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Police Deputy Spokesperson moved From Lusaka to Mpika after issuing a controversial statement on gassing

Headlines Police Deputy Spokesperson moved From Lusaka to Mpika after issuing a controversial...

The Zambia Police High Command has transferred Deputy Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga days after he issued a statement that was controversially denied by Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja.

Mr Hamoonga has been moved from the Public Relations Department of the Zambia Police Service and reassigned to TAZARA in Mpika.

Zambia Police spokesperson Esther Katongo confirmed that Mr Hamoonga has been reassigned to Tazara which is normal and a routine exercise in the Police.

Mrs Katongo could however not confirm whether Mr Hamoonga’s deployment to TAZARA is due to the statement he issued to the Zambia Daily Mail indicating that the Police had arrested the mastermind behind the gassing of citizens in the country.

Mr Hamoonga is reported by the Zambia Daily to have said that the Police had last week arrested one of the masterminds behind the gassing of citizens which has caused consternation and led to many deaths in the country.

He said arrested along with the alleged financier of the gangs spread across the country are 15 others a statement Police Inspector General of Police refuted saying the mastermind was still at large.

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  1. Truth will come out one day! Because there are real patriots not interested in their pockets only but people of Zambia.

  2. Kangaroos, ati ba kapokola. You are no better than security guards in the shops.Your President is very silent on major issues pertaining to the security of the nation . Ithink we have no visble President in this country . He doesn’t talk to the people of Zambia on serious issues. Ba Lungu, I think you need to pack and go. We need a very active President in this nation and not an invisible one like your self .You cadres think that you are humble because you share stolen Zambian wealth with them . Ba Lungu mwatusebanya pafula. Let’s try another leader from a different party. Chapwa

  3. Rae Hamoonga told the truth,in this case the police command made a mistake by transferring him because it shows that he gave a concrete statement which angered the high command.I thought Rae works under a command who Esther Katongo and how l wished both could have removed because there in the same office. Well good lucky Rae as what goes up will one day come down.

  4. Part of normal working life. Your position is not permanent and your boss can decide to move you where they think you are needed most. Like in my case , some people celebrated thinking I was fired and yet I am in a more senior position in government.kz

    • What a shame on you Kaiser. From a special advisor to the president to a chief blogger. You should be missing the limelight. Ati am in a more sernior position in govt. You chief blogger. What a fool. No wonder this country can’t develop because of people like you.

  5. With all the arrests made how is it that there is no clear lead to the source gassing and killings?
    For me, one arrest of a reliable suspect is enough to arrive at the root of the problem.
    Is there anything the police is hiding?

    Mudala, there is serious torture with our police that’s why I wonder why all these suspects haven’t led the police to some truth.

  6. the man is a true patriot indeed–unlike the other cadres masquerading as lawmen–cadres like Ganja, or is it Kaganja….

  7. On Monday HOT – FM breakfast phone – in – program presenters questioned the police Command to issue the real statement to the public because Rea Hamoonga issued a statement different from the inspector general’s.Right away I noticed that something is wrong.

  8. Zambians must demand the unavailing of the of the arrested Mastermind by the Police because now it shows it is true he was arrested as per Hamoonga’s Statement. This shows why it has been difficult to take the suspects to court. This is a miscalculation by govt they have implicated themselves now

  9. It is normal to be transferred, is it strange? Why are people so precarious kanshi? I do not think the Police would hide the news if they got the master mind or the funder. It would be a plus to them.

  10. The commander-in-chief most keen to don the ceremonial uniforms of the wings of the defence and security forces he superintends over is the least likely to show leadership whn a crisis strikes. I remember all previous Cs-in-C. They never donned the ceremonial uniform as frequently as the current one even whn presiding at military functions.


    Did Rae clear his statement before issuing it. If he did, then who authorised it. If he didn’t, they he just got what he deserves.

    All Statements issued by spokespersons are and should be cleared by the Principals. If he grew big headed and started speaking for the Police without authority, the action taken is correct

  12. Rockid i support your contribution by far. Every step taken especially in working fields like the army stages are most important to follow. But on other hand if Rae had the facts correct then in public relating works we got a long way to go.
    Rae if you think of it you will be able to save as living in Lusaka, think about it my men.

  13. Was the statement not cleared by his superiors? His duty was just to read out what was given to him? Why should he be transferred for that?

  14. We know why he has been moved. PF dunderhead leaders can’t handle the truth. That’s why they choose to victimize instead. Incapable of anything intelligent

  15. It’s very normal in civil service or private sector for superiors to make transfers as they deem appropriate. Best wishes to Mr. Hamonga in your new role. You are an intelligent and hardworking officer.

  16. Moving a Police Officer to TAZARA for what? What is going to do there. Work as what??? Controlling passenger tickets in Tazara Trians or what? Dont get this

  17. Too much drama with this bunch.
    Don’t blame us if we suspect some funny conspiracies…
    This doesn’t seem normal, it is pointing to some suspicious happenings…

  18. Only time will tell the truth the same way it was with the burning of City Market and other markets! We can clearly tell now PF and Police finger pointing was without solid evidence and based on hatred to get at an innocent citizen!
    One thing that is clear is the IG and Kampyongo have overstayed at Home Affairs! Let’s have term limits for these offices. We need New Brooms! When people overstay in positions, they tend to lose focus over time and begin to wallow in dirty politics.
    How many times is the Army going to be made to do Police work?

  19. Once upon a time, there exiteth a gentleman whose comeupponce was as a result of his uttering a statement to contradict the king, for he king hadst said he would reduce the salary of his noblemen. The gentleman didsnteth say, that indeed, the king’s pronouncments were but voluntary. Unsurprisingly, he was removed from the service of the king.
    Some years did pass, and another gentleman diddesnt issue a statement, and lo and behold, he was moved from the Kin’s service, for the truth is what the king maketh it, not what the facts or the laws may be.

  20. Rae,
    Too bad about this experience.Many public officers,especially from the southern region have suffered the same fate.Be strong clearly the regime spends more time spraeding and fanning hate.It shall end

  21. In every work place the spokes person for the firm is told what to say what to say.because he or she represent the firm not himself, maybe its the issue of big headed if that the case he is lacky not to be fired, surely the spokes person can not give a different statement to his superior.

  22. If the Police arrested the masterminds, then there are still several masterminds lurking the streets out there. This can be seen by the ongoing gassing activities. As for Ray Hamoonga, he should consider himself lucky for being promoted to Assistant Commissioner after issuing a controversial statement.

  23. @Advocate, we need a term limit even at the helm of UPND. Zambia now does not have an opposition because some leaders not only did not come on tribal lines but have over stayed. Zambians have sent there messeges to HH five times. What more does he need.

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