Wednesday, July 24, 2024

FAZ Clarifies FIFA Funds Not Covid-19 Relief


FAZ has clarified that the US$500,000 it has received from FIFA is not for Coronavirus relief.

FAZ general secretary Adrian Kashala said the money is part of the annual grant it receives from FIFA.

“FAZ has noted that the announced US $500, 000 has been misinterpreted for support to local clubs as part of the Covid-19 mitigation measure,” Kashala said.

“However, the correct position is that FIFA under its FIFA Forward 2.0 Football Development Programme provides to all Member Associations US$1,000,000 Operations Funding, that is disbursed in two equal installments annually as part of the FIFA support to all members.

“The first batch amounting to US$500, 000 is received at the beginning of every year while the second batch amounting to US$500, 000 is disbursed in July every year after an audit by FIFA and so subject to a Member Association meeting set developmental criteria.”

But Kashala added that FIFA was currently working on a Coronavirus relief programme for its members.

“FAZ however has commenced the process of applying for a relief package available from FIFA for members to mitigate the impact of the Covid-19,” Kashala said.

“In this regard FAZ has requested clubs to avail information regarding income loss projections in the remaining matches of the season and come up with a reflective picture of the situation.”


  1. You Kashala and your friend Kamanga cannot fool Zambia.Since we going for elections, you now saying grants from FIFA and no Covid support. Where were those grants before elections? I need your serious ruling bwana general secretary

  2. The PF have smelt money.
    The will be pressure to call for a FAZ emergency or extraordinary meeting.
    Dont be surprised to see Bowman Lusambo at FAZ house lenforcing the so called “Presidential directives”.

  3. Bright Mwaba

    Listen to this ……

    After 2016 elections and kamangas first term , we were thanking president lungu for not interfering in FAZ elections , this was while Kalusha Bwalya was dancing on stage with lungu …..

    It has now become clear that Kalusha was in fact promised PF support for the FAZ presidency after kamangas first term….

    Why do you think nearly the whole PF echelons PF power are supporting Kalusha ?

  4. Why havent we known about these donations all along until today when Clubs are looking for Corona Relief? Its an excuse not to give the clubs any support.

  5. The money is enough to pay coaching staff why then involve govt? and for the league, supersport and mtn have taken care of it. Why are we even performing poorly? Money should not be a problem for faz

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