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Works to replace the washed away culvert on the Mansa-Samfya road starts

Rural News Works to replace the washed away culvert on the Mansa-Samfya road starts

Works to replace the washed away culvert on the Mansa-Samfya road on Chimana stream, a few meters from Samfya Boma, have started.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure Development Charles Mushota says this follows the release of K5 Million to finance rehabilitation works on the washed away culvert that has led to Samfya Boma being completely cut off from the rest of the country.

Mr Mushota said the rehabilitation works are being conducted by BSBK Limited, the contractor working on the Musaila-Kasaba road in Luapula Province

He revealed this in Samfya district today after conducting a detailed technical assessment of the washed away culvert and said the works are expected to be completed in about 5 days.

Mr Mushota says after the wash away happened, President Edgar Lungu directed him to rush to Samfya district to access the extent of the damage and see what immediate interventions are to be taken.

“Immediately after the culvert was washed away, cutting off Samfya district from the rest of the country, His Excellency President Edgar Lungu directed me to come and access the situation. I am here with a team of engineers from the Road Development Agency (RDA). We have carried out a detailed assessment and the interventions are that we need to fill up the washed away part with stones and put some pipes. We are happy that the contractor, BSBK Limited who is in the Province, has agreed to do the emergency works”, Mr Mushota said.

He said the contractor has started working today which will include filing the washed away part with stones and replacing the pipes for easy flowing of water.

And BSBK limited Project Manager Siraj Basu said he will engage about between 50 to 60 works on the project.

He said after filling the washed away culvert he will also work on the 70-km diversion although his main task is to open up the road to the motorists.

On Saturday, a culvert was washed away at Chimana stream following heavy rains the country is experiencing.

This is according to a statement issued to the media by Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure Development spokesperson Jeff Banda.

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  1. This is the cost of corruption people right here …someone down the line a few years ago must have been paid to undertake this job but they never did anything and pocketed the funds with officials. Today the same RDA and Govt has come back and used our tax money to do the job that they never bothered to double check in the first time place. We have essentially paid twice for this job and the cycle carries on everywhere under this govt of Lungu inept leadership.

  2. Even in developed countries natural dissasters ravage constructed structures and no one talks about corruption. But this corruption has consumed us so much that we have forgotten about contributing positively to this great nation.

  3. If time could be turned back, we would be slaves again. I doubt it there’s anything that keeps Edgar Lungu awake at night. The man sleeps soundly as if there are no issues to worry him. There are all these disasters and emergencies, no word from his office.

  4. Too bad for Samfya!!! But I think we need climate smart infrastructure. That bridge should be raised up. In case of another water back flow due to the lake over flooding. The only thing I have come to dislike is. ” Official always saying President Edgar Lungu has sent me? Please can’t you just do your job. without mentioning this? We know he’s the appointing authority. but you do public works with tax payers’ money. My heart pains me on this statement. May be it’s just me.

  5. For the first time this has been rightly called a culvert and not a bridge. Culvert fail because they were designed too small to handle the maximum flood or lack of maintenance resulting in the culvert being clogged. It is never to do with workmanship.


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