these believers of black magic find , pleas ???? Even if they find cough mixture on you ati gassing chemicals ?

  7. We want gassers not mob stars! Could this confirm that gassers are cadres? Since most cadres always get away with crime, including murder……does Kaoma, Luanshya murders ring a bell?

  8. One good thing about kaizer Zulu is that he is not hiding in fake names. Meaning he is ready to defend what he says that is why a follow him . The rest we are hiding in fake names..meaning what we say is not trust weathy in most cases is untrue…hats of to kz

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