The Positive Pronouncements In The President’s Speech We Are Not Talking About


By Sunday Chanda

This is my analysis of the Presiden’st speech yesterday that seeks to highlight some very progressive measures the President labored to address, that we may not be talking about or have forgotten because of one miscalculated decision. However, I hold the view that the following points the President raised are of great benefit to the nation in Post-COVID-19 if well implemented.

1. PRIORITISE LOCAL PRODUCTS: The President instructing the Ministry of Commerce, Trade, and Industry to ensure that chain stores around the nation prioritize local products from our domestic farmers is a positive step towards self-reliance as a nation. He also emphasised on the need to continue in this direction even in post-COVID-19, cautioning chain stores to only import products the local farmers cannot produce. For people that are futuristic this is an opportunity for growth to those that organize themselves.

2. COVIC-19 ECONOMIC RECOVERY FUND: The President instructing the Ministry of Finance to ensure that they set aside recovery fund models that can help existing businesses is a positive direction for businesses in reshaping their delivery strategy in the world to come after COVID-19.

3. EMPOWERMENT PACKAGES FOR THE YOUTH, WOMEN AND VULNERABLE: Understanding that in Post-COVID-19 we shall see an increase in unemployment. The President instructing the Ministry of Finance to identify and consolidate all available resources that can be distributed to Small businesses run by the Youth, Women Groups and the Vulnerable is a progressive step.

4. CITIZEN ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT COMMISSION TO SPEARHEAD WEALTH CREATION MODELS: The President instructed the CEEC to look for new bankable businesses that can be funded in order to spread the country’s potential in generating wealth creation. This also proves as an opportunity for the average Zambian to look forward to.

5. BRIDGING THE DIGITAL GAP: Post-COVID-19 will be a highly tech-driven era, and the President instructing the Ministry of Transport and Communication and Smart Zambia to support better digital infrastructure and digital skills development is a step closer to bridging our country’s digital divide.

6. TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT IN THE HEALTH SECTOR: The President emphasized on the need to restructure the manner in which the health sector delivers its services, and in doing so, one of the measures he established was the need to encourage Mobile-Data Diagnostic Tools in the health sector. Which is also a futuristic and progressive step.

7. ADDRESSING FOOD INSECURITY IN POST-COVID-19: Food insecurity will be a challenge for most countries in Post-COVID-19 and in order to ensure that the nation does not experience another food crisis after this pandemic. The President emphasized the need for the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of National Development and Planning to create a conducive environment through which the local private sector can produce food for domestic consumption and export. An opportunity for the average Zambian citizen to go into food production.

8. ADDRESSING CLIMATE CHANGE: Climate change is a serious issue, and the President having to instruct the Ministry of National Development and Planning to rework their Climate Change Action plan for the Post-COVID-19 era is a progressive and futuristic step to appreciate.

These are some of the positive pronouncements I believe we may have overlooked from the Head of State which we may all appriciate regardless our independent political views.


    • Agony is when you are waiting for serious economic pronouncements only told be told that churches , tennis and golf clubs will open .

  1. You want us to praise him for doing his job? He said those things….so what? Let us see how many will even come to pass to fruition. You would have done well to keep quiet and sit this one down. Instead, you are now just putting fuel on what was an almost extinguished fire. Its poor advisors like you Chanda who do more harm than good to the President.

  2. Chi Sunday thombanocle.
    Look Fisho Mwale and other useless have got jobs at FDA, they left you out again.

  3. One correction my brother, it was not a miscalculated decision in relation to churches and sports. In fact it is a case of poor reading and comprehension among s few minority. Surprisingly this applies to majority of diasporans who in some cases live in England. The president did not decree or force people to go to churches. He simply said the restriction had been relaxed on condition that social distancing rules are abided by. I think we got it wrong by not including a local language translated copy of the speech.

    • Exactly Kaizer a lot of people misunderstood the President. There’s no way he could have ordered the reopening of the churches. Some people don’t understand English. There was the word ‘MAY’ in the President’s statement on reopening of churches which simply means an option.

    • You’re so stup1d you imposter. If you say the president relaxed some rules with social distancing and all. Sunday has shown maturity. Why should the president issue a statement that will be so complex for even the most learned are divided on when his own country is 80 percent unlearned so he wanted to confused the 80 percent you’re a sad prot1tute Mushota who is looking for pay. Let Pf sort the mistake. even Boris Uk he made mistakes. Scott Morrison most successful, New Zealand made errors intrusted schools to open and no one went now he is most popular he said I respect people decisions to stay safe. problem na lungu ni ba kabwalala who surround him. he is a good man. who is he not to make a mistake. Tell me which head of state hasn’t errored this new problem

  4. There are times when a pipo shud accept the reality that a given leader can not take u forward thats true with President Edgar Chagwa Lungu he is not the leader to take Zambia forward in 2021 and even those that support him if they are honest with themselves will know this is true.

  5. The Govt of King Edgar is a disaster and the Health Minister- Chief Advisor on health issues is also a disaster. Equally Kaizar Zulu is a disaster who is defending the President and govt so that he can buy Judgement with the help of the KING for his court battles.

  6. So this troll called kaizer that is always bashing people from diaspora is actually from there too. Silly boy. It’s good ba LT u have reverted to your old location identification.

  7. These are very hopeless grouping of dimwits

    Lungu must be in a perpetual drunken state and hangover ….

    We are lost ,

    where has lungu been for the past 8 years , to only realise now that Zambia needs to support local produce ?????

  8. What’s the short term solution for bars, gyms, betting halls and casinos who’ve had their businesses shut??? The landlords housing these businesses?? What Sunday has written above doesn’t sort those immediate problems. Mini buses have refused to reduce their passenger loads and said they can only do that if GRZ reduces the price of fuel; AND THEY GET AWAY WITH IT!! Bar owners and their customers get WHIPPED!!! Bad decisions, PF GRZ….

  9. Infact Sunday Chanda has hit the Great Leader below the belt …essentially saying he poorly communicated and made a miscalculated decision ….now that not a small blow …it’s considered that whenever the Presido addresses the Nation on matters careful consideration and consultation would have been made….now Sunday opens our eyes to the fact that this may not be the case all the time. Oh! And he labored to address kikikiki iyo Ba Sunday kwena namukwata amabola ayakulu kwisamba

  10. Sorry PF, your failures are extremely visible. I am PF for life but will never support ma labishi. Economy tagwesa

  11. The heading itself speaks volumes. In short, Sunday Chanda aknowledges that the speech had negatives and positives. Negative elements are detrimental and that is the reason people cry out loud. For those negative elements will ECL apologize to the Nation?
    The positive aspects of the Speech are indeed great but that is what he is paid for and so people may not talk much about them. Nothing new here Bwana mukuba.

  12. Another positive pronouncement forgotten is that PF and Mr Lungu failed to fulfil the promise of 500,000 jobs for the youths, with Covid-19 pandemic becomes a convenient excuse but joblessness of the youths worsens. When KZ the parasite became president Lungu’s advisor, he went amok and became a terrorist to Zambians. KZ insulting well meaning citizens will not insulate you as public enemy of Zambia. You or impostor, Zambians will not forget that you have harassed, beaten, maimed, humiliated, kidnapped, fired guns and shot Zambians and dehumanise Zambians. Zambians deserve justice and time is coming to get it. Cleansing yourself on this site will not wash up, records, living witnesses exist and testimonies will be in your face

  13. Government of Thugs , by Thugs and for Thugs: King Edgar, Lusambo, Kampyongo, Kanganja, Kaizar Zulu, Dora Siliya, Essau Chulu, Ireene Mambilima and the entire Concourt

  14. Really laughable ..impostor is talking about diasporas but his flag is showing he is based and has always been based in the UK….its a shame its not showing on mobile platform.

  15. Sunday Chanda and KZ baiche bandi , you are just making of all yourselves total fools , this is totally failure even both State House and Ministry of Finance have and others have been advised on what are the right steps for Zambia . Anyway this is good for self -riddance.
    Just the level of leadership and Government ignorance, is unacceptable and disastrous. SC & KZ , stay away may be you will do well for your dead party and Leadership , just waiting burial in 2021 , as UNIP and MMD .

  16. The only way Zambians are going to better themselves is when they begin to make sense of the dichotomy between religion and politics. It’s almost as if people of Zambia have forgotten about the use of common sense. As soon as someone orders them to do something in the name of religion, they quickly block their thought process and focus on prayer and fasting !! I see no logic in the above and by the way, the speech was a lullaby….yawn, yawn!!
    I thought the so called KZ was enjoying the lovely lifestyle in Zambia, why receiving the proceeds from his rental properties that e claims he owns in UK??? If UK was so “rubbish”, according to KZ in Zambia, how come he chose to own property in UK?? Rather hypocritical and not a good role model, if he wants to promote Zambia!!

  17. Sunday as usual typing rubbish he had to wait for 5 days to cherry pick pledges in Lazy Lungu’s useless speech full of mere words. Sunday is so useless as spin doctor he can not stir sugar in a tea cup. When you see him analyzing his boss’s speech just know it was one big plunder.

  18. Enlightened – That’s an impostor a childish one for that fact…I have always stated this it must be that roach N3z, next he will say he uses VPN just go on last weeks posts and see where all those characters in support of his stupidity apart from Zambian Citizen (a genuine PF supporter) who is thick as porridge were posting from.

    R3d lips Monday Ch@ndiz, why not first address P.F lies, hot air & bluster that have not come to pass before jumping to defend J0n@’s latest drunken empty rhetoric?? What happened to;
    * More money in our pockets?
    * Half a million jobs?
    * Mulungushi textiles?
    * Cheap Saudi fuel?
    * Goats to Saudi?
    * No more load shedding?
    * No loss of jobs @ our Mines?
    * Stopping violence & intolerance perpetuated by out Cadres?
    * Stadium in Western province?
    * Upgrade of Zambia railways?
    * Boost our tourism, instead of selling our Wild Dogs for food to Ch0ncholese, & Black lechwe to a known Narc0 dealer mate of J0n@ Ch@kok’z?

  20. cont;
    I could go on & on & on all day but will rest my case here.
    Monday, before you take your next @.R.V’s please look at this list I’ve provided, tackle it, then you can move to the next list of lies by your drunken beloved King J0n@ Mukula Ch@kolwa Kadansa1.

  21. Listening to Sunday Chanda’s rethoric is like expecting a cow to lay eggs. Nothing good comes out of this man even Chilufya Tayali has a bit of grey matter.

  22. futuristic and progressive step (END OF QUOTE)– Covid19 cannot be approached with speculations!! Bwana wake up and face the reality!! I pity you that you could only see just 1 miscalculated decision. It’s all a miscalculated decision to make speculations the main topic!


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