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Let’s support Lungu in fighting COVID-19-Lusambo

General News Let’s support Lungu in fighting COVID-19-Lusambo

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo has called on Zambians to continue rallying behind President Edgar Lungu as the country intensifies its battle against the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

And Mr. Lusambo has called on people of goodwill to heed President Lungu’s call to embrace preventive measures against the pandemic.

The Lusaka Provincial Minister said when Zambians support President Lungu, the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic will be won.

Mr. Lusambo said this at his office today when he received donations of assorted hand sanitisers, ethanol sanitizer sprayers, preventive face masks and T-shirts carrying COVID-19 messages on behalf the Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya.

He has since implored breweries to scale down the production or stop selling beer to bar owners if the presidential directive to prohibit bars and night clubs is to be effective.

Mr. Lusambo is dismayed that some Zambians have continued to disregard preventive measures that are aimed at slowing down the further spread of the disease.

Earlier, Sahara Energy Resources Public Relations Officer Christine Maseka said the company is happy to be associated with government efforts that are aimed at curbing the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

Ms. Maseka said the firm has set aside a provisional budget of K 100, 000 worth of support to government in its bid to contain the disease.

And speaking at the same function, Zhongkai International Limited representative Chen Guiping appealed to Zambians to support government efforts by heeding to professional advice such as minimizing non-essential visits to crowded places.

Mr. Chen noted that the disease is easy to contain provided Zambians take preventive measures as prescribed by the government.

Another firm, ZED ADVERTS Zambia Limited donated T-Shirts bearing COVID-19 messages which are aimed at contributing to sensitization campaigns by government.

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  1. Today I am in a very bad mood after we lost our first person to covid 19. Please let us heed our brother lusambo advice. You may hate us some of you, especially upnd members, but at end of day we are ruling you and are responsible for your well being. If anything happened to you and even hh, we would be held responsible. I have turned my phones off and am spending time with my children and wife regina. Anyone wanting to discuss business please contact me tomorrow. Thos that have my non business line please only contact if it’s an emergency. I love you all

  2. Leave Lungu alone. You mean Lusambo cannot sleep without mentioning the name name Lungu. Is Lungu part of the disease? Emphasise the scientific evidence not because Lungu says so!

    • While in UK all citizens, prime minister, soldiers, police men, prince Charles are applauding NHS, while soldiers in Pakistan a saluting for medical personnel everytime they meet them , here someone wants us to mispress our praises.

  3. Sorry……not when the wannabe dictator is getting rid of private media , denying Zambians more divergent news on covid 19 ….

    ‘re instate prime tv

  4. Spaka prime TV wanted you and every poor citizen to pay for them to disseminate life critical information about corona. So what are you talking about? If you think they care about your poor relative here in Zambia then you my friend are dumber than I thought you were. Kz

  5. Lungu has made these Fools so stupid. Lusambo is the Dullest Minister ever. It’s all about his Stupid Bootlicking Nonsense. See how he thinks he is above the Law. This is why he moves with Police. LUSAMBO?? YOUR DAY WILL COME. YOU WILL FACE PEOPLE BY YOURSELF. NO POLICE WILL BE WITH YOU. STOP BEING SO STUPID.

  6. Why mentioning Lungu….Zambians are doing it for themselves not for Lungu…why is Lungu this Lungu that….typical of a bootlicker….Zambians are doing it for themselves and their families to fight Coronavirus not for any Politician

  7. Don’t tell lies!! Prime TV wanted the government to pay debts it already owed before Prime TV could consider carrying the free Ads. In any case, Prime TV was very much within its rights to ask the government to pay for coronavirus adverts and awareness campaigns. It was supposed to be its free choice to choose to air them for free and not be coerced to do so by the government.

  8. Bowman, as usual you have it the wrong way round. Lungu is in office to serve us and not us to serve him. He is supposed to support us by providing required resources. Don’t ask us to support him to do his job!! In which organisation do you see the employees or the beneficiaries being asked to support the leadership or their benefactors. Leadership is about servitude and not self-service!!

  9. It is a shame that a country as big as Zambia only has one covid- 19 testing centre in Lusaka .The figures given by these fly-by- night politicians do not reflect the true picture of the corona virus situation in Zambia .Please open up more testing centres countrywide and stopped giving false figures .

  10. It is a shame that a country as big as Zambia only has one covid- 19 testing centre in Lusaka .The figures given by these fly-by- night politicians do not reflect the true picture of the corona virus situation in Zambia .Please open up more testing centres countrywide and stop giving false figures .

  11. How can you embarasse your friends like that, by let them seat on floor?
    Naimwe in Lusaka tamwakwata amaka.
    How can Lusambo and Kaizer continue terrorising you like that?

  12. KZ

    You are an example of human semen that was completely unnecessary to the earth and the country of Zambia……and to think a president can have a retard dushbag like you as advisor is frightening

    What is even more frightening is you think Zambians would believe prime tv is banned because of a covid advert ???

  13. Spaka,
    Any government outlook reflects traits from its advisors. Such governments have existed before, that of Emperor Bokasa, Idi Amin, and Bob Mugabe just few examples.

  14. Prime has been issuing disparaging and biased propaganda against government. To me prime is a political party. Since they want to be political let them stop hiding behind media blanket and come out in open. How do you bite the hand that feeds you. Am sure they can seek funding from whoever has been funding them. Their pompous owner was busy insulting and arrogantly disparaging government. Today you want to cry.? Go to hell spaka. It seems you were raised by undisciplined parents because you can’t insult me a father like that. Or you were born out of wedlock through prostitution and are a b.a.stard. Don’t think I can’t locate you.

  15. KZ

    You are a son of a dirty whore and syphilis infested father……that is why one cat power showed you up….you think can call people dull at will like your dimwit cader thugs ?


  16. That is how you can tell that you are dealing with narcissists. I have never head people in the UK SAY
    “Let’s support BorisJohnson” or US saying “Let’s support Trump”, or even in communist China calls to support “Xi Jinping. Across Europe millions upon millions clapped for Health Carers, not for the President.Tune in to News, headlines is about the same person and his cr0nies. Go to Goivernment websites, the first thing on the home page is the Minister, “welcome to the website”! They are everywhere that is why any Media house that is not dersigned to to keep them as the main news will be closed by hook or crook.
    Let’s ALL work together and give a special nod for the frontline health workers atthe forefrront of fighting the Coronavirus.

  17. KZ

    “…,Don’t think I can’t locate you….”

    You silly twit, locate you backside…and if you locate me what can you do ?

    You think you can intimidate every body ? Bomboclart

  18. Former grave digger turned minister. Nothing academically or intellectually changed apart from changing the party. That’s how PF operates. Thats the qualification for PF ministers. JUST JOIN. Do you expect anything sensible to run the country apart from bullying people in a dictatorial manner and praising the appointing authority on his failures. It is really sad for Zambia. Hope things and faces in Zambia government change after coronavirus is gone.

  19. What has rallying behind an absentee leader got to do with the fight against COVID-19? What a useless statement. There are people on the front lines who need to be applauded not ministers and ECL who are still dragging their feet. ECL would have made a difference if he had at least made himself visible and made robust statements for people to comply with the measures. As it is, he is hiding under the desk at State House and people are just going about their usual business.

  20. Spaka this is not a jamaican movie. If you man enough and mean what you are saying then come say it to me man to man. I am sure we can talk this out in a sensible manner. You know where I am located. If you want come to my house. It is open to all. Tell me where you are located . I can even send you transport money.

  21. KZ

    I am not one of you PF dimwits……I am due in Zambian in June.

    Tell me where to find you if you….

  22. Before this covid 19 entered Zambia as a country we were suppose to close all borders and also stopping flight’s coming in zambia but because of too much poverty ,we have allowed covid 19 in zambia.it is only our mouth that we can use to give advice to our government.The problem of our government it is not listening no matter how you give advice.

  23. Sunday Chanda and Lusambo you are evil all your thoughts are evil and now Zambians know that PF just hates HH for nothing you blocked the donation to the clinic you blocked the donation of meali meal and now it’s corona you say HH should not donate beause he is spreading the virus.
    You created the gassing to imprecate HH but God said no and you were exposed Sunday Chanda this your talk is dangerous how can you say HH is spreading covid 19 or is it what is your plan as PF don’t even try it like what you did on gassing you killed innoncent people and now you started again planing rubish to imprecate HH of spreading corona virus how can you say that things HH is donating are spreading the virus.
    Sunday Chanda,Kaizar Zulu and Lusambo are supposed to be on the bench if it was soccer these…

  24. on the bench if it was soccer these people are bad with their three sisters Dora siliya,Mumbi Phiri and Kandu Luo very evil people bad hearts.

  25. Support the Presudent? But the likes of you and Sunday picnic are actually decampaigning him, laughable PF cadres!

  26. @Kongola twibe govt… you think there is only one testing center? If you haven’t been informed there actually three, that is unza vet, uth and ndola teaching hospital. And now people who have the symptoms are not authorized to go directly to the hospital but to call 945 and they will be followed and treated all in a bid to prevent further spread… Lushamo is correct to say let us support our President and follow his directives on preventive measures. There is no cure for the covid-19 so we must all take care of each other as one Zambia, one nation.

  27. KZ and u worked as an advisor to the President or someone is using u as a cover up if it is really u then i understand why this country is where it is.

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