PF uses Spax and now want to discard him


By Anthony Bwalya – UPND Member

For the record, the regime should either present Spax before the courts or release him.

This is the arbitrary application of the law we have always condemned. The same brutality they applied against Mr. Hakainde Hichilema is the same brutality they are applying against Kabaso Mulenga.

I have a lot of sympathies for Kabaso SPAX Mulenga. I also have a lot of sympathies for many intelligent, enterprising, hardworking young men like him, who push the boundaries of limitations to build a life for themselves and their families.

For the record, Spax and many youths like him are victims of the brutality of the failed leadership of the Patriotic Front. The PF always knew, that youths on the Copperbelt were always going to demand a fair share of the spoils of the earth in that region, and that they were never going to stand and watch corrupt government politicians plunder our national resources while they continued begging for handouts.

That is how they demanded for the #BlackMountain to be given to them, even without the most basic legal protections.

Spax and the youths on the Copperbelt, Chingola and Kitwe to be specific, knew, that because of their appetite for corruption, the PF leadership would always play ball over the Black Mountain.

If the PF had not given Spax and the youths on the Copperbelt, permission to work with the Black Mountain, these youths by now, could have erupted and demanded for their removal from power. These youths could never have stood by and watched the plunder of national resources by PF officials while they got nothing.

In other words, Black Mountain was a bribe to keep the youths silent as government officials stole on a grand scale.

The PF cannot remain in power without the support of Spax and his team. And they know it.

Except now, the PF have amassed too much money from numerous acts of grand, politically motivated corruption, that they now think they can dispense with Spax and the “Jerabos” on the Copperbelt.

This is why the regime can now afford to arrest and detain Spax. The PF do not feel they need Spax anymore.

In the months ahead, the regime, in an attempt to strengthen it’s grip on power, will try and neutralize the command of people like Spax and his team.

But this will also give the youths on the Copperbelt, an opportunity to see that they have been used and played by the regime.

There are members of the regime who want a piece of the Black Mountain. But before they can lay their hands on it, they must first neutralize Spax.

The problem here is not Spax. The problem is the regime.


  1. Some PF SG said spax only got close to the president in the picture where spax sat at the high table with PF officials when spax paid K100,000. Now this new picture how much did spax pay to greet the president? PF SG please explain.

  2. I have said it before and I will say it again, Spax needs to be released now with out delay because if something happens to Spax the copperbelt will erupt and the police will not be able to handle it. On behalf of all peace loving Zambia ba Spax we are sorry for all that is happening. Your enemy is the PF not the Zambian people.

  3. If the PF govenment asks you to put your head in the microwave, would you do it? if you are greedy and allow politicians to use you then you should accept the consequences. Didn’t the PF teach you Donchi Kubeba?

  4. Zambia is bigger than all of us, people need to remember that starting a war is the easiest thing to do on this planet but for those who understand the consequences will tell you that peace is the biggest gift of all. Don’t just follow the hype, use your head.

  5. Let the police do their job, it’s not u to judge or decide tht or tht. Let the state handle him if he hs a case to answer or not.
    Ad u saying CB will erupt if something happened to spax, who’s going to stand for him, e u tulisha foolish comments, jst shout up. Moreover, he’s a criminal/murderer, specialitie is he to the state of Zambia, he’s jst a parasite. E imwe mukusha abantu imitwe.
    Spax mining is jst on paper, show us wht mining he does, then he’ll qualify. It’s a mining company on t-shirts, stickers, in songs ba mack 2 group etc. They steal copper ore from KCM dumps ad sell to the Chinese. He sends those boys in the dumps some hv lost their lives, buys those bags of copper ad sell them to the Chinese. Is tht mining, iyee mu chibemba?

  6. What if he murdered someone. Should he be released simply because no spax. Can’t understand UPND cadres , you jump on anything and everything to condemn gvt. So baona ati spax has a following ku copperbelt ati release spax. Just seat down. The guy was arrested by the police not by the president.

  7. For the record and not to cast aspersions on your everyday tantrums, Anthony Bwalya or whatever you are, please lets let the rule of law apply to everyone. If Spax has committed a crime, lets respect the law as it’s and be applied appropriately regardless of who belongs to which part or who was in the picture with Kamoyongo, let alone the president. You are not going anywhere with your tantrums. By the way, I am non partisan because I don’t believe in politicians always fighting each other like chicken at the expense of the good of country.

  8. The worst government in living history in Zambia, and arguably, in the world. This government needs to be voted out and removed immediately. PF is unfit even to manage a pigsty. They have squandered development time and Zambian resources. Really painful to know we are in slumber as PF and Lungu destory the country. Sad.

  9. Why captivating this cult of personality now over spax? Let him account for his actions.Is he a public figure or what?

  10. No one is above the LAW.
    The LAW is Blind. Justice is blind. This expression means that justice is impartial and objective. There is no room for the LAW to be seen to be wearing a blindfold so as not to treat friends differently from strangers, or rich people better than the poor ones, or cadres as sacred.

  11. Anthony bwalya is practicing another forum of opportunism. He is seeing an opportunity to criticize the ruling party in whatever action they take. So Bwalya wants PF to protect Spax because he is identified with them? But then the likes of Bwalya would criticize the party for shielding a criminal. The criminal is arrested and criticism is you can’t arrest your friend. Yaba!

  12. Anthony Bwalya does not sound intelligent – he wants PF to protect Spax just because he has poured money into their coffers and sits with them at the high table – and so it is okay for him to commit crimes, including murder? There are many people in history who have propelled regimes and grown big headed thinking that they are above the law – and have ended up being swallowed by the same monster they created. Spax is just a static. Let him answer for his sins – including wearing military uniforms. The picture that Anthony Bwalya is showing above is meaningless.

  13. Ba bwalya, what smoke do you smoke? I am sure you know what I mean. Spax has a case to answer, all we must ask the power is to expedite the case. But not only in Zambia, in Africa the wheels of justice take time to roll, but surely they will. So ba bwalya and effort to impress your handlers in Upnd is useless. Spax did commit crime and if he was recruited by someone then it is that someone to worry. Wapya munzi.

  14. why should they release a murderer, criminal, this fo0l belongs to jail let him rot we need sanity. PF well done.

  15. Again Rubbish from Bwalya …it seems Bwalya has been working with Spax and he is afraid that Spax would spill the bean.
    This Bwalya must know that law is law and it has no respect for any persons.

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