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Lusambo warns Nutricom Food and Beverage Limited for claiming their Ginger Kombucha Energy drink can prevent Corona virus

General News Lusambo warns Nutricom Food and Beverage Limited for claiming their Ginger Kombucha...

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo has warned that government will not allow business entities in Zambia to produce misleading adverts that their products can fight the deadly virus.

Mr. Lusambo who on Friday, took an impromptu visit to Nutricom Food and Beverage Limited, a company that produces Divine Power, Ginger Kombucha, an energy drink that is alleged to fight the coronavirus and boost immune system, said such claims have the potential to derail government efforts to combat COVID-19.

Mr. Lusambo, who was accompanied by Lusaka Province deputy Permanent Secretary Frazer Musonda, observed that the company was using a persuasive advert which he said could make people believe that there is a cure for COVID-19 when in fact not.

“You are taking advantage of people’s ignorance in order to make more money when, government officials are having sleepless nights on how to contain the coronavirus yet you claim that you can fight it,” he said.

He wondered what the motive of the advert was and has since cautioned Nutricom Food and Beverage Limited Managing Director, Yugandhar Reddy, to withdraw posters that have been placed in various parts of the city to advertise the product.

The Lusaka Province Minister noted that people in communities might end up disregarding the Ministry of Health guidelines for combating the spread of the disease and follow the misleading adverts.

He said such a move might put the country at a greater risk of the COVID-19.

Mr. Lusambo further said it was disturbing that while government was telling people to stay at home, regularly wash their hands, improve hygiene and maintain a social distance of at least one metre to combat the spread of the COVID-19, the Nutricom Food and Beverage Limited was claiming to have a cure.

“You want our people to be careless due to your claims that the beverage can be used to fight coronavirus,” he asked.

And Mr. Musonda said government was information that Nutricom Food and Beverage Limited had recorded an increase in sales due to the misleading adverts.

Mr. Musonda noted that it was wrong to use misleading statements to advertise a product.

Meanwhile, Nutricom Food and Beverage Limited Managing Director Yugandhar Reddy had a tough time to substantiate the claims in the adverts.

Mr. Reddy said Divine Kombucha had medicinal purposes which he said could boost immunity but it cannot cure COVID-19.

According to posters, Nutricom Food and Beverages is encouraging consumers to take divine power ginger Kombucha which can fight coronavirus, boost the immune system and it is certified by the Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS).

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    • If the adverts are about curing corona, the reddy is wrong, but if they about boosting the immune system and truely his product has been tested and approved by ZABS, then let him be, since we have heard that corona is deadly especially if one has a compromised immunity and other underlying health issues, my only concerned is how people are abusing energy drinks pa zed, I have seen some take 3 to 4 cans of energy drinks a day, maybe health experts should teach us the effects that can exert on the human body.

  1. Adverts are always like that.It is true
    That when your immune system is
    Strong it can fight any disease including corona.Mr lusambo let’s find ways of helping people at this
    Time of corona when people have no

  2. My brother lusambo well done on this one. You are one of the hardest working ministers. We can’t have companies taking advantage of such a deadly disease to sell misleading products. It is very unethical and makes you wonder what illegal ingredients are in these drinks. Let anyone doing this be warned, we are coming for you. Kz

  3. He should have been arrested. Just like the Kenyan fake prophet in UK has been arrested for selling fake coronavirus protecting oil for 91£ a bottle to his brainwashed African blindfollowers

  4. A common man will take it as if the same drink will cure the disease. He might not be 100% right but he knows the common Zambia will not understand the language. Lusambo did a good job on that on. The smart elite hear will argue but go kwa misisi and chibolya the common people will think its a cure and those are the people who buy most of these energy drinks without reading the content.

  5. Bushe this fo0l, what’s its job description? He seems to be everywhere. Stay in your lane you booklicker. Surely there are enough shoes to lick on Independence Avenue

  6. #Dio The man is in his proper lane you are the one needs to be in your lane. Had it not been Lusambo cautioning these guys who else, he is the boss of the province period. Some of you should put up or shut up

  7. Lusambo should have advised them to change the wording and at the same time donate some of those profitsb earned from misleading adverts to the corona fight…..

  8. According to medical experts, bearing in mind that caffeine is the active ingredient in most energy drinks:

    Too much caffeine can decrease the ability of our immune system to fight infections as well as remove damaged or abnormal cells. Studies also show women and men who drink large amounts of caffeine release higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol in response to physical and mental stress. The cortisol triggers the release of sugar and fat from your body’s stores in order to physically exert yourself in times of stress. Health concerns associated with this stress response include high blood sugar, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides, and suppression of your immune system. Consuming high doses of caffeine can also induce or worsen panic attacks, anxiety, restlessness,…

  9. Caffeine in moderation can have the following benefits:

    Drinking filtered coffee is associated with lower levels of circulating inflammatory markers.
    Polyphenol antioxidants in coffee can help prevent some cancers, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and neurological diseases.
    Ethylamine is a metabolic byproduct of L-theanine, a substance in black tea. Ethylamine primes the response of specific T cells, which aid the body’s defense against infection.

    These effects occur when caffeine is consumed in moderation. Up to 400 milligrams of caffeine (roughly 3 – 4 cups (250ml) of brewed coffee) is recognized as a safe or moderate amount for most healthy adults. Adolescents should have no more than 100mg of caffeine a day.

    Some energy drinks may contain up to 500mg per…

  10. So cure can only be from the West????until the West declare a cure, then we shall be cured….for now shhhh….tabalanda abasungu iwee..

  11. Tarino uko kwine ku England with your silly regulators. Here we are proactive and deal with things head on. That is why deaths caused by covid in Zambia is 1 while UK one thousand chakuti, Mr I am abroad. Uluse

  12. Thanks Mr. Lusambo and we’ll done once again!! Indeed these are companies that capitalise on innocent people’s ignorance. They definitely need to be visited and told to get their act right!! If they disobey, shut them down. They shouldn’t kill our people while fattening their bank accounts. #a working Government# Awesome!!

  13. This shows how disintegrated and disorganized PF government is, in what capacity is Lusambo acting!? I said it before that appointing typical cadres as ministers is abuse of power, Edgar Lungu doesn’t realize the damage Lusambo is causing. Lusambo should alarmed the police, health Minister, Zabs etc rather be the law enforcer himself. He is just Lusaka province minister and not to behave like he is the police officer.

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