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Lenjes disown and warn Evans Chinkumbi not to masquerade as Chief Ngabwe

Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Deputy Minister John Kufuna (Middle) congratulates Chief Ngabwe VI (right) after his coronation as Kapiri Mposhi MP Eddie Musonda looks on.

The Lenje Royal Establishment has disowned and warned Evans Chinkumbi not to masquerade as Chief Ngabwe.

Reacting to recent a development in Ngabwe where the people lost their Chief and awaiting his replacement Christopher Mutemwa who is a member of the Lenje Royal Establishment said Mr Chinkumbi risks facing an arrest if he continues with his activities.

He said the Electoral College of their Royal Highnesses have not met to finalise the selection of a Chief as agreed in the meeting of 27th September, 2019 at Senior Chief Mukuni Ng’ombe’s Palace.

Mr Mutemwa said seven Chiefs met and appointed Mr Bran Marko Chikute to act as Chief Ngabwe until a substantive Chief is elected in accordance with a letter dated 19th February, 2020 signed by Senior Chief Mukuni Ng’ombe, who presides over the seven chiefdoms.

He said the Chief As such he is the final authority and anyone acting contrary to this is in serious breach of law and order and will be arrested.

And Dr Jeston Mulando, also a memner of the Mukuni Lenje Establishment said according to the Mukuni Lenje Royal Establishment rules and regulations on the succession of a Chief, only the Senior Chief Mukuni Ng’ombe and the other Lenje Chiefs have the authority to install a Chief and to conduct the appropriate rites according to the Lenje tradition and customs.

Dr Mulando said it is therefore illegal for anyone to masquerade as Chief.

He said the Lenje Chiefs have not been able to organise the selection of the new Chief since the demise of Mr. Kashoka (Chief Ngabwe) because one of the candidates has taken the matter to the High Court.

Dr Mulando said it is contept of court for Chiefs to conduct the selection process or for anyone to install himself as Chief.

Dr. Mulando said In the circumstances until the High Court disposes off the court action, the Senior Chief Mukuni Ng’ombe and other Chiefs cannot conduct the selection process.

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