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UPND disheartened about Governments failure to pay higher learning institution salaries


UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has said he is disheartened by the inability of the PF government to pay salaries of the gallant men and women of institutions of higher education. He said PF perform miracles when it comes to funding by-elections and other wasteful expenditure.”Our people deserve better,” Mr.Hichilema said

The Ministry of higher Education released a press statement earlier in the week announcing delayed grants to Universities,TEVET colleges and Science Statutory boards. The Ministry said the delay in receiving funding is as a result of the fact that resources had been required urgently to meet the life and death circumstances in various parts of the country. Through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit and the Zambia Police, resources had to be mobilised to address the unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances that are being addressed currently in various parts of the country.

Minister of Higher Education,Brian Mushimba called for all members of staff in the institutions,including those at the University of Zambia and the Copperbelt University to remain calm and bear with Government as they resolve the matter. He said the Ministry of Education was in discussion with the Ministry of Finance on how to urgently address the situation.

All People’s Congress Leader Nason Msoni said that this government has miserably failed to manage and ran state affairs looking at the catalogue of failures.He said this when he was responding to the reported failure by the Zambian government to pay allowances to envoys representing the country.

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    The lecturers must be paid for the services they provided.

  2. To Lubinda Habazoka, this is one of the signs of an economy doing great. I wish I could be a fly on the wall as Habazoka is teaching at UNZA. One of these days I’m gonna meet one of hos students or former students.

  3. Our poor lecturers that contribute so much to our nation are expected to eat air, while violent thugs that only contribute rigged elections, violence, corruption, dishonesty, theft etc, feast like kings and live in luxury!
    We have the best brains in the country starving, while ignorant, uneducated minds are treated like kings.
    What kind of society is this where those that build and contribute to the welbeing of our country are deprived, while those that contribute nothing but destruction are enriched. Really unfortunate.

  4. The money went to more important things like
    1. 42 fire wheelburrows bought for 42million USD
    2. Ambulances bought for twice their price
    3. 1.2 billion USD on Ndola Lusaka dual carriageway
    4. 2 presidential jets, including one that had to be forfeited after an initial installment because money run out
    5. 48 houses
    6. Read the FIC report, including a named minister that had 17million kwacha and 6milllion USD in his account
    7. Big VXs for people that do nothing except fanning violence
    8. Trips to USA with huge delegations including a cook to go and recieve fire engines from the stone age.
    9. NEED I GO ON?

    all these are very important developmental programs. Far more important than paying these small lecturers, doctors, civil servants etc

  5. And you wounder why teachers and lectures cause pre exam papers leakages ??

    Anyway, kulimba chabe,

    you start getting normal salaries nearer to the 2021 elections……

  6. VIVA PF in 2021, we just need to continue beingh prayerful as our humble leader has asked and God will provide. Have faith fellow citizens

  7. You bitter stooges

    Who told you that government is paying salaries for higher learning institutions?

    Cheap propaganda ati vote for UPND…!!.

    Such lies you expect to go for elections and win…?

  8. Mr.P – You must be a fool. Which country do you come from?. These universities have been maintained and funded by Government from Kaunda’s era until the coming in of thieving humble men. The coming of the humble thieves who have humbled the economy has resulted into these hardships. We saw new ambulances being donated to Chilubi and millions of other corrupt donations. Leave UPND out your nonsense. They are not the ruling government.

  9. Mr.P. Diplomats have also gone without salaries for four months. With your ignorance you will start say that it is not the governments duty to pay diplomats. Even for Council workers you have started saying the same. I think you and your humble friends need some mental check up at chainama.

  10. Mr P

    Where do you think learning institutions get money to pay salaries ? From fees paid by students

    If 80 to 90 % of students are on grz bursaries and grz does not pay those tuition fees to the university, how Do you think salaries will get paid ?

  11. The correct statement from mushimba should have read ” we have failed to pay your salaries and are therefore resigning to make way for competent people who will pay your salaries on time”.

  12. This is a very useless government which always asks for time to discuss unpaid wages outstanding for money .The mansion owners in Swaziland are paid their dues in time even when they eat free food for doing nothing .

  13. This is a very useless government which always asks for time to discuss unpaid wages which have been outstanding for months .The mansion Swaziland mansion owners are paid their dues on time even when they eat free food for doing absolutely nothing . KZ is paid for announcing to the world that he has gone to Russia on a top secrete mission Zambia has gone to the dogs .


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