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PF Response To COVID-19 on the Zambian Economy Meaningless – MMD Youth Chief

Economy PF Response To COVID-19 on the Zambian Economy Meaningless – MMD Youth...

Opposition New Hope Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) National Youth Secretary Mr. Gregory Mofu has said that the economic measures announced by PF led Government are meaningless as they will not impact the Ordinary Zambian.

The Minister of Finance Hon. Ngandu Bwalya on Friday had a presser at Mulungushi Conference Hall where he announced a number of economic measures amid to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 on Zambian Citizenry.

Mr. Mofu in a statement this morning said that the MMD expected that the PF government would extend the suspension of duty to essential food item imports, and further reduce the VAT on all essential food products.

“While We as the New Hope MMD recognize that the measure to suspend the excise duty of on imported ethanol for use in alcohol-based sanitizers and other medicine-related activities is progressive, we note with concern that the PF government has taken no other measure to reduce the tax liability, and cost liability on citizens for essential items during this period. We would have expected that the PF government extends the suspension of duty to essential food item imports, and further reduced the VAT on all essential food products”, Mr. Mofu said.

Mr. Mofu further said that it unfortunate that the Minister of Finance didn’t give fiscal relief to Local Industries.

“While the statement by the Minister noted the critical role of local producers and their products during this period, nothing has been done as a measure to ensure incentivize their role. We expected the PF government to give fiscal relief to local industries producing and providing essential goods and services as a way to keep either much-needed businesses alive and at full production in this critical period”, Mr. Mofu said.

Mr. Mofu then questioned the move by the Government to give relief to the Mining Industry.

“ Lastly but not the least, We note with concern that the during this critical time, the PF government has chosen to further incentivize the export-oriented mining sector by giving them relief in some of the VAT payments, suspending import duties on the importation of concentrates and removing export duty on precious metals. This is questionable; it does not seem to work for increased revenue generation for the government to respond to any effects that the COVID_19 has had on the Zambian economy”, Mr. Mofu wondered.


  1. The first thing we must do is to postpone or cancel 2021 elections. By so doing all politicians will channel there effort in fighting this virus and stop politicking. Secondly the money save will be needed to re align our economy after the pandemic.

  2. Tomorrow Lungu’s nominated MMD MP will raise up and say dont agree with this man…Lungu should have just nominated Tayali as his nominated MP as he likes morons!!

  3. This coming from silly kids who can’t keep order in their own house. Kuti waseka. And then above you have the very predictable comment from tarino another pea brain who will always see things based on tribe and party affiliation. You will never read any criticism from him about upnd. In fact the I.d.i.ot avoid all upnd articles choosing to spend his whole day sponging off British tax payers while criticising us who are in power. If you are so good and we are so terrible why aren’t you in power? Kz

  4. Clueless government. You were telling donor countries that they can go away because its your country….. now you are going to die like flies and lets see who will help you. You are lucky the have a heart and will actually use their people tax money to come and save your a.sses.
    Lets see who will have the last laugh USA or Zambia…. this is the time you will release that you little economy can not even supply a day’s meal to its citizens….
    Coronavirus will hit Africa very hard…
    The is a F.OOL on this site call KZ who says Zambia is better we are not affected as Europe…. Just wait for a few more weeks my friend. When the British embassy moved their stuff out of Zambia they knew what they were doing… no one would go to a dearth bed in UTH. You chance of survival is much…

  5. This little nose picking jerk called Kaizer Zulu has become an irritant. PF will go one day and your boss has immunity against prosecution. How about you simple Kaili? You will go to jail. Ask Richard Sakala, Chiluba could not protect him. Ex jail bird on his cv.

  6. @USEFUL PARTY do you know that the general election date is enshrined in the constitution, 11 august every 5 years? and how do other politicians channel their help to you when everytime they did that , some ministry would tell them to go and donate to their cows.

  7. I do understand what Gregory Mofu is trying to say here, maybe he just hasn’t used enough plain English for clueless Kaizer Zulu to understand, let me help with that.
    1. The measures won’t do anything and I mean anything to stimulate/boost the economy, the measures will however just lessen the rate at which our economy is contracting during this difficult time.
    2. The measures are targeted at businesses that GRZ believes will keep the economy going. The measures are not targeted at the people other than pensioners and retirees under the Ministry of Justice* and other employee commitments.
    Our economy has been in L-shaped recession since 2014, meaning these measures may not do much in preventing job losses if at all the pandemic will go for more than 6 months.
    Since it’s already…

  8. con’d
    Since it’s already difficult, I can only say much tougher times are coming. In more plain English, we’re are fu.cked.

  9. A lot of angry people in the diaspora. Thought you went there for greener pastures nomba I am surprised that most of you seem angry and sadists. It seems zambians here are more happier than you. The grass is not always greener on the other side, said a British man with a British accent.

  10. Ba KZ. We are just as angered by incompetence and corruption as are our relatives there. Difference is we are safe from intimidation by you and your hooligans. So we speak out a lot more freely. Grass may not seem greener than it is for those whose morals are not past stealing from the poor. But please refrain from insulting our common intelligence while robbing us blind. Would it hurt for you to enjoy your ill-gotten riches without insulting the less fortunate? You won Zambia’s political lottery, thuggery got you to the top. We get it. Now please step aside and let people with integrity discuss these things without inciting differences based on current geographical location.

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