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2 White Rhinos killed in Mosi Oa Tunya National Park in Livingstone

General News 2 White Rhinos killed in Mosi Oa Tunya National Park in Livingstone

The Ministry of Tourism and Arts has announced the death of two rhinos that were hit by a truck along the Livingstone-Kazungula road in the Mosi Oa Tunya National Park on Wednesday night.

Ministry of Tourism and Arts Public Relations Officer Sakabilo Kalembwe revealed that Romeo, a male juvenile and Lubinda, an adult female were killed by a speeding truck of Nambian registration Number N 12311 WB whose driver totally disregarded road signage and speed limits set in the national park.

The driver of the truck has been identified as Ashes Gumbo aged 37, of Zanimuone in Lusaka.

He is currently in police custody and a docket has since been opened.

At the time the rhinos were hit, the mother Lubinda was dragged on the side of the tarmac while the calf, Romeo remained at the middle of the road injured sitting on its hind legs.

Efforts were made by park management staff to give treatment on sight and called reinforcement from the Victoria Falls Wildlife trust of Zimbabwe who crossed the border in the night in the quest to save the two members of the iconic species.

The two rhinos had severe injuries and despite the quick response by the veterinary team, they did not survive.

Lubinda died a few minutes later as her injuries were severe and little could be done to save her life.

Romeo suffered a suspected fractured spine and hind legs were paralyzed.

He died soon after being sedated for treatment.

Mr Kalembwe said the Department is in the process of drawing up legislation aimed at dealing with matters of road kills in national parks especially when high value species are involved.

He said this will be in consultation with the Road Transport and Safety Agency and the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Mr Kalembwe said the Department of National Parks and Wildlife shall also continue engaging the road development agency on the possibility of having speed humps especially on known animal crossing points in the parks.

“We would like to appeal to members of the public to always adhere to the prescribed speed limits as they drive on the trunk roads passing through national parks. The rhino species were completely wiped out during the poaching scourge experienced in the late 80s and early 90s,” he said.

“It is deeply saddening to lose two members of the breeding herd in such a manner. Finally, we would like to thank the Livingstone community both government and members of the public and also the victoria falls veterinary trust of Zimbabwe who came to the aid of the park management team when they reached out for support.”

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  1. The barriers are always there whenever someone is entering a national game park and every motorist knows in a game we drive slowly and carefully. He should be made pay for our dead animals. In their country I don’t think a foreigner can be spared for doing such a thing

  2. This has really hurt me. These were one of the few left white rhinos in world. Why would this happen to them. Let the driver face consequences for his actions. Animals are living creatures too . Kz

  3. @ Animal Rights,..please read the story again.The animals were hit by a Namibian truck DRIVEN BY A SHES GUMBOH OF ZANIMUONE.It is LIKELY THE DRIVER IS A ZAMBIAN working for a Nambian transporter!

  4. It’s so sad & hard to absorb this news. This breeding population of rhinos is 1 success story in Africa & every time we about to score further success some thing like this happens. If it’s not poachers then its careless drivers. We need CCTV speed cameras at strategic points of the public road in the Park monitored 24/7 by Park Authorities so that disobedient drivers are instantly punished with big fines at any of he gates. Speed humps will not be effective. Mosi O Tunya park is a gem being location of world renowned water falls. We need to protect & make it even better. Let’s not relent as country in restocking & extending it to Dambwa Forest north of Airport. The suggestion by the Mayor recently to bring antelope species & big cats into the forest is best I’ve heard & needs to be…

  5. …The suggestion by the Mayor recently to bring antelope species & big cats into the forest is best I’ve heard & needs to be supported. Then Livingstone will be undisputed best tourist destination in Africa if not world. I’m hoping LCC is already working on project. God Bless Zambia

  6. This is so heart breaking. Having personally visited these rhinos last November, I can attest to the grave situation.
    White rhinos are a national treasure that must be protected and cherished.
    A lot has been done to protect of these endangered species to the point that officers patrol them 24/7, watching their every movement. It’s really makes sad reading that death was a result of careless driving.
    Although a reactive approach, tightening punitive legislation and perhaps adding ‘speed bumps’ will stop this from happening again.

  7. Close that road. A road thru a National Park takwaba. Construct a new road outside the National Park, you foooools

  8. No need to close the road, they should just put speed humps to protect crossing animals. This looks like an exceptional case by one careless driver who clearly ignored the road signs..

  9. This was just an accident ..Blind sighted over protective mother Rhino and road traffic is an accident waiting to happen, you would think these animals would be under 24 hour ZAWA protection…its no surprise the Boer Bush pilots jet in at will an cheer-pick animals in our national parks at will.

  10. Lukanga you are a moron…have you been to the same place? Were do you suggest we build the other road and with which resources. Education villager

  11. I personally found the other Rhino battling for it’s life on the middle of the road. It was a very sad scene, I could tell the animal was in deep pain… It sad to loose 2 members of the iconic species

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