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K52 million Recovered From Students Loans Beneficiaries

General News K52 million Recovered From Students Loans Beneficiaries

Over 52 Million Kwacha has so far been recovered by the Higher Education Loans and Scholarships Board.

Higher Education Minister Brian Mushimba explains that over 49 Million Kwacha was recovered from over 4 thousand beneficiaries working for the Government, while over 3 million Kwacha was recovered by the beneficiaries working in the private sector.

Dr. Mushimba who was presenting a Ministerial Statement to parliament today said the Higher Education Loans Scholarship Board only managed to trace over 16 thousand of the beneficiaries from targeted to 19 thousand.

He said the board was able to trace the over 4 thousand beneficiaries through the government pay roll system, and over 11 thousand through the National Pension’s Scheme.

The Minister further said over two thousand beneficiaries are believed to be in the informal sector or in the Diaspora and yet to be traced.

He said from the monies recovered, the board was able to support over 1 thousand 4 hundred students in Seven Public Universities for the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 academic years.

Dr Mushimba said further said his ministry will scale up efforts to increase coverage of recoveries through digital platforms to ensure that more student access the funds.

And Dr Mushimba said the loan are awarded on academic merit of which 30 percent is given to female students, another 30 percent is given to rural based learners while 10 percent is accorded to people living with disabilities .

He said the remaining 30 percent is awarded to the other students of which 60 percent is given to STEM students as a way of promoting science related courses.

And responding to question , Dr Mushimba said there is need for more sensitization on in how learners can apply for the loan to enable them access quality education.

Since 2004 , over 45 thousand beneficiaries have been supported through the student loan scheme at Seven public universities.


  1. Pay university staff on time that is what you are obliged to do as leaders, our children need education. Cabinet should not be paid before workers are paid, our humble President has already demonstrated that he does not actually need his pay and yours to come first before the grassroots.

  2. This is needed. You can’t get money and then refuse to pay after getting a good education at the expense of government. Let us not be greedy because the same money can be used to educate your children. Be wise

  3. “And after the gassing incidents, we have been able to return the excess re-directed funds to their ministry votes which means we will be able to pay our lecturers and other hapless citizens on time from now onwards…” Of course I am bluffing! He would never say that!

  4. …and the humble graduate’s child is refused a bursary because the parent is alive and working. Meanwhile, the graduate does not receive his salary on time and on top of paying off his school loan is taxed at every level of existence to finance government expenditure including the bursary system.

  5. There is more to be done and refine the Minister was well articulate in parliament but the one on migrant workers needs to be reviewed and then it must be voluntary then enforcement follows those not in compulsory.As asked by Honorable Situmbeko ,it must be a combination of both loans and scholarships and not loan alone

    True the minister should be particular attention more than before to the rise in tuition and university fees on student debt and human capital accumulations in Zambia

    He should show initiative and look at various options in loans and scholarships available in Financing students There are various initiatives to support this Bursary system before…

  6. We know that this country is highly indebted, so they can do anything to raise every single ngwee and kwacha to pay off the high debt. How did previous governments manage to sponsor students without being loaned??

  7. nonsense. to start with, no one signed a contract to payback government. it is simply illegal for government to deduct monies from people’s salaries without their consent. Only students who signed contracts to repay the monies should be affected. this is just rediculous.


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