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Ministry of Health should stop using clinical students to combat the spread of the Corona Virus.

Health Care Workers
Health Care Workers

The Medical for Quality Healthcare in Zambia has demanded that the Ministry of Health should stop using clinical students in trying to combat the spread of the Corona Virus.

Organisation Director GeneralDr Quince Mwabu says using students is heavily compromising this crucial struggle against Covid 19 in Zambia.

Dr Mwabu said instead of deploying students, the Ministry of Health should recruit trained health workers who are currently jobless.

“We are aware that thousands of health workers all over the world have contracted the Corona virus in their course of work.This clearly means that we need well trained personnel to effectively discharge preventive as well curative measures against the virus. We do not want our students to risk their lives when government can easily engage well qualified staff”, he said.

Dr Mwabu has called on the Ministry of Health to send all clinical students home.

He has further asked the Government to take this crisis very serious and learn from what other African countries are robustly handling this pandemic.

“We need mandatory quarantine of all social groupings and gatherings in Zambia.We also need to implement travel bans to and from Corona Virus hit Countries”, he added.

He has stressed the fact that being Chinese is not synonymous with having COVID-19.

Dr Mwabu said it is very important for people to understand that all Chinese in Zambia who have not travelled out of the country are free of the virus and should be treated without any suspicion.

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  1. That’s Dr Chilufya for you …he wants to them peanuts so he can pocket the difference. They have money allocated but want to do things on the cheap like request free ads from Prime TV…you dont see them doing such when it comes to building contracts as everything is inflated and single sourced to their companies.

  2. This is absolutely true you cant put students as front liners in fighting this pandemic,The health personnels from other countries with enough resources and powerful personal protective equipments still end up dying what more of the students who might even be given substandard PPEs.
    Let Doctors,Nurses,Clinical officers and the other unemployed health personnels be mobilized to fight this pandemic.

  3. are medical students not school going individuals?, and if schools have closed are they not supposed to be home too? if medical staff are overwhelmed, why not recall those have retired to come back and help? if indeed students are been used, awe bane that’s a NO, NO.

  4. Over 300 recently graduated doctors are languishing as government has failed to employ them. A month ago they even protested at Ndeke house. Clearly this government is playing with people’s lives. How on Earth can a sensible government put clinical students in the frontline to treat a novel disease. Chitalu Chilufya for once do the right thing. Employ those young doctors and keep the clinical students at Bay , at least as what they are, Students .Don’t start practicing austerity measures on resources allocated to this pandemic so that you and your team benefit from the same.

  5. Only soldiers and Chinese can control that thing.
    HH long list of 16 point advice had only good point, #3 to recall retired medical officers.

  6. Aristotle – Zambia can not cope if at all they are overwhelmed look at Italy one of best health care in the world on its knees, getting help from Cuban doctors …Zambia doesnt even have 10 ventilators on standby let alone 50

  7. my nephew is one of the clinical students used by the government in this battle of covid 19. if he contact covid 19, i will take the ministry of health to task. why dont they recall the retired medical personnel instead of using the clinical student

  8. STEVE – If he gets it he will simply be passing it to all those passengers and his work colleagues …MOH will simply get rid of him and get another donkey from campus. Chilufya is very sly he knows taking trained staff there will mean allowances and reducing money he will have to pocket. They want you to sacrifice whilst they fatten themselves.

  9. MOH is a Den of thieves!
    It got worse when doctors got there. We know them!
    The only reason for wanting to use unqualified persons is because this is cheap labor they can pay peanuts and keep change. Some are even enticed to work as volunteers when money has been released for this exercise. Have they finished paying responders for the Cholera epidemic for 2018?

  10. Germany is calling retired doctors & nurses to go back to work and help fight the pandemic of coronavirus in that country.

  11. Xu Li – Its only in Zambia where you will find Doctors behind the desk at MOH …ironically in developed countries you have seasoned civil servants in these Departments, who are assisted by consultants if required. Chilufya has been too long in that ministry that is why he is stealing with impunity and sadly his boss is forever an absentee President who is only interested in by-elections.

  12. Even the UK and other developed countries are using students and have even recalled retired medical personnel. This is due to the overwhelming burdent this virus has created. A medical student should be in a position to learn and manage a virus under the guidance of qualified staff. Do not be childish ba chimbwi imwe.

  13. D!ck head KZ ,you have probably not insured that student you want putting at risk when you cannot even provide the most basic personal protect equipment for him or her to handle Covid 19 because all the money has ended up in your pockets and bank accounts .This is the most clueless government in the world packed to the rafters with thieves .

  14. This is the most useless government full of thieves any chance to steal they do it without shame. Am a student and have been told it’s part of our practical so have been assigned to work at Levy hospital for next 6 months with no allowance but instead we are paying the hospital k600 a month as attachment fee and school fees of k6000.

  15. Kongola twibe Government – dont mind this impostor of Kz…he is there stating even in UK this and that but failing short to back up what he is stating because the foool is based in the UK and he will give himself away. He is there shamelessly impersonating another man with two balls who is still living without shame everyday. Imagine waking up in the morning thinking to yourself…I wonder what Kz is doing about this what should I post today? You shameless bedbug!

  16. The retired doc ‘in national interest’ is my relative. Why do you want to sacrifice him with the poor PPE at the facilities. They can do with the Kabokes they brought in when he was retired at 51. Please spare me further heartache.

  17. I have also been calling for the ban (for the foreseeable future) of people coming from the highly affected countries and have argued here that this should have been implemented weeks ago – as one of the measures. Countries that did not have an inkling that travellers coming back form the hotspots were a big catalyst to the subsequent internal transmissions, are struggling to contain the situation and sadly more people have died before they could slow it all down. With fragile inadequate health systems and economic survival needs, it will be very difficult for us to contain the virus if internal transmissions are allowed to take hold.

  18. Decontamination protocol.

    Ain’t nothing wrong using medical students prevent this scourge. Prevention is different from combating or curing.
    For instance, I am not a medical student but I am puting up measures to prevent Covid 19.
    COVID 19 is not with us yet.
    We are preventing it in Zambia not fighting it for God’s sake.
    You fight what’s hit you and prevent what’s about to hit you.


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