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MMD Youths Apologize to Nation over Nakachinda conduct

Feature Politics MMD Youths Apologize to Nation over Nakachinda conduct

Opposition New Hope Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Youths have apologized to the National over the conduct of Raphael Nakachinda.

Patriotic Front (PF) Nominated Member of Parliament Mr. Raphael Nakachinda has in the recent past issued tribal remarks against the Tonga People.

The Youths through their National Youth Treasurer, Mr. Salt Mubita said that Raphael Nakachinda is an Ungrateful person.

“The New Hope MMD Youths are not shocked with the conduct of PF Nominated Member of Parliament Mr. Raphael Nakachinda. This is someone who our Party President Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba picked from the streets, bathed him, mentored him and introduced him to politics. Nakachinda was Dr. Mumba’s answering machine whenever you call President Mumba. But how has Nakachinda paid back Dr. Mumba’s kindness? He has paid back with insults, lies and treachery. To Us, Nakachinda is an Ungrateful soul”, Mr. Mubita said.

Mr. Mubita said that just like the way Nakachinda betrayed Felix Mutati, he will soon betray the Patriotic Front.

“When Ba Mutati started working with Nakachinda, we warned him about his treasourous behavior but he decided to pay a deaf ear. How did Nakachinda pay him back, he got him fired and got his job as a Nominated Member of Parliament. We have already warned the Patriotic Front about him but like Mutati they have also paid a deaf ear. We don’t want to be prophets of Doom, but with Nakachinda’s track record, we foresee him betraying them like what he did to President Mumba and Felix Mutati”, Mr. Mubita said.

Mr. Mubita said that it was shocking that Nakachinda can attack his tribes mate for a few copper ngwees.

“Though we understand how treacherous Nakachinda is, we never thought he could attack his own tribes mate in Southern Province for a few copper ngwees. Nakachinda should realize that family comes before Politics and we would like to call upon Former Defense Minister Hon. Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba who resigned as Minister over his family to school Nakachinda that family is everything”, Mr. Mubita said.

Mr. Mubita then apologized to the Nation over Nakachinda tribal remarks.

“We would like to apologize to the Nation and the people of Southern Province for the recent tribal remarks by Raphael Nakachinda. We have seen it best to apologise because we are they ones who introduced him to politics, had we known that he was a cheap low level Judas Iscariot, We would never have allowed him into politics”, Mr. Mubita said.


  1. What is this nonsense MMD is entrenching in the political real to deem any person who speak against HH and UPND as speaking against the people of Southern Province. This is being backward guys. People speak against Lungu and his PF and no one has said such a person is insulting the people of Eastern province… hey we are tired of you cry babes, Mature.

  2. How long have I been counselling these jokers. In the words of justin bieber, is it too late now to say sorrrrry…ah that is one of my fav song. It takes me back to my weekend chills in Kafue

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