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Students pay glowing tribute to KK’s contribution to student welfare


Students in Zambia have joined Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda in commemorating his 96th Birthday by remembering his contribution to working with students since the time of Northern Rhodesia to liberate the people of Zambia.

The Zambia National Students Union (ZANASU), a mother body of all students Union founded during colonial times as the National Union of Northern Rhodesia Students, said Dr. Kaunda not only worked hard to ensure emancipation of black people through provision of free quality education but that the founding father was a comrade President whose value of student activism cannot be overlooked.

“We celebrate the fact that Dr. Kaunda always valued the student contribution during his Presidency and his administration always took the participation of student leaders in national building seriously,” said Mischeck Kakonde who is ZANASU President.

He said that even though students had been a thorny to Dr. Kaunda’s 27-year rule, students remain thankful to Dr. Kaunda for having been very reluctant to closing down institutions of higher learning in those moments.

“You always wanted to pursue engagement and dialogue with the student leadership to end demonstrations,” said Kakonde.

The National Union of Northern Rhodesia Students was renamed as the National Union of the Zambia Students (N.U.Z.S) on 3rd September, 1965 and later registered as Zambia National Students Union on 17th November, 1965.


  1. ZANASU has been progressive and good for Zambia than most opposition parties. First time in history of students Union after multi party politics has student voice been this prograsive

  2. Viva student power. KK, despite shortfall been a good man and humble. Unlike panji who wants to ride on fathers back

  3. What KK didn’t do is what Edgar and his friends have done. Zambia now has many universities than the 2 under Kk

  4. This man was ruthless . Lets not celebrates dictators. Chiuba wanted 3RD TERM ….Lungu is also being accused of wanting third term. This man was there for 27years!!! ALMOST 6 TERMS!!!!

  5. Bashi Panji had shortfalls, people died during his era but we never heard of students dying. In fact, it’s true that he never closed any institution of learning. The brutal one was FTJ

  6. In life there are all sorts of personalities. Some are UNthankful others are very appreciative. So when some can demonise KK, that’s their view. But for some us he is a hero. Mind you, heroes also have some weak spots, yet they remain heroes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUPPER KK

  7. He inherited a nation whose GDP at independence was ranked second only to South Africa. Then he embarked on a demolition campaign to totally destroy a once thriving economy. Today, Zambia is a heap of ruins at the bottom rung of the most impoverished nations on earth. Because of him.

  8. He was not anymore dictatorial than the current regime. The difference is KK did fail in his later years but his endeavours were noble – for example he did not waiver from the provision of free quality education and health. Most older educated folks doing well locally and abroad have KK to thank, for a free education. Today’s regime has had no genuine endeavour from the beginning and even though some allude to the mushrooming of educational institutions, these are profit oriented, with very poor outcomes and unregulated. The other difference is there was a form of community spirit. These days it’s ‘dog eat dog’. Failures, yes, but lots of investment in humans as well.

  9. @ Bernard you seem to be an illiterate ***** and your history knowledge on pre and post independent zambia is very poor. You wanted Dr. kaunda to construct 10 universities when there were are handful of form v’s with a country’s population of 3.5million people at independence in 1964.Kaunda provided free education to everybody and free entry to university if you qualified. We had free exercise books from grade 1 to form v. We used to write Cambridge O levels @ form v and some school leavers who had good O levels had state sponsored bursaries to study in the UK ,US ,Russia , Germany, Romania etc. and came back as educated knowledgeable zambians who contributed to the development of zambia.Kaunda also allowed refugees from neighbouring countries like Zimbabwe, south Africa,…

  10. countries like Zimbabwe, south Africa, Namibia to study at our schools and university free . Kaunda sacrificed alot for human kind in southern Africa and helped to dismantle apartheid in RSA and Rhodesia to get independence from Ian Smith. Kaunda never feared white colonialists as it is happening now and hence him nationalising major companies like the mines after independence for zambians to run them.Hence, having black mine managers and so forth.So having many universities with degrees and no jobs makes no sense at present moment .You start roaming the streets with your so called degrees and eventually forget what you studied before you could even get your first job .You should praise KK for what he contributed to this nation .Above all Kaunda taught as to love one another as one…

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