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Chipangali villagers use Kachasu as Sanitizer

Rural News Chipangali villagers use Kachasu as Sanitizer

Some residents of Chipangali district are reportedly using a locally brewed alcoholic spirit commonly known as Kachasu, as a hand sanitizer to protect themselves from coronavirus (COVID-19).

This came to light when the department of health held a COVID-19 sensitization meeting at Kasenga rural health centre in Chipangali on Friday.

The villagers said they had no access to recommended hand sanitizers hence decided to use Kachasu as a hand sanitizer.

They have since requested government to distribute hand sanitizers to rural areas.

Chipangali District Senior Environmental Health Officer, Agripa Zulu urded those who own shops in rural areas should stock hand sanitizers so that residents could buy.

Mr. Zulu encouraged communities to observe high hygiene measures and all directives given by government.

He said they should work with the Environmental Health Technologists (EHTs) to help domesticate actions put in place by government.

Mr. Zulu further encouraged villagers to report suspects who could have been in
contact with people infected with the disease or had just come from high risk countries.

The community thanked the department of health for sensitisation them about the disease and providing Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials which have helped them acquire more knowledge about COVID-19.

And health officials at Mkanda, Tamanda and Vizinge health facilities, which are closer to the border with Malawi, have been urged to be on high alert as they attend to patients that come from the neighbouring country.


  1. I don’t see anything wrong by using Kachasu, if anything it is even better that the hand sanitizers you want from the shops.

    Hand sanitizers from the shops have some percentage of alcohol but kachasu is almost 100% pure alcohol.

    Continue being innovative as villagers.

  2. But one would expect further sensitization and explanations from the health authorities as to weather using Kachasu is a better alternative or not. We all know that Kachasu has high or let me say abnormal alcohol content which could go a long way in disinfecting some ones hands and therefore prevent the transmission of corona virus. Explain exactly to the people if it is ok to use Kachasu. If its alright there is no harm as this commodity is almost readily available at village level. I know you are thinking that you may be encouraging people to be brewing illegal bear, but there is no harm if it can achieve the same intended purpose. So come on health authorities tell us if people can use Kachasu as a sanitizer.

  3. Alcohol is effective at killing different types of microbes, including both viruses and bacteria, because it unfolds and inactivates their proteins. This process, which is called denaturation, will cripple and often kill the microbe because its proteins will unfold and stick together…but you need a concentration of more than 60% ALC.

  4. I suppose, Kachaso being the poison it is, in neat form, it must be over 60% ACL.. right? Tarino Orange, educate me.

  5. Make home- made sanitizer by adding:
    Itembusha Gel a.k.a Aloe Vera gel
    Tablespoon Kachasu
    Soap pieces, if available
    Top up with water to make 500ml, shake well and use as sanitizer.

  6. Excellent people using their initiative rather than crying and waiting for government to wipe their backsides like most of our friends in diaspora

  7. Zennia – It depends on the efficiency of the brewer manufacturing it even at Boarding school with our bravado we used to fear it instead opted for the opaque healthier sorghum/ maize brew option.

    Ask Nostra… he is more of an expert in moonshine consumption

  8. The Patriot – why not just use soap alone …the moment you add water to alcohol you have just reduced its alcohol content

  9. Gani – Some people come here with unpleasant agendas …that’s the drawback of being an impostor you can never be real.

  10. Kaizar Zulu © April 5, 2020 At 4:34 pm
    Excellent people using their initiative rather than crying and waiting for government to wipe their backsides like most of our friends in diaspora.

    A Zulu what has gone wrong with you and people in diaspora?

  11. Kachasu will do the job.
    Meanwhile Fake Ka!zer should stick to taking his antipsychotic meds, or he will be recalled to hospital, after the English mental health act is reactivated.
    This N3Z /MU2H0T4 imposter should use his delusional imagination to do something productive like write books or film scripts, instead of pandering delusions about Swiss w!ves on L.T, the useless Doughnut!

  12. KZ, your fellow looter Vincent Mwale, Chipangali MP was the other day was giving soap and cheap chinese buckets for washing hands in his constituency without shame. Today people of Chipangali are using alcoholic brewed spirit – Kachasu as sanitiser whose MP is a PF minister.
    Your mates, what wretched men you are.

  13. I think what is important here is the alcohol content which can be calculated through some laboratory assays. We can’t estimate the alcohol content by sight. 100% alcohol may not be the best as a hand sanitizer. Water present in alcohol works as a catalyst to speed up the disinfection process. Meaning a more concentrated solution will take long to act. The villagers did well. The government can take the kachasu to the lab to assay the alcohol content. Whow knows we can even produce the sanitizer in that village using Kachaso. We should encourage such small innovations & work to make them big. Pharmacists where are you?

  14. Thinker Biggie – This is why KK created the National Research Centre in Chilanga but now its just rubble …

    Imagine J0na, Lusamb0, & M0nday Red Lips [email protected] What positive creativity, innovation would one expect from such leeches -oops leaders, who are only proactive & inventive if it’s to do with corruptly concealing the proceeds of crime like hiding 48 mansions, obstructing 48 Wheelbarrows probe, Eswat1ni mansions, fencing off Government forests so they can harvest Mukula in total secrecy & gassing citizens whist trying to frame opposition leaders e.t.c. THIS IS THE ONLY TIME ONE SEES THESE BELLY P.F LEADERS GET PROACTIVE!!
    In Malawi Kamuzu Banda was a proactive leader who made small scale farmers feed the nation via his grain marketing boards & small scale Kachasu distillers took their raw Kachasu & sold it to Government cooperatives, who used…

  16. cont;
    sold it to Government cooperative distillers who further purified it into Malawi Gin, thereby making handsome profits for both small scale & Government distillers.

  17. The problem is that they drink some and use some of the kachasu as sanitizer usually after they are drunk. so they use left over kachasu to clean hands but first they must get drunk and sing a lot

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