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ACC nabs UTH security guard


The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in Lusaka has arrested and detained a security guard from the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) for corrupt practices.

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Corporate Affairs Officer Collins Chilambwe has named the suspect as John Mwanza aged 26, of Zingalume Compound in Lusaka, a security guard at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH).

Mr. Chilambwe said the suspect has been arrested and charged with one count of corrupt practices by public officer, contrary to section 19 (1) as read with section 41 of the Anti-Corruption Act No. 3 of 2012 of the laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that, on dates unknown but between March 1, 2020 and March 17, 2020, in Lusaka, the suspect corruptly solicited for K800 from a named patient of Kabwe District in Central Province.

Mr Chilambwe stated that the detainee corruptly solicited for K800 as gratification for himself in order to facilitate the undertaking of a Computerized Tomography Scan (CT scan) by the named patient, to be conducted at the UTH Cancer Disease Hospital.

He said the patient then gave Mwanza K400 with the remaining balance of K400 to be paid later.

Mr Chilambwe added that the named patient eventually did the CT scan with the help of Mr Mwanza who later informed the patient to collect the results after paying the balance of K400.

He added that after receiving the bribe, Mr Mwanza released the medical results to the patient and was arrested by officers.

The Corporate Affairs Officer has since expressed sadness that some health personnel charged with the responsibility to serve members of the public, are in the habit of extorting bribes from patients without moral regard.

Mr Chilambwe has further warned public officers to desist from engaging in corrupt practices, and uphold high professional standards which he said failure to do so will result in officers being punished.

This is contained in a statement availed to ZANIS in Lusaka today by ACC Corporate Affairs Officer Collins Chilambwe.


  1. Yes the patient should be arrested also. It takes two to tangle. But also the ACC over an 800 sure! People who have solicited big big bucks are walking the streets freely. Life is not fair

    • No you arent thinking. The patient reported the soliciting of the bribe to authority so he cant be arrested. He just played along so as to get the guard arrested. Besides he needed the UTH services to stay alive

  2. This appears to be normal practice. The security guard was only following process enabled by hospital staff. Why haven’t they arrested medical staff in charge of CT scanning?

  3. While this commendable, what of the 48 mansions belonging to chitalu chilufya/lungu ?

    What about the mukula logs being stolen and confiscated in other countries ??

    ACC , you can not dupe us with arresting security guards while you leave the big theives alone.

  4. Good job. But why don’t you go after the big fish too, with the same aggressiveness? Or are you just putting up a show? Look for a guy named Lungu. He’s very corrupt. Last time we heard that he resides at Plot 1, or State House. Find him and arrest him. Then we shall be impressed.

  5. How come Lungu who has stolen millions of Dollar$ is not nabbed by the same ACC ? Could it be that the same ACC are as more corrupt than the poor security guard who probably earned peanuts as salary

  6. How come Lungu who has stolen millions of Dollar$ is not nabbed by the same ACC?? Could it be that the same ACC are as corrupt as Lungu and more corrupt than the poor security guard who earned peanuts as salary

  7. When it comes to nobodies ACC is the champion…..we are still waiting on the 48 houses that sprung out like mushrooms, Ba Minister of Covid 19 is also a suspect, not to mention bamudala ba Chi-thanks….if only you could be as vigilant on them as you have been on this poor security guard

  8. ACC Specializes in “Small Fish” but don’t get anywhere near the dishonourable “Big thieves!”
    So, does it mean the Security man was acting alone and did the scan?
    ACC should instead be arresting those corrupting MPs to influence the voting pattern in Parliament! That is more serious than helping a patient get a quick scan!

  9. What about passport office, kansi? There, ACC will have a field day!!! Those people are openely soliciting – from top official to the security guard.

  10. I think this was handled terribly, very terribly. to begin with, the patient should reported this matter after getting the services they required, i suppose they will be a witness during trial.
    My assumption? the guard probably had a system where he would get that money, and oil several hands to get the CT scan done. what aboutt he medical officers responsible for the scan?
    I just can’t comprehend the security guard having so much power as to get the scan done.
    in my view, after being alerted, ACC should have done an investigation, properly, and see how far the ladder went.

  11. ACC, a ggod example of the Polish saying ” The big thiefs hung the little thiefs”. Surely, this was a clear opportunity for them to investigate, a period of 1 month would yield valuable information. Imagine reading a publication such as, ‘ACC uncovers corruption scandal at UTH involving over 20 people’. In their quest to seem relevant they are only arresting one security guard?
    What about the notorious facts that certain government offices are corrupt, like Zambia Traffic or the Passport office? Surely, why don’t we hear of arrests there everyday? Unless of course, our police are corruption free.
    Anyways, two years, grudge ikachila pali 2

  12. Corruption shall not be tolerated under the pf government. Well done to the authorities
    We want to see more of this from you. Thanks guys. Kz

    • You should have ended your sentence at ‘tolerated’ because it is under the PF that corruption evolved from an epidemic to a pandemic. While the behavior of the security guard is inhumane, the levels of corruption among top government officials is devilish. ACC is supposed to focus on the big cases which they are turning a blind eye to and leave these small ones for the police.

  13. Nanga ba Kilufya, the Crooked heavily perspiring Health Minister??
    The damage done by K!talu K!lufya’z supply of expired dodgy medicines /hospital supplies contracts, ambulances scam, makes that Kamalonda’s misdemeanors look like child’s play.
    Lastly, P.F,KUYABEBELE!

  14. Who operated the scanner? Is it the guard or there was a third person? If there was a third person then it’s likely he or she was also part of the deal

  15. Life is tough.What is the salary for the
    Guard.?.You expect a guard with basic salary to survive thirty days?
    Warn and caution and dismiss.
    Do not waste court time on petty cases.

  16. Wow! Big news when the ACC nabs a small player in the PF corruption mine field. The big fish stay untouched. It is in fact the endemic corruption perpetuated by the ‘untouchables’ that has permeated or trickled down into
    mainstream life – because after all the services disappear and resources are expropriated by the politicians and big business allies, there is nothing left for the ‘ordinary’ to do, but partake at the lower end of the scale.
    Eventually, as in many run down South American or West African nations, corruption becomes a ‘normal’ day to day mode of existence.

  17. As usual , the net always closes on the small fish whilst the big fish freely roam the streets. This guy living in Zingalume has just lost his job on petty cash. Meanwhile they are 48 ownerless mansions in Lusaka that built themselves.

  18. The CT staff works in conjunction with the Security Guards. RTSA has similar arrangements. Office orderlys collect on behlaf of the guys behind the counters and at the end of the day, they share the money.

  19. inga ba big fish the honourable himself ministry of health ifikile pesa ACC do your job properly instead of shining pali guard over a k800.

  20. The ACC has failed to find the owners of the 48 houses because of obvious reasons .They have even failed to investigate how KZ has managed to acquire wealth which is beyond his means . KZ wants to come out smelling roses and taking Zambians for fools as if they cannot see how much wealth he’s amassed within a short period of time he has been a seat warmer at state house . KZ is a massive d1ck head .

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