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Now ZAPID D.G Julien Mwape accused of abusing the Disabled

Headlines Now ZAPID D.G Julien Mwape accused of abusing the Disabled

Samuel Kasoleka, says Julian Mwape Director General Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities lied that his sister Miriam Kasoleka aged 80 was attacked when she and others went to present their petition on Bill 10 at UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s residence.

Mr Kasoleka on Sunday visited the UPND secretariat to clear out reports that her sister who does not even know anything about Bill 10 was among those who went to present a petition at Mr. Hichilema’s residence.

And Ms Miriam Kasoleka confessed that she was picked from her home in the guise that she was going to collect her social welfare fund.

She also confirmed been attacked but that she did not know the location as that happened while she was on the hired bus.

Her brother, Samuel Kasoleka expressed disappointment at how her sister could be involved in Bill 10 issues she is not even aware of.

He appealed to Ms. Mwape not to involve an innocent person like Mr. Hichilema in an issue that he is not aware of for political mileage.

Mazabuka Central Member of Parliament, Garry Nkombo who welcomed the Kasoleka family thanked them for clearing Mr. Hichilema’s name as he demanded answers from ZAPID, police and Minibus driver on what happened on that fateful day.

Samuel Kasoleka with his sister Mirriam at the UPND secretariat during the news briefing
Samuel Kasoleka with his sister Mirriam at the UPND secretariat during the news briefing

Meanwhile, the Patriotic Front (PF) has said that it is shocked by UPND’s cold-heartedness to the extent of parading an old disabled woman who happens to be a victim of their own violence.

PF Media Director Sunday Chanda says the differently-abled persons have made representation to among other stakeholders the ruling Patriotic Front lobbying to be included in the governance processes of Zambia.

Mr. Chanda says the PF never claimed that their coming to engage and deliberate on this key human rights issue was stage-managed.

He says the PF welcomed them; heard and listened to their concerns and resolved to prioritize their representation in Parliament because it is a crucial human rights issue and they did not and do not even wish to know how the community mobilized itself to come and meet us – it was immaterial.

Mr. Chanda said it is not in dispute that members of the differently-abled community went to UPND leader’s residence in an attempt to lobby him and his MPs who include Mazabuka MP Garry Nkombo to support their representation in Parliament as pronounced by Bill 10.

He said in return the differently-abled community was received with violence from Mr. Hichilema’s security and the old women paraded today by the UPND were stoned and injured in the process.

“Attempts by UPND to reduce such an important undertaking to lobby for support from Mr. Hichilema and his MPs by differently-abled persons is nonsensical, cheapest and childish propaganda by a Party that remains opposed to the inclusion of the differently-abled persons in Parliament”, he said.

Mr. Chanda said it is a shame and an indictment on the UPND and Mazabuka MP Gary Nkombo to attempt to label a leader of the differently-abled community, a woman in the name of Ms. Julien Mwape.

“What else does Hon Nkombo expect a leader of this community to do in lobbying different stakeholders in order for her Constituency to be represented in Parliament? The lack of remorse from the UPND is worrying. How the differently-abled community organized itself is immaterial. What is crucial is that as this community attempted to lobby stakeholders on the need for them to be represented in Parliament, they were met with violence from Mr. Hichilema’s security”, he added.

Mr. Chanda said if at all there was any semblance of morality, UPND should have used today’s parading of a woman they have been intimidating in Chilanga, to apologize and state their stance on the representation of differently-abled persons in Parliament.

He said what is not in a contest is that Mr. Hichilema’s security unleashed violence against a defenseless and unarmed community adding that what is also not in the contest is that UPND does not support the inclusion of differently-abled persons in the governance system of Zambia.

In a statement, Mr. Chanda said the UPND does not want youths and women represented in Parliament too.

He said the differently-abled community in Zambia and beyond can be assured that they have a friend in the Patriotic Front. We refuse to reduce their quest for representation in Parliament to cheap political debate as Hon Nkombo and UPND just demonstrated a while ago.

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  1. Disabled have A friend in the PF? Really, for almost 10 years of ruling Zambia what have ever done for the disabled? You lied to people about more jobs and more money in people’s pockets and the gullible people fell for that trick and now you want to use disabled, widows and old people to gunner support for bill 10. Just as Shaka asked his father where he was when he and his mother were suffering so should people of Zambia ask the PF where they have been for almost 10 torturous years. Mines used to be vibrant but today they handicapped, businesses used to thrive, people would afford imports without worry, workers got paid on time, countless people have lost jobs and many more remain unemployed, retirees are kept begging for their money, institutions have gone down, learning has become…

  2. Contd:, education has become unaffordable, essential commodities can’t be afforded anymore, electricity crisis, poor GDP, no investment, escalating foreign debt etc are the hallmarks of the PF govt.

  3. What is more concerning is that it appears you are claiming to have deliberately kept your sister in the dark about bill 10. Can I appeal to you to educate your sister about this important piece of legislation. The future of Zambia lies with its citizens. Don’t let upnd make you look like a punk due to intimidation. Boma ni boma. Don’t think little Gary will be there for you when the pan is on fire

  4. Mr Sunday Chanda – let this go. It too has failed. Not too long ago you were all over insinuating gassing was being done by HH only for you to go quiet when police started arresting PF-connected people who were alleged to be behind that evil act. Now the truth is coming out about this and you can talk about parading the old! You had no problem parading them when they were accusing HH. By the way – if PF cares so much for the old and disabled perhaps you can tell us what you did when the Social Transfer Funds meant for these people disappeared and your brother was mentioned in connection with that.

  5. If they can gass their own people and watch while innocent people were being burned alive in our towns all for evil political schemes………

    Who is to say they won’t now deliberately spread covid 19 to finish the job ???

    We want an update from security wings on the gassings which have now stopped after some arrests……

  6. @Detective you are 100% correct. They should leave the differently-abled people alone. Don’t involve them in politics. This PF has destroyed the economy of Zambia like crazy. Almost everything has turned from bad to worse

  7. They want Zambians to forget about gassing our people and concentrate on the covid 29 effort ,

    but with out an update on investigations , who says the same people who were overseeing the gassing of our people are not incharge of overseeing covid 19 effort ??

    Zambians could be in danger…….

  8. I hope Boniface Cheembe of SACCORD and his ilk are on the way to Mika Hotel to issue an appropriate statement in the light of this development.

  9. So these elderly and disabled people were taken all in the hope that they will be given social assistance, kanshi it was a setup to involve them in Bill 10 politics? ba julien mwape how do you abuse old people like that, I mean who does that?

  10. I dont understand these PF fools. Not long ago AVIC employees went to CK’s house in Luanshya to complain about working conditions. We all know what happened. CK was slapped with a charge of unlawful assembly despite the fact that he was the area’s MP. Were they hoping HH to come out and address these disabled people so that they could arrest him for inlawful assembly. PF is indeed a party of desparados…runnong out of ideas. O feel sorry for Chanda because come 2021, he will be lynched.

  11. Dear mama Mrs Lungu (For Mr Chagwa E Lungu)
    I have been compelled to write to you mama Lungu through this platform so that you can ask your husband to wake up and take charge of the country at this very difficult time. Please remind him that Zambians didn’t vote for his ministers nor his secretary to do his job.
    Please tell your husband to ask his subordinates to tone down and follow laid down procedures. The countries like the UK for example being belittled by some individual will soon be need to render a hand when the Covid-19 gets out of control. Please tell your husband that there are now two PF,s within PF, one headed by your husband and the other by some self-acclaimed “Senior officers of some fimo fimo.. .”. (Lusaka Times).
    Please tell your husband to suspend Bill 10…

  12. This is a serious indictment on the PF leadership. I remember the saying that “a drowning man will clutch at straws”..they are desperate and will do and use anything and anyone to advance their Bill 10 agenda.

  13. ‘Detective’?????… “education has become unaffordable, essential commodities can’t be afforded anymore, electricity crisis, poor GDP, no investment, escalating foreign debt etc are the hallmarks of the PF govt.” Is this what you really see in Zambia, you sound like you are living in India or Nigeria… Or hell itself. The things you have said about Zambia are not all true. I stand to disagree, first of all the PF government have not neglected the disabled… Look at the completion of the Levi Mwanawasa hospital, it was now operating and was done in the PF government while started by the MMD government… The PF government really have an eye for the differently abled. Today all government secondary schools have reduced school fees to k300 per term and you say education is…

  14. I don’t trust Nkombo . They went to bribe those people so that they clear HH’s name. But if it wasnt happend why Kakuta issued a statement to clarify why they were beaten . Kakuta said HH’s resident is a private one .why didnt they state that before. Garry Nkombo forged Zesco letter last time .

  15. This buffoon Sunday Chanda is poison. It was okay for PF to parade this old woman on znbc but forgot that lies have short legs. The poor woman has a conscious unlike the PF, she has come out to disown the evil men and wyin PF. She has a conscious not to blame and innocent person. Mumbi phiri your boss was on radio during her numerous phone ins stating that she was going to mobilize women to protest against the UPND for being against bill 10. The next day exactly what she said happened. Typical of pf they co-opted Julian Mwape the DG for the agency of the disabled to do just that. But when God is in control the devil loses. Shame on PF and Julian mwape for your selfish and devilish acts. By the way, this Julian mwape is pushing for bill 10 so as to be a beneficiary in the event the…

  16. @Lookdeeper, numbers don’t lie. Is it not fact that PF has borrowed way more money than previous govts and yet done very little with it? Is it not fact that our kwacha is way out of control now? Is it not fact that Zambia’s GDP has been slowing down the moment Edgar took over? What about fuel prices, electricity prices, mealie meal etc. Our hospitals are poorly equipped, and lack medicines most of the time, what is going on with employment in our country?. The poor people in Zambia are simply surviving each day, people’s salaries stalled yet costs keep going up. PF should have invested borrowed money in income generating ventures and use excess money from those ventures after paying our creditors to invest in infrastructure not the other way round.

  17. UPND your politics is full of wicked schemes.Everybody knows that what you’re doing is politics and taking advantage of poor family.You have arranged and organized the move for the old lady to come to your secretariat.Whether Julienne took her sister or someone else to go to HH’s house beating them wasn’t good.People in society condemn the beating of disabled regardless of the reasons.And ugliest man in the world called katuka came to justify the act as though was good.



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