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Kanganja must update the Nation on important matters under investigation despite the COVID-19

Columns Kanganja must update the Nation on important matters under investigation despite the...

By Harrison Chewe Kalosa

We would like to commend the Inspector General of Police Mr Kakoma Kanganja for his instructions to his Officers to take steps to decongest police cells in view of the COVID-19 threat. That’s as it should be. We also wish to add our voice by calling on everyone to take precautions as advised by the experts.

However, we would like to take this opportunity to remind the IG about other equally important matters that he needs to address urgently. The nation is anxiously waiting to hear the outcome of the investigations into the gassing incidents that recently threatened the security of the nation. While we commend the tireless efforts that he and his officers put in to combat that wave of crime, we think we deserve to know who was behind those acts and what the motive was. We are still distressed especially that even juveniles were recruited to commit these crimes.

We still vividly remember how that 14 year old boy was caught after he administered the toxic gas on pupils at a School in Northmead area. We are also alive to the fact that there were several statements by several people, especially politicians, about the incidences.

There were accusations and counter-accusations, there were also claims by some that it was a ploy to implicate and arrest them so that they are barred from contesting next year’s elections. All those statements were quite distressing to most of us, especially that we didn’t have the information that our colleagues claimed to have. The only truth we could believe was that released by the Police. Our anxiety is now growing because the IG’s office has now become silent at a time we expect to hear from him. We want to know who the masterminds that were reportedly caught are, and when they will begin to appear in Court.

We also want to know what will happen to the youths and juveniles that were caught up in that wave of crime. Are they still in Police custody? Or has this case become another of those that haven’t been concluded? Perhaps let’s remind the IG about some cases that his office has gone quiet about:

  1. The Ruth Mbandu murder case – When this case began there were regular updates from the Police but later they slowed down and now the case has gone quiet without anyone being convicted for that gruesome murder;
  2. The Moses Simuwelu murder – This is another case that the Police have abandoned without explaining which challenges, if any, that they have faced in their investigations.
  3. The Menyani Zulu murder– Menyani Zulu was brutally killed at Mumpanshya in Rufunsa. We have been expecting an update from the Police especially that there were accusations and counter accusations between 2 major political players the PF and the UPND. We are worried that there has never been any comment from the IG on the outcome of their investigations especially that there was a leaked report on the Zambian Watchdog online media. We found the report still on the Zambian Watchdog thread last time we checked. We are distressed because the people that were mentioned in the report now hold senior positions in the Government and the PF Party.

In view of the aforesaid, we would like to urge the Inspector General of Police to update the nation as demanded otherwise not doing so will erode our confidence in his office. We look forward to hear from him soon.

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  1. We have important issues to discuss and talk about than Kankanja stories.COVID-19 bwana is deadly so we need more updates on this virus than the police issues, we need to know how we are going to handle this pandemic of COVID-19.We have heard a lot about criminals but now it is time to move on , and for those with cases the law will deal with them period.

  2. 4 government ministers in Burkina Faso have been infected with coronavirus and its spreading rapidly. These are greedy politicians like PF who wereonly busy thinking about how to steal more money than protection from coronavirus

  3. I concur with the fact that at the moment let us concentrate our efforts on combating the coronavirus pandemic until it disappears completely. That’s when we can get back to the gassing issues. But the police should never ever let go of the gassing suspects, no matter what. Let them rot in cells till they are proved innocent by the courts of law

  4. Kanganja can not do that unless the cadres allow him, we should know that Kanganja is working under very difficult situations while at the same time he and his family have to survive, he can’t win them so he has joined them

  5. It’s called setting priorities. Covid is not a joke. If it ravages Africa especially around winter time in southern hemisphere, it could lead to many fatalities. Life is more important than that kwacha opposition are giving you to write such articles. Let us be considerate. Kz

  6. KZ

    Tell lungu he will not slip this gassing issue under cover of covid 19 and his fake silence and humbleness…….

    The gassing incidence was the most serious threat to our security as a nation where Zambians were being burned alive in our towns for the first time in our history….

    How can holding a1 hour press conference to update the nation on the gassing investigation derail the covid 19 effort ????

    Why are the PF rats wanting us to forget about this gassing ????

    Nooooo ……..we will remind you every day until you give us an update.

  7. Zambians don’t be duped by these PF.

    They committed mass murder in the gassing scheme , other wise why are they in a hurry to make us forget about it ??

    All it takes is even less than an hour to tell the nation.

  8. The nation deserves an update on the truth.

    If they can gass their own people , who says they will not deliberately spread
    covid-19 to finish the job ????

  9. Yes Covid-19 should take precedence but we should not allow the atrocity of gassing and the related loss of life through mob killings be swept under the carpet. The culprits must pay! We dare not forget!! Who says the police can’t multi task? Remember you assured us that they were competent enough to handle this. Don’t hide behind Covid just because the truth is inconvenient. Let the truth come out so that we can say “Never again”.

  10. More than 40 innocent Zambians were butchered in our towns by irrate mobs tired at being gassed in their homes while they watched………

    If they can do that , who says they won’t deliberately spread covid 19 to finish the job ?

    Zambia deserves an update on the gassing to focus on covid 19 effort.

    Otherwise the same people that were gassing our people are now incharge of the covid 19 effort ???

    It won’t work with out an update bachembele ba KZ….

  11. Spaka you are the only one after an update about gassing. It would appear like you have some personal interest in this matter. Just like the upnd have been known to pay people to cause havoc with hope that confusion will give them power to rule. No guys,only winning elections give you right to rule. If you relying on the outcome of gassing then good luck .

  12. KZ..you are a dog. Have you forgotten that 50 innocent people lost their lives in the most gruesome manner. Of course being a thug you are, who brandishes a gun at the slightest provocation, these lost lives mean nothing to you. You will pay very soon.

  13. KZ

    Its not about winning elections , mass murder was committed on our streets and you want us to remain silent ?

    How do we feel safe if the same people overseeing the gassing of our people are now in charge of overseeing the Covid 19 effort ???

    I told you, tell lungu the nation needs an update on the gassings

  14. Mr Kalosa, its presidents and prime ministers of all countries that updates their respective countries on matters concerning Covind-19.
    Appeal to Lungu to address Zambians on this important matter.

  15. You will continue waiting while we in government continue with our programme of development. The pf government is not Zambia police. Ask zp for an update..

  16. KZ don’t think you will be in government for all of your life one day you will be like MMD and will be your time you will disappear in this platform. One day you will understand our points we tell you people in government same police dogs will turn back to you.now you don’t have any case but when time comes you will appear to have cases .you will sleep in those cold rooms no belt no shoes


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