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COVID-19: Tourism Losses Increase

Economy COVID-19: Tourism Losses Increase

Tourism Minister, Ronald Chitotela says the tourism sector in Zambia has seen an increased loss of over US$6 million resulting in cancellations of tourists’ planned visits.

Mr. Chitotela says Eastern province is the most affected, with losses amounting to over US$3 million.

Speaking during a joint media briefing with Ministers of Community Development and Sports, the Tourism Minister reiterated the need for tourists to stay at home during the period of the pandemic.

Mr. Chitotela said 9 of the 12 German tourists, who were stranded in the country after being denied passage by the South African Government, will fly out of the country this afternoon aboard Ethiopia Airlines via London to Frankfurt, Germany.

He said the remaining three will fly out on Saturday via Ethiopia to Frankfurt Germany.

And Community Development Minister, Kampamba Chewe said the Ministry has started mobilising the vulnerable who beg on the streets such as the blind and the disabled so that they can go back to their homes.

Mrs. Chewe said Government will tomorrow start distribution of food in their homes and has called on all people to partner with Government in this venture.

Meanwhile, Sports Minister Emmanuel Mulenga said his Ministry has been conducting a head count of street children with the aim of relocating them to orphanages.

Mr. Mulenga said government intends to rid the streets of children and that it will provide necessities such as food to the orphanages that will host the children.


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  1. It’s a global phenomenon with Corona virus affecting all corners of economy. We hope every one will come together to fight this virus. We ask opposition to for once just forget politics and come together. Kz

  2. I agree with you on this one bwana KZ….we need to forget political affiliations and Presidential ambitions at least for now till this thing is over…no Political commentary for selfish gains

  3. And someone wants to create a National Airline….it’s obvious we dont need this crook to give updates instead he and his govt should be giving taxbreaks to these affected businesses in the sector like the Kenyan govt is doing.
    1. Treasury moves to Parliament
    a) 100% tax relief for 24,000 p/m earners.
    b). Reduction for PAYE from 30% to 25%.
    c). Reduction of Corporate Tax from 30# to 25%
    d). Turn over tax reduced from 3% to 1% for SMEs and below.
    e). Appropriation of 10 billion to the old, orphans and PWDs through direct cash transfers.
    f). Temporary suspension on CRB defaulting notices.
    2. National Treasury to reduce VAT from 16% to 14% effective 1st April.
    3. Verified pending bills to be sorted within 3 weeks. Private Sector encouraged to do the same.

  4. Clearing the streets of street kids and putting them in Orphangaes is something that the government should be doing as a must. Its shame that our head of state is not leading the country in this crisis

  5. Kaiser – why dont you become Edgar Lungus running mate in 2021. You can make a good veep and then Presdient in 2026.

  6. What a crazy suggestion. KZ and ECL as running mates? Although this one here is not even the real KZ thug. Are you trying to send the country into
    the ultimate ruin?

  7. I am not ready to be VP. I am still learning from the wise people around me. When the right time comes, who knows? As for now I will continue to serve under any government. I owe duty to the nation. Thank you . As for harold, it is hard to believe that you are mingling with kz huh . I understand the feeling. I also behave that way when I come across my idol or celebrity I love. Kz

    • Very good Kaizar. Everyone disserves a second chance. Now you are one hell of a gentle soul cherished by all.

  8. They are good at swiftly releasing exact figures when there is something else to blame…the question they should be asking how are we as govt going to help these businesses? Chitotela is a thief to even think along those lines…these chaps dont discuss nothing in Cabinet meetings they just accrue allowances and play with touchscreens on pads.


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