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Kitwe District makes it Mandatory to wear a mask before getting on Public Transport

Health Kitwe District makes it Mandatory to wear a mask before getting on...

No person will be allowed to get on public buses and the congested Chisokone market in Kitwe without a mask, Kitwe District Commissioner (DC) Chileshe Bweupe has said.

Mr. Bweupe said this was one of the ways the spread of COVID-19 could be avoided in places where social distancing was a challenge.

“I have noted with concern that some bus operators on some routes have not reduced the number of passengers on their buses, posing a risk to people on board. People sit on those buses all squeezed up… a situation we cannot allow to continue,” he said.

The District Commissioner maintained that it was important for passengers to take the call seriously if they were to protect one another and manage to win the fight against the deadly virus.

Mr Bweupe said that he was holding talks with market association leaders to see how best they could ensure that everyone that got into Chisokone market had a mask on their face.

He noted that Chisokone was one of the most congested markets in the country with people from all walks of life, stressing that controlling the outbreak once it attacked the market would be difficult.

“Avoid going into that market if you do not have a mask, it is very dangerous because you may not know your neighbour’s movements. Let us protect one another by ensuring that we always do the right thing,” Mr Bweupe emphasized


  1. This is good because buses are a huge health risk. Thank you ba DC. This is what we like to see. Proactive leadership

  2. Excellent move. This is what should have been applied to all cities especially Lusaka, the epicenter. The DC should also allow home made masks to make the directive work

  3. @Patriotic, Kitwe mayor is Chris Kangombe, the young man that was chased from PF for refusing to shake hands with first lady

  4. On the Copperbelt, most passenger transport operators have complied with the hand wash or sanitizing directive. I think the mask will be difficult to enforce because they aren’t easily available. Even health institutions have a shortage. Drug Stores are not cooperative, the few that have them are selling sometimes at as much as K10 each! Further, Dr Aaron Mujajati, who by the has a large following, advised against the compulsory wearing of face masks unless one were sick. I advise Chileshe Bweupe to work with the District Health Office. Let him also include the Mayor because he also has a large following. Institutions like the Lion Club etc can be lobbied to donate or help source the masks. It’s important that such programs are well coordinated, otherwise they’ll just confuse the people

  5. Amwapeeling to everyone to recognize Kang’ombe in this move. While we are on the subject, let’s now look at ways of disposing of these masks. We will end up with kids playing around with used masks the way they blow used condoms like balloons all over the place although I understand this was curbed, thankfully.

  6. Indeed the move that as been made by the D.C is a brilliant move. but the best way is by reducing the number of passeengers using the public transports as the government as declared and it is high time for the government to to inforce the security wing like the traffic officers to get read of those who are not following that transport order act, to insure that the spread of this pandemic stops through transport social distancing

  7. The Kenyan factory has transformed into an all-out effort to make 30,000 surgical masks a day in a country that barely produced any before….in Zambia the government is looking for loans when IDC is sitting on Mulungushi textiles.

  8. Good call. But it has to be emphasised, that masks are not as effective as social distancing. I fear the govt is just NOT getting it. You are supposed to be putting preventive measures in place to prevent the virus from taking hold.

    Shut down Markets that are densely occupied. In the alternative, people should queue and be allowed in in small groups at a time so there are a few people at a time going around the market stalls,( give them a time limit to shop). Or better still let only local markets open for each area, so people don’t have to travel into town to the big markets. Buses are easy, Police and National Service army should be stopping them from overcrowding. The masks are not enough protection.

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