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Cece: The next big fashion & commercial model to come out of Zambia

Feature Lifestyle Cece: The next big fashion & commercial model to come out of...


The name Cecilia Kongwa may not ring a bell to most people, but to those who follow Zambian modelling, she is a trendsetting fashion and commercial model that has won numerous awards, including the coveted ‘Model of the year’ at the 2018 edition of the Grand Awards and has even starred in one of Fally Ipupa’s music videos.

She also won best model of the year at the Zee Music Creative Awards in 2018 and represented Zambia at the Miss Glam World.

Cecilia, now based in Thailand where she has modeled for American and European campaigns, recalls vividly how she got the opportunity of a lifetime to leave Zambia and pursue her modelling dream overseas.

The first time I went to Thailand was for a beauty pageant (Miss Tourism Ambassador). After the competition, I stayed for holidays and during this time, I met with modeling agents to try and get signed but things didn’t happen there and then. When I went to Zambia, I got called back in Thailand and I’ve been in and out of Thailand since then.

Her work in Thailand has seen her feature some of the viral commercials in the country, a feat that she says was unbelievable.

I have done modelling for mostly European and American brands and recently some South African as well. However, my favorite so far was for Central World, one of the biggest Thai shopping Malls. It recently got voted top 5 commercials in Thailand.

The Former Miss Peace Zambia model has other aspirations besides the run way. She wants to try out acting more because she had a wonderful experience acting in a Thai-American TV Series that is yet to premier later this year.

I really want to get more acting roles. By the way, I featured in some episodes of Zuba when it started.

In 2018, Cecelia featured in Fally Ipupa’s music video for his song Juste Une Danse which has garnered more than 24 million views on You Tube.

I was called to go audition and then he picked me himself….he also was directing the whole thing and you could see just how passionate he is about his craft and I just had to give my best plus he was nice to me ….always jokingly called me his wife (without him meaning it) because of course English isn’t his first language.” She laughs.

When she is not working, Cecilia takes self-defense classes, among other things.

My days usually start with dancing, to get me in a good mood. If I’m not working then I’m probably doing some other castings. Other than that, I have been taking self-defense classes in my free time here. I love being active and just wanted to learn a new skill that would be helpful (if someone ever tried to hurt me) and just do something different from my usual sport volleyball.”

Even if Zambia is making strides in the modelling industry, Cecilia says there is a lot that can be improved. “I feel that in Zambia modeling isn’t taken as serious as it should be as an art, while here models are treated with much more respect. And work-wise, there’s much more pressure here to deliver as there are different international models from around the world who are at the top of their game.

Cecilia is coming back to Zambia to where she plans to do some charity work. She is tight lipped about this because she wants to make sure her work leaves a lasting impact.

I am working on giving back to the community and to women in a totally different way that what most people are used to but I will reveal everything in good time.

Cece says Thai cuisine is alright and she has had to adjust but she misses the food back home.

The day I come back home, I cannot wait to eat nshima again. I miss it so much. I have tried some other African food here but you know nothing can replace nshima.” She laughs.




  1. This young lady is a credit to Zambia and just shows what one can do with a positive attitude and a drive to succeed. Thailand is an amazing country and thai food is very healthy but very hot with lots of spices, In Thailand everybody works , Thai society and Thai laws would not tolerate the recent behaviours that have been plaguing Zambian society. Incidently Thailand had a very low crime rate per head of capita .
    It is so good to see this beautiful young Zambian model making a name for herself in her career as a model. Go Zambians go you guys and gals can all achieve in your lives.
    I personally love Zambia.

  2. Super! Congrats.

    Her look is changeable, at top very feminine, last picture a bit masculine. Fashion industry loves these looks. No mention of her height in the article which is typical information on a model. Thailand has a lot of ‘Lady Boys,’ this might be why they love her there. She should head off to the more competitive European fashion agents so she could work the euro circuit to break into the mainstream fashion walks now that she has had a side entry via Thailand. Onwards and Upwards.

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