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UPND MPs urged to go back to Parliament and debate bill 10

Feature Politics UPND MPs urged to go back to Parliament and debate bill 10

Former Vice President, ENOCK KAVINDELA has urged the United Party for National Party (UPND) Members of Parliament to go back into parliament and debate the constitution amendment bill number 10 of 2019 objectively.

Mr. KAVINDELA says it is only through Parliament that the lawmakers can critically state what it is that they object and accept in the Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019 than shunning from it completely.

Speaking to ZNBC News in an interview, Mr. KAVINDELA said in a democratic dispensation its provided for those representatives of the people debate the bill.

He said the Zambian people are waiting for their lawmakers to explain and represent them in parliament as a way of participating in the formation of a National document.

Meanwhile, Former Livestock Minister GREYFORD MONDE said it is wrong for political party leaders to dictate and stop lawmakers from participating in the formation of a serious national document.

Mr. MONDE said lawmakers should NOT be controlled by invisible hands outside parliament which make them fear to express themselves and participate freely in national matters.

And Former MKUSHI lawmaker, INGRID MPHANDE said it is the mandate of policy makers to participate and debate issues that arise in the House without walking away.

Ms MPHANDE has urged Members of Parliament to reflect and make decisions that will contribute to national development.


  1. If bill 10 was a good and progressive bill why the need to bribe opposition MP’S to vote for it. This is one of the reasons people think bill 10 is a rotten bill.
    Secondly withdrawing bill 10 would do Edgar good politically as he would be in good standing with the forgiving people of Zambia. Lastly ba kavidendele people expelled 22 of its MP’S so it’s more like tasting their own medicine.
    May someone provide me with the concort ruling do that I see for myself where it clearly says Edgar is eligible to stand.

  2. Really laughable Enock bootlicking ruling govts will never get your railway line completed you should know by now, you will die without seeing a single locomotive on that line.
    Greyford Monde this village boy is still around …these are the people who benefited from those pointless Deputy Minister roles and turned his back on his party look at the boy now!

  3. Anyone who has a functioning brain would know that its ethically wrong for a party that didnt agree with NDF to seat in National Assembly and debate Bill 10…people like Greyford have no integrity jumped up this boy when Sata offered Minister job and this is why Lungu is desperate for Bill 10 to bribe short-sighted boys like Roan’s Joseph Chishala.

  4. Advise PF government on gassing their own citizens, unprecedented a government killing its own people.

  5. There is Coronavirus imwe Bamudala, they will die-pofye.
    1 PF MP dies, they will take funeral to Cathedral of Holy Cross, everyone will go to bootlick. And boom outbreak.

  6. Why is PF so desperate for this bill 10 ?

    Who trust a party in power that pays $42 million for fire trucks that should cost under $20 million of suffering zambians tax payers money ????

    And Mr kavindeli , can you update use on your railway line you were laughing with much pomp and dancing with lungu ???

  7. Just to as from anyone with more knowledge. If the bill is presented in pariament and some mps walks out ,the 2/3 is it for remainin members or inclusive those who have moved out?

    Just what do you want from the Plunderers?
    Was it not enough that one of the Plunderers enforcers [email protected]!zar, (not this fake [email protected]!zar -Mu.2h0ta nuisance spewing daily on L.T) missed your son with a bullet? Once Bill 10 goes through [email protected]!zar will be omnipotent, he won’t think twice of killing you or your Son Bass0p!!
    I think Mudala iwe’ ya yamba kunyokola njala & you want [email protected] to endorse your njanji. Just retire from talking “belly polotics” & go back to the land, kulima!!

  9. “… KAVINDELA says it is only through Parliament that the lawmakers can critically state what it is that they object and accept in the Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019 than shunning from it completely.”
    Under normal circumstances you could be right Mr Kavindela. But PF is not normal circumstances. They can debate but cannot change anything if PF is fixated on it. Instead will use the debate to claim that it was debated and agreed by Parliament. Just can’t trust PF or even Trible UPND same same.

    By the way, there is something illegal about the way Bill 10 came about. It is too wide and therefore required a wide countrywide representative forum like the MMD’s Constitutional Review Commission. If the Bill was about clearing lacunas like period of petition, or whether…

  10. …. If the Bill was about clearing lacunas like period of petition, or whether the Speaker should act when there is a presidential petition, I would have no problem. But Bill 10 has many far reaching articles like proportional representation, tampering with Bank of Zambia, etc etc which PF tried to squeeze in hoping people were dozing. The so called NDF forum had no capacity or mandate to represent 18million citizens and purport to come up with major Constitutional changes. …. why haven’t our legal brains spotted this fraud? There would have been no noises about Bil 10 now. As for trible UPND, they can’t see through this because they are just another form of PF, just like there are different strains of Corona virus (sic).

  11. Kavindele was once rich, and he didn’t know that being rich can be temporary. He didn’t know that he needed to wealthy. He bought cars and flew everywhere. The money disappeared, now he is bootlicking instead of being worried about the corona. It seems he thinks he can rebound politically.

    This is not the right time to debate crappy bills. Only dolts will think it is necessary to worst time on a bill even The Dog Kingdom won’t even bring to the table. This is not important you dolts. Why are they pushing for a Bill if people have said no? If it is a viable Bill, why they did not engage intellectuals but have engaged Lusambo, and other Grade 12 school leavers in parliament to discuss that documents? Forget Lungwangwa. He was once smart. He is aging wrongly. No wisdom.

    Where is the…

  12. Where is the “Presiden”t to discuss the impending calamity we might face from coronavirus? Where is ba Lungu?
    The country does not even know wherecoronavirus patients will be admitted. How many hospitals or clinics in the country have ICUs for that problem?

    Why are we discussing Bill 10 and not the Virus, the Economy and the falling Kwacha? What is urgent right now? Bill 10? Are we that openly fooooolish? Where did Zambia get Lungu from? Honestly, is it from a matchbox? Is it from the LuckyPacket? Some cereal box? The country is not on Autopilot. There’s literally no leader. Autopilot the pilot is still in the cockpit and monitor and control situations. Where is “President” Lungu?

  13. Junior jj – That is where the problem is and why your MPs should be in Parliament to debate and bring out the truth so that you do not operate from misinformation.

  14. El Scorpio – So, in your thinking it is okay for UPND MPs to walk out of Parliament (and feed you with misinformation, instead of debating Bill 10 and bringing out what they do not agree with), because PF expelled 22 MPs while in opposition?

  15. Our British brothers and sisters, you are in our thoughts and prayers. The president will soon issue a communique to his counterpart in the United kingdom to render his support during these difficult times. Please also note that the British high commission in London remains closed until further notice. Kz x

  16. Ba EK thats a foolish advice you giving the MPs, if a thing is rubbish why should they even waste time to debate on. Wht value has it got or benefit to the nation, moreover it’s jst a benefit to the few greedy leaders who want to hold to power, even whn they don’t hv future plans to correct the economy.
    Jst leave this issue to the MPs who thinking better than u, yo time is over so don’t get involved in this dirty fight. We respect u, ad if u keep on getting involved, you’ll lose respect.

  17. Ubupuba ba Kavindele, batutubukila kwisa abali bile. STILL FIGHTING FOR KANJANJA
    Wrong platform to talk about Bill 10. We are busy with Corona virus

  18. Enock Kavindele is no businessman but a speculator. Wht line of business can u associate him with? And he knows less than he claims. It’s really a pity that people like him hv been leaders in Zambia.

  19. Enock Kavindele, the issue here is not about UPND going back. The MORAL issue here is MPs going back to consult the people they claim to represent. They need to go and explain Bill 10 to the people and hold Town Hall meetings where they should ask for a vote expressing people’s wishes on Bill 10! This must be documented and each MP must vote according to what the people want. MPs are only human and can be bought! Imagine, a lot of our people don’t know what Bill 10 is, so why do we still hear MPs saying the people want Bill 10? Which people want Deputy Ministers? An MP’S power is from the people so respect the people you represent or end your political career like Kavindele!

  20. how exactly are some upnd MPs law makers when they have specialized in walking out of parliament. what’s disappointing is their behavior towards national issues and their constituents. these unpatriotic representatives have literally turned the order loyalty upside down. an MPs loyalty should first be to the nation. secondly it should be to their constituents then last if any(since we have independent mps) should be to their party. but what we are seeing from upnd is first priority to the party and it’s 6 time loser leader. they have robbed the people who voted for them.

    I’m breaker, I’m transcendent, I am corona proof and I approve this message

  21. Enoch, why are you bothered? If UPND members are happy with what their MPs are doing, who are you to poke your nose in other people’s affairs??

  22. when the 2016 consititution was amended every one ws in agreement bcoz there ws concencious but bill seems to be for the survival of one political party who r even declaring come wat may it will pass does that sound like a consititution for the pipo.

  23. That platform is only given to people conforming to the current ruling class, that in itself waters down your statement Mr Kavindele

  24. Mr Kavindele your advice is non inspiring, it’s an advice from a hungry, poor, mediocre old man who cannot think with his head anymore but with his stomach. Only !diots like you are will listen to another foolish old man. You are supposed to be real states man but you are useless. Everyone can see that criminals mascarading as a political party are raping the constitution by any means and all you can say is for MPs to debate a stupid Bill?

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