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Stakeholders pledge significant material support to the relocation of street kids project

General News Stakeholders pledge significant material support to the relocation of street kids...

Stakeholders in Kitwe have pledged significant material support to the relocation of street kids project.

Institutions that announced their pledges during the resource mobilisation meeting today in the Mayor’s parlour include Stanbic Kitwe Branch (70 blankets), and Mpongwe Milling company (12 bags of mealie meal every month).

Garden Court Hotel and Zamchin Steel also made their commitment to the plight of the street kids and promised to state their form of material support in due course.

The collective gesture exhibited by these institutions elated the Mayor Eng. Christopher Kang’ombe who emphasised the need for Kitwe to quickly resolve the problem of street kids before it got out hand as the case was in other towns.

“We are fortunate in Kitwe because the problem of street kids is within manageable level of an estimated 170 kids in the Central Business District. Therefore this calls for our urgent reaction before the figure swells. Nonetheless we are grateful for your commitment to the project” the Mayor stated .

He added that soon the request for donations would be extended to individuals.

The identified kids will be relocated to Chibusa and Sara Rose Homes in Garnerton and Kawama Chibusa Home.

The Zambia National Service has offered to take in 50 kids to undergo skills training.

The meeting was attended by Garden Court Hotel General Manager Mr Christopher Njese, Mpongwe Milling Human Resource Manager Ms Matilda Luswili and Mr Masautso Banda from Zamchin Steel.

Stanbic Bank was represented by the Branch Manager Mr Chalwe Chungwa accompanied by Customer Sales Consultant Ms Nuna Vundamina.

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  1. Relocate them to plot 1 Independence Avenue in Lusaka. There’s plenty of rooms there and enough stolen money to accommodate every poor Zambian

  2. As a short-term measure, this effort is laudable. But the supply-side of street kids needs attention. It’s a long-term effort that requires high-level social science knowledge about the circumstances of the families the kids hv come from. Had our universities been properly funded, they would hv been useful in the search for solutions.

    • You’re really a cone head! Don’t comment on such sad pictures of kids dressed in dirty rags. Ati Sontapo what a shame that Sata left us with an illiterate management. First time and results are showing. Sad. How can one say we are working with stake holders with such? Just how???

  3. I Have been praying for this ,And should be extended to street vendors so we can have sanity in our country, don’t tell me Zns with the government can not manage this problem country wide ,we can do better than this,

  4. @Youth, Tasila can pay for them from Stolen Mukula trees. Plot 1 will be occupied by HH or Kalaba or Kamwilli or Membe pretty soon.

  5. There’s nothing that ZNS can do for street kids. Children of ZNS staff are themselves looking for a future and ZNS is unable to provide it.

  6. Adults are to blame for this explosion.We could have not reached this far with so many street kids if adults acted responsibly in their bedrooms.

  7. I heard that seer1 prophecy has started working in PF cat and dog fight Kaizer just beaten up Chitambo MP former special adviser for President Edgar Lungu head-butted the MP causing him to bleed profusely. Mutale was rushed to the hospital by his friends and has reported the matter at Lusaka Central police this guy KZ is a monster he deserves to be caged together with those street kids.

  8. Those poor rags and shacks scenes are shameful,especially when the PF came to power with the big lie of “more money in your pockets”

  9. Haha I am now a monster. That is a new one. Continue being lied to. Some of us are busy effecting the development programme in the grassroots. So that come election time you will wonder again how you lost ba upnd. Politics requires maturity which you don’t have . We have facilitated a positive program with the kids and yet you still find a way to criticize. You will die of sadness.

  10. Failed project yet again. Or sorry Project Failed yet again. Mpundu DC hid the money some stakeholders donated. Have you forgotten so soon ba Christopher… Project Failed ( PF) Those meali meal will be used by cadres.


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