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RTSA to implementing public health measures to avert the transmission of COVID-19


The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) says it is implementing public health measures to avert the transmission of the pandemic at all Agency service points, in line with the guidance by the Secretary to the Cabinet directing all Government Institutions and Statutory Bodies to take measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

RTSA Chief Executive Officer Gradwell Banda says the safety of the clients is its primary concern.

Mr. Banda said the Agency is doing everything possible to ensure that clients are served in a safe and hygienic environment.

“We have been implementing strict health and safety practices to ensure the wellbeing of our staff and clients. In an effort to reduce overcrowding at RTSA service points, last week, we announced the extension of the payment period for Road Tax for the second quarter from 31st March to 19th April 2020.However, the Agency, will next week provide further guidance on a possible extension period for others services,” he said.

“Further, all RTSA service points are equipped with sanitising facilities for staff and clients. Similarly, we implore Public Service Vehicle (PSV) owners to provide sanitizers to the traveling public before getting on a bus.”

The RTSA boss called on stakeholders in the road transport sub-sector such as the Bus and Taxi Owners Association of Zambia (BTOAZ), Truckers Association of Zambia (TAZ), Commuters Rights Association of Zambia (CRAZ), Bus and Taxi Drivers Association of Zambia (BTDAZ), Passengers, Pedestrians and Cyclist Association PAPECA), Petroleum Transport Association of Zambia (PTAZ), Copperbelt Open-Boarders Transporters Association (COTA) and other players to be proactive and direct all their members to strictly implement the recommended measures by government to avoid the further spread of COVID-19.

“We are aware that public transport is part of everyday life where you sit close to other people. Therefore, in the current situation with coronavirus, we urge commuters to avoid the use of public transport where possible,” Mr. Banda said.

“Lastly, we advise all our clients and Zambians, in general, to adhere to the health practices in line with the directive from the Ministry of Health.

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  1. Hand sanitizers on all public transportation is a good move but overcrowding on buses is difficult to control.

  2. RTSA, please attend to minibus situation which still remain packed with people without regulation. If you are going to help with COVID-19 situation you need to first issue travel regulations for use of public transport and then set up strategic check points. Also encourage people to walk if they can otherwise you leaving higly dangerous transmission minibus or big bus situation unattended to. We shall overcome this with wisdom and faith. God Bless Zambia

  3. Excellent proactive approach is what the office of the president likes to see. The pf party was formed on the ethos of hard proactive smart working . You are doing just that and for that we thank you. Kz

  4. Madison insurance is still issuing motor certificates while it is established that the company is a scan to siphon off policyholders money. The Regulator is in league with Sikutwa, the group chairman in conning the gullible.
    Mapani the registrar PIA is protecting his classmate Tobias Malambo, the imposter MD of Ultimate Insurance. What is wrong with the Government? Why Bwalya Ngandu not taking action against these two fraudulent outfits?

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