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DP Party says their President Harry Kalaba was attacked by PF cadres in Kitwe

Feature Politics DP Party says their President Harry Kalaba was attacked by PF cadres...

Democratic Party President Harry Kalaba was on Monday attacked in Kitwe by alleged Patriotic Front Cadres who trailed him from Mufulira.

Party Spokesperson Judith Kabemba claims that the cadres who were fully armed were determined to invite the DP team in their violence acts but the DP declined the invitation to dirty politics.

Ms Kabemba said the unruly cadres were joined by other PF cadres from Kitwe who went ahead to block the entrance to Radio Chengelo where the DP President was scheduled to have a radio interview.

She has warned the PF to stop inviting the DP in their violent behavior because DP is not a violent party and Zambians are tired of violent political parties such as PF.

Ms Kabemba has reminded PF cadres that after 2021 they will be prosecuted in their individual capacities for the atrocities they are committing.

She said PF Cadres should know that the people sending them will not be there to shield them.

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  1. There is a rumor going around that Chagwa agwa, down with Coronavirus that’s why he has been in hibernation for weeks now! Kunya manje shamwali ka!

  2. This clown of a Politician also….people are focused on the coronavirus and he is crying of being beaten…..useless and hungry politician

  3. Guys ba PF let us practice civilized politics. I am PF but I cant support violence. The same goes to UPND cadres ..please be civil. Who is Kalaba…why cant you just leave him to rant. Stop it.

  4. This chap Kalaba is he serious I thought that name DP was de-registered even NDC, come 2021 they will start crying again.

  5. I thought kalaba had some iota of sense in him? I must have been wrong. If attacked you know where to go to report such cases . The media are not the police and will never investigate this. You have evidence? Submit it and let the courts decided that those who attacked you if at all they did, were also pf members. It is irresponsible to make such allegations without any basis or evidence. Grow up iwe

    • @Kaizar Zulu
      Countless innocent people have reported your violent acts against them to the Police and yet here you are shamelessly blogging everyday

  6. Kaizer needs to have his brain re- wired, he might start making some sense. He is surely the last person to ask people to report violence to ZP. His violent acts despite being reported have all ended up in cold case files!

  7. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe all those silly allegations are fabrications? In this day and age you are telling me no single person has ever taken a video of me being violent ? Come on… don’t be ignorant

  8. Do you sleep with your phone in your hands or use your laptop as a pillow iwe kaizer Zulu. You just have to comment on every article…don’t you?


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