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12 foreign Buildcon players and Coach detained for playing in Zambia illegally


The Department of Immigration in Ndolahas detained 12 foreign players and the coach of Buildcon football club for various immigration offences.

This was in a routine operation conducted on Thursday, 5th March, 2020 at Levy Mwanawasa stadium aimed at screening all foreign staff employed by the football club.

The Serbian coach, Ivan Coric was taken into custody after it was discovered that he was holding an expired temporary employment permit while the 12 players detained include 3 Ghanaians, 3 Rwandese, 2 Congolese, 1 Cameroonian, 1 Burundian, 1 South African and 1 Ivorian.

According to Immigration Department Public Relations Officer, Namati Nshinka, most of the players in detention were holding expired temporary employment permits, while some had either overstayed their business visits or were in contravention of terms and conditions of their employment permits.

Mr. Nshinka said all 13 remain in custody, pending further immigration formalities.

Buildcon’s game against Nakambala Leopards which was scheduled to take place on Saturday has since been postponed to a later date.


  1. When you call yourself the manager of a team do you really understand your role. In this modern age people should understand what it takes to work in another country. FAZ should come out very strong on this issue. In the first place who gave clearance to these players to work in Zambia. We have become too used to illegalities in Zambia that we take it to be normal to bend the rules. This Country is flooded with foreigners from all walks of life emanating from illegal traders, fake traditional healers, sex workers name them. FAZ should be the final authority i mean in addition to a work permit let there be another clearance and work permit or playing football permit now issued by the soccer governing body. This is very embarrassing to say the least.

  2. It is just football, after all those buildcon players are useless they never score.
    You never hear that Mbesuma is arrested for scoring illegally.
    And you still want to vote for Kamanga!??? It is FAZ to blame not Kampyongo.

  3. Kamanga you are letting us down.

    You need to jackup your ass on grassroots football.

    There is no need for Zambia to be having forigne football players flooding out Zambian young talent.

    Kamanga you are on warning, if I don’t see extensive grassroots football support in Zambia, I will attack you relentlessly and make your life difficult.

    You have been warned.

  4. Good work…in the UK that would have cost their employer £11,000 for every illegal player plus deportation

  5. This website needs serious maintenance like Zambian roads…I mean everything is in disrepair, even simple thumbs up and down doesn’t work properly once you mark down you cant change, replying to a comment is none existent, the website is so porous with virus that company and institutional firewalls deny it access.
    Wake you LT Editor…you say you have admins around the world..if that is true then they should be ashamed of themselves to oversee such a substandard platform with such flaws. Look at your colleagues at their website is crisp, no glitches straightforward comments platform.

  6. They should ask Trade Kings HR dept for advice on how to keep renewing business visas and expired without them foreigners never leaving the country, ever.

  7. Ba FAZ does this mean Buildcon will lose all the points from games in which they used these illegal immigrants? They played soccer in Zed but they were not qualified to work here so it just follows that any victories they earned are illegal

  8. No kamanga must go far far far far far faR Far far far far far far away from Zambian soccer. We want our glorious past to return. Not with Kamanga

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