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Information emerging that President Lungu has allegdly ordered the security forces to shoot to kill

General News Information emerging that President Lungu has allegdly ordered the security forces to...

Intelligence information is emerging that President Edgar Lungu ordered the security forces to aim to kill the rioters at the height of the gassing incidents that rocked Zambia.

Highly ranked government officials have revealed that President Lungu ordered the military and police officers patrolling the streets to shoot at people in an effort to quell the violence.

It is believed that President Lungu met the Service Chiefs at State House over two weeks ago where the instruction was issued.

The sources said President Lungu has assured the security forces that his government will protect officers and that one would be indicted for murder.

President Lungu’s position has been backed by Information and Broadcasting Minister Dora Siliya who justified the killing of people by security forces.

During a news briefing this week, Mrs Siliya said Zambians should be comfortable when the police shoot in order to maintain peace during riots.

Ms. Siliya said police have every right to shot at protestor’s as a way of quilling unrests.

But opposition NDC President Chishimba Kambwili has condemned the justification by Ms. Siliya on extra judicial killings.

Dr. Kambwili is shocked that Ms. Siliya is seemingly encouraging the police to be killing innocent citizens.

Dr. Kambwili has since demanded for an apology from Ms. Siliya for justifying the henious killings of innocent persons by police.

He has since urged President Edgar Lungu to fire the Chief Government spokesperson saying her reasoning is questionable especially on important fundamental principles such as the right to life.


  1. This man is evil and full of hatred!
    Life is sacred!
    Is he not aware he is under Oath to protect life and property? As a Lawyer he claims to be, this should be easy for him to understand. We are tempted to begin to doubt his Law credentials, let alone his true identity. There is a serious disconnect between what he claims to be and what he says and does. Or is this behavior a sign of his troubled childhood? Whatever the truth, he should know that he has lost a lot of credibility because of the manner he has mishandled affairs of the nation! He delegates when he should take responsibility and takes responsibility in small matters he needs to delegate. These are crimes against humanity that you have started committing Bwana. If you kill citizens, then you have lost the moral right to…

  2. If you kill citizens, then you have lost the moral right to govern and you should leave office to someone who loves the troubled citizens of this great nation! It’s your political meddling that has rendered the police ineffective!


  4. Whenever there’s a meeting where prayer is involved Akainde will boycott.
    Just mention prayer, Akainde will boycott.

  5. If that is true then the president is trying to hold on to power using force. He thinks he can rule by terror and will be able to tame people like that. In Zambia that will not work. May the hand of Jehovah Himself remove you Lungu. To my fellow Zambians, how long shall you be silent. Zambians are about 17 million, are we all cowards? Our men in uniform, are you going to stand by and watch selfish individuals leave your once peaciful country in ruins? Come on Zambia you can do better.

  6. Sure? But in the absence of credible information and assurances from the leadership, fake news will flourish and we citizens get even more confused. Address people face to face and answer their questions imwe a Presidenti tizinvelele teka.

  7. ..but anyway PF introduced fake news when they wanted power. Remember Guy Scott with donchi kubeba. Now they are dancing to their own music, because with their incompetence and dishonesty they have created fertile ground for fake news. Fake news from PF, fake news from Trible UPND, and fake news from abroad.

  8. @ kudos, what has prayer organised by Satanists achieved? After prayers, insults, violence is the order of the day.
    You have not commented on the issue of security forces ordered to kill unarmed Zambians but you are busy mastu.rbating hatred against HH?
    Is it HH who issued that order?
    Is it HH behind the gassing? If it is, then why is the Chingola pf official appearing in court for being involved in gassing? How come the gassers freely go to schools and release the gas in broad daylight. Where are the pf cadre led police force? Haha, we are aware of the evil plan.
    How come the countries intelligence community did not warm the president on the gassing?
    Your hatred will one day kill you.

  9. This is a proper case for investigations. What happened to the Oath of Office? Last time somebody claimed that he controls the Intelligence, who are these Officers? Or who is creating this fake news?

  10. This is not fake news. In the video Siliya says, “we should be happy police shot and killed the suspect”. Seriously? Anyone who supports this kind of reasoning will have their day of being a suspect and getting gunned down.

  11. War on the employers who put him in office. If this is TRUE, this is a reaction of a person in a corner with nowhere to go but to please the PF cadres, pretends to abuse his authority to bring fear on people..The minute they do it.. He will see who gave him that job and like Saddam will have to open up the tunnels and hide there..On top of 46 lives that have died you want to kill more? The man can’t read the mood of the nation by issuing such a moronic instruction!

  12. What intelligence?? Is this a leak or parallel intelligence?? The source of this fake news must be clamped on and face the law-this has potential to cause panic amongst citizens already suffering from hysteria.

  13. In the event that citizens are riotous and are killing and damaging properties, what should the police do? Cause even the police life is in danger! Should they approach rioters with kids groves knowing that the situation will escalate to very precarious levels if not managed with maximum force?

  14. Mr President, why not first quell the gassing as a priority? Then the possibility of riots is zero! Mobs will just never occur in Zambia as I know it! Asking the Police to kill the citizens is not good for the country not even for you Mr President, see how many have died through extra judicial killings? Vespers, a rising star at UNZA lost her life and many others, including offcourse through mob killings, which is undesirable.

  15. If that was the case believe you me the gassing would have been history by now and the leader of upnd would be dead. Please let us learn to be mature and responsible in our reporting. As I have said I believe we need to regulate social media and online news sites by high taxes and even blocking in cases where they are found to be spreading dishonest news. Kz

  16. @Kaizar Zulu, I normally ignore your comments because you are pretty myopic in your views… If ECL ordered to shoot people and a lot of people lost lives, You and the entire PF will have nowhere to hide, including outside the country where some people have hidden plundered properties.All you talk about are threats, warnings etc.. Do you think Zambians are stupid.. I suspect Lusaka times servers are not in Zambia and infringing on peoples freedom in a democracy lacks any sense. Your ECL has BORROWED SO MUCH to the detriment of the future Zambian generations. PF under SATA had a bit of sense, the level of advice received by the president is evident in the results Zambians are experiencing… DONT YOU HAVE SHAME THAT YOU HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE DEMISE OF THE ONCE PROMISING NATION? Please…

  17. @ Kaizar Zulu….DONT YOU HAVE SHAME THAT YOU HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE DEMISE OF THE ONCE PROMISING NATION? Please give us a break and make sensible statements that would reflect a previous advisor to the president.

  18. Shoot to kill of rioters is ok. These are primarily thugs that take advantage of a situation to csuse havoc and loot or kill innocent people. So, YES, police should fire live bullets and end the nosense.


  20. LT. Stop being lazy and post some factual news that has been verified by credible sources. Stop copying and pasting fake divisive articles from the UPNDs online media outlets such as ZWD. All these chaps do is post articles that propagate hate speech. You will never ever see a progressive article on these sites.

    Also please do us all a favor and clean up your website it’s pathetic to say the least!!!

  21. Fake News by satanists.
    When the editor is jailed you start making noise.
    Can the SS be overhauled so that we have a vibrant unit that will smoke out all these nincompoops peddling lies. We are tired of this nonsense

  22. Kaizar Zulu is saying HH would have been shot by now if this was true. What’s the connection between gassing, protesters, and HH? Is HH behind this? Tell your Police to arrest him then.

  23. @Kawasaki, how fake is this news when more than 40 Zambians have already died due to police ‘shoot to kill’ directive and mob justice mated by Zambians because law and order has disappeared in Zambia. President Lungu has just publicly given police licence to kill Zambians.

  24. This is fake news. Surely our president cant say that. The man can not even harm a fly. M appeal is for his Excellency the president to suspend Dora for the careless utterance likely to incite people against the police. Our officers are put under difficult conditions and making such utterances make their work even more difficult. In civilised nations, NGOs would have already called for her step down.

  25. This is fake news for sure. Now if there are those intentions, please the authority is worsting time. We are told that a driver of a bus loaded with people must may a quick decision to save the many lives on the bus if one cyclist happens to put the lives of those on the bus at risk. Those who are being gruesomely killed are also humans and they had equally right to life. But someone terminated it for no reason at all. Why should it be current fools killing innocent people, like the hard working man of Kabwe Mr Kapembwa who created employment for others, to be protected by HR. Rubbish officers go for them. Apparently, it is in this country where HH went to drive people from the land in prevalence for animals. These were the people who lived in the area for many years and today you want…

  26. Lungu must be very careful and risks to be toppled. The time is not on his side. History shall repeat itself, Chiluba tried to dribble the zambians on third term bid you all know what happened. You can’t silence people by shooting and after shooting they will turn gun on him

  27. Power is like air to a vacuum. Like money, power never disappears, it goes somewhere else. There are powerful people and there are powerful positions. Historically everything was one. In the feudal world order, someone became powerful birth or not. Kings, Emperors, Princes ruled for life, whether they wanted to or not, whether suitable or not. The separation from an office and the person who carries it out is an achievement of modern times. If office, title and person merge more and more, it is difficult for these people to accept defeat. Your power is limited.

  28. LT don’t follow lead way of watchdogs.Who heard President Lungu to telling Zambian police to shot suspect.? The writer is obviously a bitter Tonga.

  29. MunaDekhane there you go again spreading fake news,here in Zambia ONLY 3 people died of gunshots, the rest were killed by sponsored thugs and thieves /terrorists. All those in the diaspora tell us in earnest what would have been the reaction of the governments as regards these terror attacks? America, Israel, UK,Germany even Kenya here would have just watched ati. Let’s be serious for ounce,we have lost relatives,friends, parents here and all you can say and think of is how bad Lungu is. My good friend Hakuyu was killed in Gwembe and I’m still grieving please give me hope. A lot of these media houses are run by fake journalists

  30. This gang of criminals in PF don’t see us as people. Heck they’re not serving us, but their own interests. They can care less whether poor Zambians are shot dead by the partisan cops or not. They’re criminals who need to be arrested next year and dragged to the ICC, like Omar al-Bashir. They don’t value our lives. Only their lives matter, so they think. That’s why they need to be voted out next year, arrested and imprisoned for a hundred years each. Yes that includes the gangster in chief himself, corrupt lazy Lungu.

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